072 | Live 2019 Fulfilled with Meredith Rom


Hello and welcome to a new year of Rising Women Leaders! We are nearing 4 years of being live and on the air and I want to take a moment to thank every single one of you being here and bringing so much meaning to my life and work through this podcast. Truly, it has been an honor to hold space for this podcast to be born, to learn from all the guests we have had, and to share it all with you. 

I thought I would start off the year with sharing my popular masterclass from last year all about how to live 2019 Fulfilled .

You’ll Learn:

  • Six Principles to tap into true fulfillment, peace and lasting joy 

  • A step by step process to align with your intentions for the new year, and how to take tangible steps to manifest them 

  • The most common forms of resistance and self-sabotage and how to work with them 

  • Secrets of the Queen archetype to harness your true potential 

  • An Insider’s look into my program beginning in Feb The Sovereign Circle 

This audio was taken from a live video class, so you’ll hear me interacting with others through the chat box.

This free class is a little taste of what I’ll be diving into with the women who will be joining me in this year’s The Sovereign Circle.  To sign up for a connection call explore this opportunity use this link:

This is a 9 month feminine leadership initiation program and high priestess sisterhood circle that begins on February 6th 2019. As of the time of sharing this episode there are only a couple spaces left, so if you’re interested in learning more visit for all the info. 

Love, Meredith


015 | Heartbreak, Visions, & My First Big Leap: A Book Reading with Meredith Rom


I believe we all have the power to transform our greatest moments of pain and suffering into our greatest moments of awakening.

But I know from personal experience it is so hard to see the light when it feels like the world is crumbling beneath our feet.

Today I want to share with you one of my more difficult moments in the first reading of my book, Synchronicity, on the Rising Women Leaders podcast.

I take you back to over six years ago where I found myself sobbing on the floor after going through  total heartbreak (something that I know so many of us are familiar with).

I share about the challenges and hardships I faced that eventually led me into my greatest moments of awakening...the moments where I began to live beyond my fears and follow my intuition first across the country and then to the other side of the world to India.

This book is a story of finding forgiveness, of transformation, of healing and ultimately of finding love within.

I  look back and see my hardships as profound gifts.  It was these moments that prompted my greatest awakening, and I hold them in my heart with gratitude.

But today I wanted to share with you where I was and what my life was like before I found the inner peace I speak of now.

If you feel called to hold the book in your hands and read the whole story of transformation, I invite you to  watch the kickstarter video and contribute to the campaign.  

Supporters have a chance to receive an early signed copy of the book, coaching sessions for women on a heroine's quest, a self-care gift box, and 40 day meditation practice, among many other rewards.  Check them all out right here!

I hope you enjoy this  podcast and opportunity to learn more about my story. 

Stay tuned for more podcast episodes and sneak previews of the book coming soon...

With love, 


Do You Have a Dream Gathering Dust?

Have you ever had a dream that just felt crazy to actually accomplish?

That’s how I felt five years ago when I was traveling in India and a friend of mine handed me a handwoven notebook and said, “Meredith, you’re going to write a book one day, and I got this for you to start.”

A book! The idea felt impossible, overwhelming, and also kind of scary.

But over the course of the 6 months I traveled in India by myself, the events that happened were almost too magical for me to not write a book.

So I began.

I wrote.  Then I stopped.

I moved through resistance but at one point it just got too hard and I stopped altogether.

Almost two years passed with my stories growing dust, just sitting on the desktop of my computer. 

Until one night I went to sleep and had a dream.

I found a book of a woman’s travels, and began flipping through the pages until I realized, this was supposed to be the book I wrote...and I hadn't done it yet.

The next morning, I recommitted. Even though I didn’t know how, I trusted I would be guided.

Three months later I was led to an editor who for a whole year and a half I sent 5,000 words to every two weeks.

Just a few months ago I finished.  I did it.  I finished writing the book.

I'm taking the steps forward in copyediting, design and printing, and next week have an exciting announcement on how you can experience the stories of synchronicity for yourself.

But I chose to share this story with you today to remind you, your dreams are still possible.

Maybe YOU have a book gathering dust on your desktop, or a far-off dream to travel to Europe, or drive across the country...

Maybe you've always wanted to quit your job, make a feature film, write poetry, give a talk, or lead a retreat... the list could go on.

What dream are you ready to recommit to?

It will probably take support, encouragement, and trusting in the universe to take your next step, but I know you can do it.

Trust in your divinely guided dreams and ambitions, even if they feel crazy to the rational mind.

I can speak from experience that you will be glad you did.

I'd love to hear what dream you are called to commit to in the comments below.

If you don't feel called to share now, I still invite you to share it with someone when you're ready. Think about who in your life may be able to offer you a little bit of support and encouragement. 

And stay tuned for my big announcement next week! 

With love, 

Where the magic happens...

women signing-courage-self love-meredithrom

Do you ever miss staying up late at night talking with your friends at sleepovers when you were younger? I remember when one of my clients told me about her dream to have close girlfriends again.  She missed the connection she had in her relationships to other women when she was younger.  As she grew up, and had a child of her own, she saw it was getting harder and harder to find the time for those kinds of friendship and connection.

This client was doing amazing work to make changes in her life, in her relationship to food, in growing her business and in taking better care of herself.

She saw that often she would turn to food for comfort was when she felt a loss of connection and friendship, so she was ready to cultivate more women friends in her life.

She was taking time out of her day to get really clear on what she wanted and needed.  Together, we made a plan, and I gave her an assignment to start a conversation with a new woman at the gym, and reach out to an old friend who recently moved to her area.

The next time we talked, I asked, "So how did it go for you?"

She replied, "Meredith, you aren't going to believe what happened.  I swear, this manifestation stuff really works.  So, you know how I was telling you about how I wanted to be closer to women like I was when I was younger?  Having slumber parties and girl time?"


"Well, just this week on Monday night, all three of my clients cancelled their appointments.  I suddenly had an open schedule.  My son was staying with his father for the night, and I thought, 'I'll just have an evening to myself...'  Then out of no where, a friend I haven't talked to in years called me up and said, 'My husband's out of town, and I treated myself to a night at a beautiful lodge in Marin.  Would you like to join me here?'"

"Amazing!  So did you?"

"Yes! and suddenly I was swimming in a gorgeous pool, my friend was treating me to dinner, and we stayed up late slumber-party style holding hands in bed sharing our dreams and desires.  It was EXACTLY what I wanted!" 

We both laughed and laughed at the amazement of what happened, but deep down, I wasn't surprised.

Ask, "What does my heart want, above all else?"  Then begin loving yourself and watch the fears, self-doubt and negative beliefs clear away.

The magic happens where courage and self-love intersect.

She had taken the time to connect to what she really wanted, what that would feel like, she was loving herself first and clearing away her fears and suddenly, her desires were showing up on her doorstep.

If you're ready to figure out what YOU want, I invite you to join my #LiveYourVision free training that begins today!

The free training gives a taste of the upcoming online course I'm leading in February, Vision.


Vision is an 8-week online course for women ready to shift their thoughts and manifest their desires (enrollment and more details open January 19).  The program includes weekly group coaching calls, training videos, audio lectures, handouts, and the personal 40-Day Vision meditation practice I use for manifestation.

Meditation has been a huge part of my life and I'll be sharing the most powerful tools I've learned to shift my beliefs and manifest my desires in the free training.

When you sign up, each day for 8 days you will receive a daily action, video, insight or story to guide you on your path to #LiveYourVision.  

My intention is that these 8 days provide tools for you to connect to an innate love within yourself and a relationship to your inner guide that will benefit you throughout your entire life. 

(Optional) You're also welcome to post your photos of the daily actions on instagram for a chance to win a free spot in Vision!


Here's your first daily action:

The first challenge is to create an altar and take a picture of your sacred space!

Instagram Challenge Rules:

  • Sign up here
  • Follow me @meredithrom
  • Watch your email inbox or my instagram post each morning with your challenge for the day.
  • Post your photos with the hashtag #LiveYourVision and let me know with a shout-out to @meredithrom
  • After the 8 days I will choose one lucky woman to join us for a free spot in the upcoming online course, Vision.  Simple!

One lucky winner will win a free spot in Vision.

I'll be posting a new picture and action step everyday on instagram until January 18.~

I can’t wait to see your pictures!

With love, Meredith


Ready to Live Your Vision? The Free Training is Here...

mountains-free training-how to meditate-vision

Happy New Year!  I hope this holiday break provided an opportunity for you to rest and restore and get excited for 2016... I've been gearing up to lead my online course, Vision, for the third time since I first launched it in 2014.  Every time I lead this course I see amazing results in the women around creating a daily devotional practice and making courageous changes in their lives.

Vision is an 8-week online course that includes a 40-day meditation practice to help each woman create a meditation practice that is sustainable and enjoyable.

Enrollment will be open from January 19th to February 2nd and the course will run from February 3 to March 30, 2016.  

In the course, I release weekly content full with videos, handouts and audios on a new theme each week.  I have a facebook community and lead weekly group coaching calls in an intimate setting to create a feeling of sisterhood among the group.  I provide personal mentorship with the women in the program and even have some opportunities this year for one-on-one guidance and support.

This is a great opportunity to start the year off on the right foot with a daily practice of ritual, self-care, self-love as well as guidance on how to take grounded action and face your fears to manifest your deepest desires for 2016.

In honor of the New Year, I've created a free training called Live Your Vision that I would love you to be a part of!  The training includes 4 free videos as well as 8 daily actions to learn more about meditation, manifestation and a chance to see if you'd like to join us in the online course, Vision.

The free training begins in one week on Monday, January 11.  When you sign up, you will be sent a daily action to your inbox with all the free training materials. You'll also be notified of when Vision enrollment opens and be offered a chance to win a free spot in the course.

You can now join the free training here! With love, Meredith


A 4-Step Process to Help You Live the Life You Really Want

woman in hat-purpose-vision-courage

What will you do with your wild & precious life?

That was a question I asked myself 5 years ago when I was living in NYC applying to jobs to work behind a computer 40 hours a week. I knew I needed something more, so I followed my intuition and booked a one-way ticket to California.

Following our intuition is a challenging process, but I promise you it's worth working through. I recently wrote a 4 step process to help you live the life you *actually* want and was lucky enough to be featured on Elephant Journal. 

In the comments, I'd love to hear, are you living the life you actually want? If you're struggling to take that next step toward freedom, start today! Set your intention and watch the magic unfold.


All around me, I see women awakening to their gifts, their power and their purpose.

However, I see many of the same women held back by fear, self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

I see women full with creative ideas but lacking the structure and support to fully execute them. I also see women struggling to fully express themselves and believe in their power.

Growing up, I knew I had a big message to share, but I had trouble speaking up and expressing myself. In high school and college, when all eyes were on me, I would freeze and have trouble finding my voice.

Then, five years ago it became more important to me to become a yoga teacher than to let this fear run my life.

Since then, everything has changed.

I left New York City to move to California and I traveled in India for six months by myself. I started sharing my voice and little by little, gained confidence as a teacher and leader.

Now, life is magical. I teach yoga, lead retreats, give speeches and am even writing a book. I find myself finally living beyond fear. Since starting my business, I’ve guided women from all over the world manifest a new vision for their life. What I’ve seen is:

It takes willingness to face a fear, again and again.

As much as I wanted to avoid it, I realized in order to create the life of my dreams, I had to do what scared me.

People who are living their dreams were willing to step outside of their comfort zone. Somewhere along the line, they had to take a risk. It was really scary for me to move to California, start my business and teach yoga and lead workshops. But the thing is, I was able to work up to it. I gave myself small steps to gain confidence.

Here are four keys that helped me along the way...keep reading here.

Lessons Learned From a Week in the Desert

Burning Man 2015
Burning Man 2015

I just came back from 8 days in the desert at Burning Man festival where 70,000 people joined together from around the world to try on new personalities, dress up in fun ways, learn from experts on consciousness, and practice living in community.

So much happened while I was there, and I'm now taking time to integrate all the lessons.  When I arrived home, I wrote in my journal.  I realized that underneath all the crazy costumes and non-stop dance music, there were some deep spiritual insights I took away from the experience.  I wanted to share them with you here.

Relationship to Water

When you enter a space with a finite amount of resources, it completely changes your relationship to them.  This is what happened to me with water.  I arrived with 12 gallons of water and knew that was all I had for the week.  As the week went on, I saw how little water I really needed to brush my teeth, shower and wash my dishes.  I realized when we have unlimited access to clean water, we don't value it in the same way.  I now find myself turning off the faucet between washing dishes and putting soap on my hands.  Every time I am using water now, I find myself feeling so grateful for it.

Unlimited clean water is such a gift.How could you treat water with more mindfulness?

Burning Man 2015
Burning Man 2015

Relationship to Money

As soon as I arrived, my wallet was tucked away in the pocket of my car and I didn't look at it again. My thoughts were no longer concerned about the numbers in my bank account.  It was liberating.

I was given crystals, sunglasses, and numerous other gifts from strangers on the playa.  When I was riding my bike far away from camp and ran out of water and lip balm, it was provided for me when I needed it most.

An old mindset of scarcity began to drop away.  I found myself being more generous with my resources, trusting that they would come back to me when I needed them again.

One night I was talking to my camp-mate about what I was learning about abundance and generosity.  He shared that in Native American traditions you are encouraged to give away your most valuable items. I thought of my most prized items waiting for me at home and wondered if I would be able to give them away...

Burning Man is a practice in non-attachment. It is a space to experiment giving items away to strangers and see how it makes you feel.

However, you don't have to go to Burning Man to try this experiment.  I've come back with a different relationship to material things.  I plan to continue the experiment by giving away some of my most valuable items and see how it affects my well-being.  I invite you to join me in this experiment.

New Vision

When I arrived at the playa, I turned my phone off.  There were no computers around.  It was a complete technology detox for eight days.

I think it is generally  difficult to be connected to inner guidance and radical creativity when we are constantly receiving information from computers and phones.  In the days following Burning Man, I received so many creative ideas and inspiration about my business that I don't know would have been there if I was constantly looking at my phone.

Have you ever gone on a camping trip or vacation where you totally unplugged for a set amount of time?  I find that's when I can clearly make important decisions and receive insight and guidance on my next steps without distractions from the outside world.

If you are feeling uninspired, or have trouble connecting to your intuition, try doing a digital detox. 

Burning Man 2015
Burning Man 2015

Manifestation and the Mirror 

Manifestation and synchronicity happened more quickly on the playa.  I found myself standing next to a woman I met in Thailand two years ago, receiving an important message from a woman who attended my workshop and meeting people that I felt like I just knew without ever having met them before.

In times where my mind was getting negative, the results would show up in my environment immediately.  When I was feeling more connected and willing to step outside my comfort zone, again, I would be immediately met with an exciting opportunity.

This was my second time at the festival, and I could clearly notice what a different state of mind I was in this time as opposed to when I went five years ago.  When you do the work to let go of limiting beliefs and shift your thoughts, it really does manifest in your physical environment.  

What negative thoughts or limiting beliefs still repeat in your mind?  How do they show up in your environment?  If you're having trouble shifting your thoughts, try one of my yoga or meditation videos here. If you're ready to create a new reality, shift your awareness from the inside, it will help you reflect a new environment on the outside.

Burning Man 2015
Burning Man 2015

Leave No Trace

Black Rock City has a "leave no trace" policy which simply means whatever you take in, you take out.  This includes all of your trash, recycling, compost, and grey water (the leftover water from washing dishes, showering and brushing your teeth).  When we were consciously making space to take home all of our waste, I became highly aware of how much waste I was really making.

In addition to taking home our waste, we also searched the ground for any signs of "moop" - anything that was not the dust of the playa.  When we left, I found myself picking up trash even if it wasn't mine in other environments because my awareness was more focused on the greater whole and the natural setting rather than on myself.

The Beauty Way

In our camp, we used a practice from Native American traditions called, "The Beauty Way."  Our friends Rachel and Ben taught us how to practice it - leave a space more beautiful than you found it.  I watched myself let go of blame for others and rather took responsibility when I saw a space less than tidy.  As we all practiced the Beauty Way, I saw how it affected our relationship to each other.

I left feeling passionate about this practice, knowing if we can all begin this, the world will quickly become a more beautiful place.

Burning Man 2015
Burning Man 2015
Burning Man 2015
Burning Man 2015


I was camping with an amazing group of women over the week.  I was with the ups and downs of my mind, noticing thoughts of comparison or jealousy and consciously releasing them.   Living in such close proximity with other women was both humbling and enlightening.  I saw as we were able to let down our guards and connect to each other with vulnerability and openness.

I left the week feeling refreshed with more authenticity in these relationships.

Are you craving a deeper connection to your sisters?  Maybe you can go on retreat together, or plan a women's vacation to connect and unplug with each other.

Burning Man 2015
Burning Man 2015
Burning Man 2015
Burning Man 2015
Burning Man 2015
Burning Man 2015

More than anything else, the whole experience at Burning Man reinforced my own belief that:

"It takes moving outside your comfort zone in order to grow." tweet it

Sometimes it takes getting dusty in order to see how strong you really are...

With love, Meredith

Burning Man 2015
Burning Man 2015

What I've learned about intuition

body wisdom-magic-intuition-self love-vision

I see many people in our society numbing themselves out. Whether it be through alcohol, food, drugs, caffeine, painkillers or antidepressants – many of us are trying to distract ourselves from what is really going on.

This was the case for me for a long time.  When I felt sad, I went to sugar.  When I had pain in my body, I took an advil or had a glass of wine to distract myself.  When I had a project due that I didn't want to finish, I'd drink caffeine to push through it.

Our bodies are full with wisdom and they send us very clear signals when something needs to shift in our lives.

We develop pain, skin problems, or other symptoms when something is not right.  It is our job to listen to those signals instead of pushing them away.

I believe intuition is so important because it guides us closer to our purpose.  When we numb out the wisdom of our bodies, we lose our connection to divine guidance, we forget why we are here, and as a result can easily suffer from depression or feelings of meaninglessness.


When we use our intuition, we are guided to our highest potential as beings and are able to live more meaningful, synchronous and connected lives.

What I’ve learned about intuition: 

1. Your intuition lives in your body 

That’s why we need practices like yoga, dance, active meditation, running, and movement to access it.  You need to form a connection to your body, take care of it through food, baths, showers, body butter, and be there with it during the difficult times too.

2. Your intuition can be very quiet 

It takes being with the busy mind and having a mindfulness practice to be still enough to listen to that inner voice.  The rational mind will come up with all kinds of reasons to do something, but a little inner voice or feeling will tell you when it’s not right.

3.  You need to stop inputting information to digest the information that is already there

When you’re on the phone, the computer, reading magazines, or even books, you are inputting new information into the brain.  However, in order to access the intuitive state, you need to stop inputting new information to digest the information that’s already there.

That’s why going to a yoga class, going on a run, being in nature, or meditating are the best ways to access your intuition.

Those are the times you turn off distractions and you are solely with your body, your thoughts and your spirit.

Karen and I are excited about the response we've gotten for our Spring Equinox Retreat!  There are now only four spots left and it is definitely going to sell- out before the early-bird deadline on March 9.  If you feel called to join us and create space to listen to your intuition and wisdom of the body, you can reserve your space here. 

Love & light, Meredith


A New Moon Holiday

new moon-yoga and meditation-vision-self expression-self devotion

A couple weekends ago I went to a moon ceremony.

We were led through a meditation, remembering what happened during each month of the last year. At the end, we were asked to imagine and share what the essence of the last year was for us.

I was thinking back through each of the months, and realized the values I had been holding in my yoga teaching and my coaching practice - the values of courage and self-love were exactly what I was living in 2014.

The essence of my 2014 was stepping into courage and self-love.

This was the year I stepped up to invest in myself and my business - with both financial resources and time. This is the year I began to see significant returns in my investments...and I've been seeing my clients face their fears and fall in love with themselves.

I've been seeing more and more how I can fully and abundantly support myself doing what I love.

This year I began sharing my voice in a much bigger way, both through singing and through speaking.

Some highlights of the year included giving my first talk, leading a workshop in Hawaii with Erica Jago, signing on international clients including amazing women in Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, and Brazil.

I led three group programs, including my women's yoga sangha with 10 beautiful ladies for 3 months that began last January, my 6-month group coaching program for five goddesses, that lasted from May to November and most recently, VISION, my latest group coaching program and meditation course that will last for six more weeks through the new year with over twenty beautiful ladies.

This year I went through four dedicated 40-day practices, the first one beginning in January.

I fully stepped into living from a place of self-devotion rather than self-discipline.

I saw working on my business as a devotion. I saw waking up to meditate as a devotion. I saw taking care of myself as a devotion.

Through this devotion, I am seeing my message reach farther, and I am grateful. It is a time to celebrate.

This Sunday marks the Winter Solstice which also happens to land on a new moon.

This is an auspicious time to reflect on the year past, create and share new prayers and visions for the future.

I will be holding space for the women in my VISION program to share their highest intentions for themselves in a ceremony this Sunday.

In the evening I will be attending The dhyana Center and will be singing and playing harmonium in a ceremony led by the founder, DeAnna.  It will be a free event, so if you are local, I'd love to see you there.

Now take a moment to think of all YOU have accomplished in the past year.

Take some time to journal what you remember from each month.  If you wrote down intentions last January, take some time to revisit them.  CELEBRATE YOU and all you have done.

Then ask yourself, "How will I live in devotion in 2015?  How will I be devoted to myself?  What will I devote myself to?  What will daily devotion look like to me?"

I'd love to hear in the comments below.

May the coming year provide you with all the tools you need to take leaps into courage and self-love.

In celebration & gratitude, Meredith


You're invited to VISION


Today I'm excited to announce the course I have been dreaming up for years: VISION. As we step into 2015, we need more women loving and taking care of themselves, more women facing their fears, and more women leading from their heart...

VISION is a 7-week course for women stepping into courage and self-love.

It is a program to shift your thoughts, manifest your desires, and live your passions as part of a sangha of committed sisters.

I believe world change starts from within.

It is time to fill ourselves up with love, face our fears, open to our highest VISION for our lives and for the world, and authentically support each other.

When we do this, we inspire each other.  That's when the magic becomes real.  That's when life has meaning and purpose for us all.

Our journey begins December 14, 2014...

You're invited to join an exclusive group of women in sacred sisterhood.

The Program Includes:

  • Two training videos to as we create our vision and learn the 40-Day practice together
  • Six audio recordings sent out weekly: Daily Rituals, Self-love, Body Wisdom, Grounded Action, Courage, Sisterhood
  • Seven weekly coaching calls to be supported by your sisters in the brilliance of your vision
  • The 40-Day meditation practice I personally designed and use for manifestation
  • A Winter Solstice and New Moon Ritual (the first day of the 40-day practice)
  • A 2015 VISION roadmap and materials to help you create an ideal schedule in the New Year
  • Handouts to support you through the curriculum
  • An online community to connect with other women
  • Lifetime access to program materials and our online forum

The Schedule:

  • WEEK 1: Create your VISION
  • WEEK 2: Daily Rituals
  • WEEK 3: Self-Love
  • WEEK 4: Body Wisdom
  • WEEK 5: Grounded Action
  • WEEK 6: Courage
  • WEEK 7: Sisterhood

Enrollment is now open until December 13.  

As we step into this New Year, I invite you to VISION.

Will you join me?

With love, Meredith



How I found my ideal job, relationship and home in less than 3 months


A few weeks ago I finished leading my first online group coaching program for women.  It was six months long of insightful connection and sisterhood.  What I gained most from it though, was the confidence to know I could turn my dreams into reality.    I remember writing my intentions in January earlier this year, "I am breaking through my blocks and fears to create an amazing 6 month group program for women.  I am strong, confident and courageous.  I am taking steps closer to my vision everyday."

I read these words out loud to myself everyday for 40 days after my meditation, and within that timespan I wrote the curriculum, created the content, and implemented a plan to market it.

It included 12 phone calls, each with its own topic and handouts on what I felt called to speak about most.  I included everything from Brene Brown to green smoothies, the 5 love languages, creating abundance, and my personal favorite, a 40-day spiritual practice for manifestation.

When I think back on my life just three years ago, I see how far I have really come...  I arrived back to the states after 6 months of traveling in India totally lost.  I was staying as a guest at friend's houses without a place to live, without a job, without a community  and without a great love in my life.  On top of that, I had gained weight while I was traveling, felt heavy and lethargic, and was totally addicted to sugar.  However, meditation was my one priority in my life. Those times of stillness and silence pulled me through.  

In my meditation, I realized how fearful my thoughts really were and I decided to consciously change them.  I chose a set of very simple positive and peaceful words to replace my fearful thoughts, and repeated them in my mind every time fearful thoughts arose.

Intuitively, I knew my thoughts had created my reality, and I needed to change my thoughts to change my life.

I eventually found a small cabin to sublet for 3 months behind a home in Berkeley, and spent days in solitude writing out my dreams.  I wrote of teaching yoga, of living in a house with other meditators, of falling in love, of clearing up my skin, losing the weight I had gained traveling and of earning enough money to fully sustain myself.

I didn't know how it would happen, but I stayed true to my vision, and I fully believed it was possible.

Little by little, I found the resources to improve my health and my skin, a friend I had known a year before moved back into town and invited me to start a community house based around Vipassana meditation, I faced my fears of teaching yoga, I lost the excess weight, earned the money I needed to pay all my bills, and on top of all that, I fell in love.  

Since then I have been a dedicated believer of the law of attraction and manifestation because I experienced it firsthand.

Through meditation, I shifted my thoughts, my beliefs, and I manifested what I wanted and needed most in my life.

Now, I'm excited to share the teachings I have learned over the last 3 years in my free video training, "6 Steps for Manifestation."    I share more about my personal story and how I began to shift my thoughts, as well as the 6 steps I use today to manifest my desires.

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What does yoga have to do with a good parking spot?


Last week I went to a networking event near the financial district of San Francisco.  If any of you have tried to find parking in San Francisco - you know it's not always easy.  My boyfriend and I found a spot 4 long blocks away from the bar where the event was being held, but it was getting cold, and there was a huge hill between where we were and where we were going.  I turned to him and said, "We're getting a better parking spot." 

I closed my eyes and asked the universe to provide us with a parking spot on the right side of the road right next to the bar, and sure enough, we found one, right in front of the bar.  I thanked my angels, and whoever else grants the divine parking spot gifts, and went into the event.

While I was there, I met a girl who was telling me about how she didn't like her current job.  Instead of hearing more about what she didn't like, I asked, "What does your ideal job look like?"

She rolled her eyes and replied, "Anything! Any job where I can go into work and have my own desk and a stable salary would be better than what I have now." 

I could just hear Marie Forleo in my head saying, "Three years in the future is going to come around whether you want it to or not, so why not consciously design it?  Take a look at your life and ask, are you living by design or by default?" 

Having a vision helps you know where you are going and what to ask for.  If you don't think and feel what it is you need, the universe won't know how to bring it to you. 

I asked her, "Do you know anything about manifestation?  About changing your thoughts to think positively and visualize what you really want and need in your life?" 

At first she looked confused and said, "No, not really."  But then she paused and said, "Unless you mean, like what I do when I am looking for a good parking spot... I used to only look for parking spots three blocks away from where I was going, then I finally realized, how will I ever get the parking spot I really want unless I show up to look for it?  That's when I started getting good parking spots." 

I said, "That's EXACTLY what I"m talking about!"  I laughed and pointed outside and said, "Look that's my car, right outside the bar!"

She laughed and said, "That's my car, right in front of yours!" 

In busy San Francisco, we managed to get the best parking spots exactly where we needed to be.

So often we avoid asking the universe for what we really want because we are afraid of rejection or disappointment.  But if you don't bother ASKING or GOING FOR IT then you never even give yourself or the universe the chance to make it happen!

So what does yoga have to do with a good parking spot?

Yoga clears away our thoughts, brings us into clarity about our intention, holds the space for us to ask for what we really want and opens us up to receive it.  Tweet it

I mean, how do you think I found all these four leaf clovers? 


So I'd love to know, where in YOUR life are you living by default?  What would it look like for you to consciously design your life the way you want it?

In order to get where we want to be in life, we need to get clear on what we want.  What is it you want?  What's holding you back from going for it?  I'd love to hear your thoughts below in the comments!

xoxo Meredith

Why it's so important to have a VISION


Last week on the spring equinox I invited my students to create a vision.  Everyone took time to write and consciously imagine their higher selves, their bigger world vision, and their purpose in that vision.

So why is it so important to have a vision?

For the last three years I have asked myself again and again, "Why am I here?" and "What is my larger life purpose?" I've come back to these questions over and over, and in doing so, have developed a business that supports both my life, but also my larger vision for the world.

Having a vision creates clarity and clarity creates power. {Tweet it}

Five years is going to roll around whether you want it to or not, so why not consciously design it?

Having a vision doesn't mean you have to stick to it.  It just means you know where you're going.  

If you're setting out on a road trip to Florida, it's good to know your destination.  That doesn't mean you might not change course and have a pit stop in New York along the way, but at least you are headed in the general right direction.

The problem is, sometimes we don't exactly know what we want.  I remember the pain of not knowing my purpose, not having a vision for my life or the world.  I even remember sitting on the top of a mountain in Mexico on a vision quest at my yoga teacher training asking again and again, "Why am I here?" and still not knowing the answer.  It can be hard to not know and not have community or a guide to lead you on your path.

That's why I created a 6-month group program for women, Let go, Vision, Transform.  If you're feeling stuck, looking for a new direction, ready to discover your vision, face your fears and strengthen your voice, I invite you to apply to this elite online phone based program beginning at the end of May.

I am gathering a small group of women to support each other and open to the vision for their life and the world. I will lead a series of calls on health, self-care and nutrition so each woman can start feeling energized, naturally beautiful and confident to start owning her dreams.  We will then shift focus to finding fulfillment through career, personal finances, and relationships.  After focusing on ourselves, we will open to a larger vision for the world.  I will have two private coaching calls with each woman to develop her vision, and on the last 40 days I will teach a manifestation practice for each woman to turn that vision into reality.  This will be a very close bonding experience where each woman will be fully supported to grow by leaps and bounds.

Over the last three years I've done the work to discover my vision, face my fears, and strengthen my voice to make an impact.  Now I am hear to help you to make yours.

Love, Meredith