What Makes People Truly Happy?


With only a few weeks left in the year I feel inspired to lead a new online masterclass for you.

The idea for this masterclass originated at a point in my life when I was in an abyss of despair and felt total emptiness.

It was about ten days after I had accomplished one of my wildest dreams, and the realization had settled on me: when we reach a goal, fulfill a desire or finally attain something outside of ourselves that we’ve been reaching for, often a feeling of emptiness follows.

The desire had been reached and I was left with this empty hole.

That emptiness was unbearable.

And i realized it was that unbearable feeling - the inability to hold myself in exactly what was -was what first led me to be a seeker.

Because as much as our ego would like us to think attaining what is outside of ourselves will bring us true happiness, ultimately it falls flat.

So as I remembered my first days becoming a seeker, I decided to meditate. The next day I meditated again, and the next day again. And soon that emptiness turned into something else.

I realized this abyss and emptiness was how I had experienced being in the unknown, and that had been one of the hardest places for me to be.

But one morning I found a great peace, and realized there are two ways I could view the unknown:

I could see it as the cause of great anxiety, or even depression.

OR I could see it as a space of ultimate potential.

The place where all creation manifests. The dark womb of the mother.

And it was as I opened to that space of ultimate potential, I found my true joy...

In the unmanifest...
In the mystery...
In the patience of not knowing...
In the cosmic space of infinite potential.

I realized true happiness was not in the materialization of my desires, but actually in the anticipation of realizing something I truly longed for. It was in the willingness to be with the mystery.

I finally saw there was a beauty in that anticipation. A seductiveness of the unknown.

And from that place, words began filling the page of my journal, and afterwards I looked down to see I had wrote:

6 Secrets to True Fulfillment

I’ll let you in on one of them: it’s making peace with this mystery.

This invites us to deeply embody the essence of the feminine. The receptive quality of being okay with everything as it is, while opening ourselves to the pure beauty and potential of what is to come.

But how do you do it? … Keep reading…

If you find yourself reading this today I imagine you are a person of depth and devotion.

You’re looking in your inbox for something more than the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Your soul is seeking to express itself.

Your whole being is seeking true soul fulfillment.

So today I’m not here to sell you anything. Actually I want to give you this information for free.

Because there is something so much deeper your heart is longing to express.

Something so much more powerful you are being called forth by.

The world needs your leadership. Your courage. Your voice. Your dreams.

But something deeper than the material, something that will expand your heart to the size of the room and open you to the power of true fulfillment.

Are you ready to explore your highest potential for 2019?

Join me next Thursday, December 6th at 12 pm PST on the Sagittarius New Moon to connect with your highest hearts jntentions for the New Year…

Free Online Masterclass: 2019 Fulfilled

You’ll Learn:

  • Six Secrets to tap into fulfillment, peace and lasting joy

  • A step-by-step process to align with your intentions for the new year, and how to take tangible steps to manifest them

  • The most common forms of resistance and self-sabotage and how to avoid them

  • Secrets of the Queen archetype to harness your true potential

  • An Insider’s look into my upcoming program, The Sovereign Circle

Sign up right here.

When you sign up you’ll receive an email with the call details, and you’ll be sent the replay even if you can’t make it live.

With love,



How I Healed My Heart Through Mindfulness


I've been reflecting on the power mindfulness and meditation have had on my life lately because I am getting ready to co-lead a mindfulness program in Sebastopol this Fall. (There's a free orientation tomorrow night, Tuesday, Sept. 5th if you'd like to join me, more details below.) 

As we collectively and personally move through hardships and challenges in this great time of awakening, I thought it would be relevant to share a few of the ways mindfulness has helped me through hard times:

1. Heartbreak

For those of you who finished reading my book, you learned about two powerful experiences of heartbreak that I've experienced in my life, and how I learned to respond to that pain completely differently from the beginning to the end of the book as I deepened my practices of yoga and meditation in India. 

When I reflect back on some of those more challenging moments in my life, particularly when my heart was hurting, I realize:

Meditation and mindfulness showed me how to witness my pain as pure sensation, and through that space of pure witnessing presence, my heart began to heal. 

I began to create more spaciousness for myself, I learned to surrender to my emotions and accept my emotions, without a need to fix or change them. It is in that space that I opened to love, compassion and forgiveness, and my heart opened to heal.

2. Physical pain

Meditation and mindfulness helped me to relate to my pain in a completely new way. Not just emotional pain, but also physical. I've gone through periods of my life experiencing chronic pain on a daily basis: muscle aches, headaches, and jaw tension. For so long I tried to push it away and distract myself (going to sugar, alcohol, caffeine, anything to take me away from my body and out of the present moment) but I soon realized that only made the problem worse. 

It was only through really being with myself in the pain, opening to it, and breathing through it, did it begin to transform. But in releasing my need to change the outcome, I had a powerful tool of being able to love myself in those moments even when it didn't go away. 

3. Grief

arlier this year my grandmother passed away. I sat with her in her final days in meditation. If you've ever been with someone as they are passing, you know that it invites you to be in a state of total presence. I sat in full presence with her. I held her hand, I meditated, and I sang. In the days and months after she passed, I knew how to feel my grief and let it move through me. 

Now when I reflect back on my grandmother and all we shared, I no longer feel the weight of grief because I allowed myself to fully feel it. Now when I think of her I feel a profound joy and gratitude in my heart. 

4. A car accident

Two years ago I was in a car accident where my car was totaled. It was actually amazing to see what happened in the moment after impact when my airbag opened. I began practicing Vipassana meditation without even thinking. My awareness immediately began feeling my breath and my sensations from the top of my head down to the tips of my toes. I was fully grounded in the present moment. 

Instead of freaking out, I was able to act in the moment from a grounded state. I moved my car off the road, I called for help... I assessed if I had any injuries and I checked in with the person in the other car involved. Within minutes help arrived, and everyone was ok, but reflecting back I see I was able to move through such a hardship with grace because of my years of practice with meditation.


Beyond moving through challenging times, mindfulness has brought a wealth of positivity to my life: 

1. Self-Worth - a sense of having enough, and being enough

I've learned to focus more on what I have, and who I am through a lens of wholeness rather than lack or scarcity. It has helped me come back to gratitude and an innate sense of worthiness.

2. My Relationship - more ease, love, and appreciation

Now when a difficult conversation or situation arises with my partner, I can almost see the situation from the outside. Rather than being so attached to my pain or fear, I can take a step back, breathe and move forward with love. 

3. Priorities - The ability to get crystal clear on what's really important to me

In being able to take a step back from life, I am no longer getting caught in the same habitual patterns or routines. I'm able to make choices from a broader perspective and take steps forward with intention based on what is truly most important to me.

4. Productivity - making a positive impact in my business and with my clients

Meditation has sharpened my mind and brought focus to my work. It's helped me to be fully present and compassionate with my clients and podcast guests. It's helped me tap into my intuition in a way that has been able to guide my business towards success. 

But the truth is, these results do not happen overnight, and it's not always easy to keep up a meditation practice. I have had to put in the time and attention to come to the place I am in today. 

The way I have been able to keep up my practice, is through community. That is why I am so excited about the community forming for the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program this Fall. 

Would you like to bring more mindfulness into your life? 

Join me Tuesday, September 5th, for the free orientation of MBSR at The dhyana Center in Sebastopol, co-led with Spencer Sherman of Abacus Wealth Partners. 

The details:

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) ~ an 8-week program created by Jon Kabat-Zinn of Spirit Rock, guided by Spencer Sherman and yoga guided by me 

Location: The dhyana Center, 186 N. Main Street, Sebastopol (upstairs)

Course Dates: Tuesday nights, 6:30 - 9 pm, Sept. 19 - Nov. 14th (no class 10/31, full-day class on Sunday, 11/5)

Free Orientation: Tuesday, September 5th, 6:30 - 9 pm ~ learn more about the program curriculum and practices, meet the teachers and fellow students and see if the program will be a good fit for you.

RSVP to the free orientation right here. 

With love, 

P.S. if you aren't able to be with us in person, you may like to check out my guided meditations on the insight timer app ~ simply download and search for "Meredith Rom" in guided meditations


032 | Mindful Men Series: Money & Mindfulness with Spencer Sherman


Lately I’ve been reflecting on what it means to have “enough.” 

Last month I was lucky to sit down with a founding partner of Abacus Wealth Partners, an investment company that focuses on making the world a better place, Spencer Sherman.

I found it really interesting when he shared, “Giving and saving are two ways to tell your body and mind, ‘I have enough.’” 

Mindfulness and meditation have greatly helped me shift my relationship to money.  

I remember even just a few years ago when I had accumulated a large amount of savings, yet my mindset was solely focused on what I didn’t have. Because of that, I didn’t take a moment to reflect on everything around me. Instead I kept pushing myself. 

Now, I do my best to remind myself of what I have, with gratitude. A mantra I use often is, “I have everything I need, and I welcome so much more.”  (Thanks to Gabrielle Bernstein for that one)

Shifting my mindset around money and focusing more on generosity than on scarcity has helped me let go of the need to grasp on to the next prospective client, the bigger house, or next new item for my wardrobe.

And I have to say, it’s been so relaxing to take that pressure off. 

The funny thing is, the more I soften and rest into the trust that I have everything I need, I feel like so much more abundance is coming to me.

I’ve consciously been letting go of the grasping, the feeling of “getting the short end of the stick” and really honoring where I am at and what I have. 

It’s not an easy practice, I know, and sometimes I still get stuck in the mindset of “I don’t have enough.” So that’s why I’m excited to share with you my latest podcast episode all about Money and Mindfulness with Spencer Sherman. 

“The less attached I have been, the more ease I have found with money, the more it comes to me.” ~ Spencer Sherman

A few months ago it became clear to me that I’d like create a “Mindful Men Series”  to honor the perspective of the divine masculine and share the voices of men I see around me honoring their gifts and purpose while giving back to the world. 

After listening to the episode, I’d love to hear, what does enough look like for you? How do you cultivate a feeling of enough?  Let me know in the comments over on instagram. 

I’m also excited to share that this Fall Spencer and I are collaborating in an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program locally in Sebastopol.

Save the date September 5, 6:30 - 9 pm at The dhyana Center for a free orientation to learn about the program.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Discovering your true net worth 
  • The best day/worst day of Spencer’s life 
  • The missing piece one of his clients discovered to living a joyful life after having “made it” in the financial world
  • Meditation and how that has affected Spencer’s relationship to money and how he relates to clients in his business
  • The first step to take to bringing more awareness to your finances 
  • Abacus’ approach to wealth management and sustainable investing 
  • Our upcoming course, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (Save the date for Sept. 5 for a free orientation)
  • Spencer's book, The Cure for Money Madness

I hope you enjoy today’s show. It may be just what you need to earn more money, start saving and giving, or maybe to just cultivate more peace of mind.

With love,

P.S. Join me this coming Wednesday August 9th for my next webinar, The Art of Feminine Abundance where I’ll be sharing more about my insights on wealth, joy and abundance. Click here to sign up.

Screenshot 2017-08-04 11.02.45.png

Spencer Sherman is a financial expert, public speaker, teacher and author. Spencer has taught classes and spoken to audiences across the U.S., including at Esalen and Kripalu. He has practiced meditation since 1983 and is a qualified teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). He is a founding partner of Abacus Wealth Partners, an investment company that focuses on making the world a better place. Spencer and his wife Janine live in Sebastopol, CA with their 2 children.


You're Invited to a Nourishing Spring Retreat


When I feel agitated, frustrated, have pain in my body, or am experiencing difficult emotions, I show up to my yoga mat.

That is when I receive all my best insights.

That is where I am able to tap back into what's really important, make decisions about my business, and receive guidance when I feel at a loss at what to do.

I believe our body is full with wisdom.

We all have a 'highest self' inside who knows the answers.  However,  we can only access this wisdom when our mind is quiet enough to tune into intuition.

It's so important to listen to what our body is telling us, but often we get distracted.  To-do lists, obligations, work, kids, and a busy mind can crowd out the wise-self we all have inside.

That's why Karen Prosen and I decided to devote a whole day to help those ready to tap back into this wisdom.

We want you to reconnect to that wise, centered part of yourself.  The part of yourself that already knows all the answers. 

We also want to honor and welcome the new season of spring.  This is a time to start fresh and release old patterns that are no longer serving us. This is a time to step into a new way of being and living in the world.

We have rented a gorgeous yurt in Occidental, CA for a one-day retreat in honor of our body's wisdom and the new season on Saturday, April 1, 2017 from 10 am - 5 pm.

We are creating an intentional space for an intimate group.  I'll be teaching gentle yoga, breathing and voice exercises.

Karen will lead us through meditation and yoga nidra to recede into rest and we will end the day in celebration with kirtan chanting.

For lunch, we have invited Camina Gillotti to prepare an ayurvedic lunch with locally harvested foods.

If you are in need of nourishment, of rest, of community and reconnection to your body's wisdom, I invite you to join us.

The investment is $108 when reserved by March 18, or $188 when you reserve for two.

You can read more about the day and reserve your space here.

And if you're unavailable, or don't live locally, please take a moment to ask yourself, "Do I know anyone in the Bay Area in need of this kind of nourishment?"  I invite you to forward this message to him or her.

In love and service, Meredith (and Karen) <3


Are Your Desires Making You Miserable?


Lately I've been thinking a lot about the difference between desire and attachment...

When I was on a ten day silent meditation retreat over the holidays, I began to see how my mind would obsess over the same desires over and over again. (Mostly about achieving more, doing more, having more...)

It became crystal clear that those desires - that had once been born out of pure innocence - had become attachments and they were causing me suffering. 

In a moment of realization in meditation, on Christmas Day, when I had been feeling quite a lot of pain in my body, I broke down in tears, realizing I had been creating the cause of my own suffering by focusing so much on what I didn't have, and what was not in my present moment reality.

So I did what I could to clear those attachments away. I focused on what was happening in my body and breath and released the need for anything to be different than it already was.

An image flashed in my mind of myself being completely stripped down to simple clothes and a shaved head, meditating - settling into a state of stillness and total presence. 

From this state of complete patience, self-lessness and letting go, a ground zero of sorts, I asked myself what was really important to me - and the answer was so simple: time in beautiful natural environments with my beloved, singing and being a teacher and mentor, walks in the back field with my cat, Quan Yin, and going out to dinner with friends. That was it... 

From that day forward in the retreat, meditation became so much easier. Pain began to lift on my body, and in the times when it came back, my relationship to it was completely different. I had developed a patience that hadn't been there before. I allowed the sensations to be there, the thoughts to be there, witnessing, knowing at some point they would pass, and they always did. 

Carrying these insights into my life, I've found a state of more ease and gentleness.

But what about our desires? Isn't it good to have goals and ambitions? I think it is good to have desires, goals and ambitions, but when we find ourselves suffering from those desires, it's time to ask if we have become attached.

It has been a great relief for me to enjoy life (and all that I already have) from a place of nonattachment - allowing everything to just be as it is.

I can't say I've figured it all out, and sometimes those old attachments linger back into my mind, but that's when I come back to my meditation practice, noticing the sensations and breath, and remembering all that is real and perfect in this moment.

To hear more about this topic, listen to my latest podcast where I share the introduction of my book due to release this summer. If you missed my last email, you'll hear all about the new title, Just Be: A Search for Self-Love in India. And, if this message resonates with you, I'd love to hear in the comments.

With love, 


When Insight Strikes in the Middle of the Night

Image source from  @the_soulessence

Image source from @the_soulessence

During my travels over the last month I had a mentor pose a question to me:

“If you only had 5 years left to live, what is the one message you know you need to dedicate yourself to?”

The answer came to me in the middle of the night after waking up from a bad dream.

In the dream I was being faced with a scary situation where I felt like I was losing someone I really loved. I woke up to my heart beating fast and my solar plexus tied up in knots. 

Instinctively, I began listening to my breath and I placed my hands on my body. I welcomed all the sensations and let them wash over and through me.

I watched as the stories of my mind ran wild until eventually, my breath slowed and my heart beat became steady again.

I connected to a feeling of love I have in my heart, a love that over the years I have come to know is always with me.

I sent that love to every cell of my body.

As I lay awake in the middle of the night, I realized I had full power to love and soothe myself in a time of need, holding myself with compassion, the way a mother would hold a child. 

It was in that moment I realized the power self-love has had on my life.

I asked myself:  What if every challenge or difficult situation I am facing is actually an OPPORTUNITY to more deeply love myself? 

I believe we all have the power to love ourselves through any challenge or difficulty in our lives. 

I believe when we tap into the power of self-love, we no longer need to be afraid.  We then have the ability to share our love without fear, to take risks, and to really stand up and share our gifts in the world.

Today I invite you to think about what challenge or difficulty you are currently facing... How could you see this challenge as an opportunity and invitation to even more deeply love yourself? 

I'd be happy to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

With love, 


The key to manifesting your dreams...

meredith rom-vision-welcome-manifesting-dreams

Today, I wanted to tell you a story.

Four years ago I felt alone and lost.

I arrived back in the US after 6 months traveling in India.  My health had taken a toll through my travels.  I was much heavier than I am now, my hormones were imbalanced and I was going through a difficult breakup.  Overall, I felt uncomfortable in my body.  I then found myself using food and sugar to suppress my emotions and loneliness.

I arrived back to no community, no boyfriend, and no job.

I didn't know where to turn. I was applying for jobs I didn't want, and began asking what is the point of all of this?

While I was in India, I had experienced the community, the love, and the synchronicity that made me feel alive, but back in the states I didn't know what to do with myself.

I would turn to my meditation practice, but it felt boring and rigid.  

Although I could watch my thoughts, I didn't know how to change them.  Meditation felt endless and unsustainable.  I developed a strong resistance to it and stopped altogether.

Meanwhile, I had been trained as a yoga teacher, but was afraid to share my voice and speak in front of a group.  I found a job I didn't like instead, and was spending hours a day at the computer, was barely making ends meet financially, and had to turn to family for financial support.

Luckily I immersed myself in my yoga practice, and learned about the law of attraction - what you think, becomes.  

I quickly changed my thoughts and started using affirmations and began catching myself when I thought negatively..  I began to imagine myself living a new life full of peace, joy, and fulfillment during my meditations.  My meditation practice evolved into something new and enjoyable.

I meditated for the love of it, knowing I was planting seeds to create a new reality.

After I began this new kind of meditation, I met a man and a few weeks later, I was falling in love.

Synchronicity and magical experiences began to permeate my life.

I was given the opportunity to teach my first yoga class, and I began sharing my voice and facing my fears.  Doors were opening for me.  I was saying yes.  I changed my diet, my health improved and I began attracting the life I always wanted to live.

I was feeling lighter, more joyful, and in love.

The intentions I set, that at the time I had no idea could become possible, suddenly are becoming true.

I am now living my dream career and built a full coaching practice.  I healed my relationship to money and to food, I have a loving, healthy relationship and I am traveling, giving talks and teaching yoga to large groups.

I am fully living my passions.  I am doing exactly what I thought was impossible just a few years ago.

Since then, I have been refining a 40-Day Vision meditation practice that I now share in my program, Vision. 

But Vision is more than just about meditation.  I knew I couldn't sit with my eyes closed to make all the changes I wanted in my life to happen... I had to actually step up and face my fears.

The key was integrating the knowledge and wisdom from the ancient yogic teachings with a fully engaged life of being in the world.

One step at a time, I faced my fears, devoted myself to my dreams and was met with beauty and magic in my life.

My vision now is to join together women from around the world ready to show up for themselves, tap into source energy and find love within.  

I am calling together a global network of women showing up in daily devotion and sacred practice to shift their thoughts, manifest their desires, and live their visions.

I have joined my knowledge of spirituality and manifestation as a yoga and meditation teacher with the accountability, support, and grounded action tools I have learned as a coach and facilitator.

The key to manifesting is to integrate the spiritual tools of meditation and manifestation WITH grounded actions to face your fears and achieve your goals.

But it's not always that simple.  It takes courage, daily action, self-love, devotion and a community of support to create real, lasting change in your life.

That's why I created Vision.

This 8-week online course for women begins on Wednesday, February 3, with intimate group coaching calls, an online forum, and a members area with weekly videos, audio discourses and handouts.

We begin 40 days of daily devotion and meditation on February 15, ending on the Spring Equinox, March 20, 2016.  We will be connecting to our body's wisdom, manifesting our desires and living our visions.

I believe you have what it takes to overcome the biggest challenge you are facing in your life.  I believe you can manifest real, lasting change to feel fulfilled in your career, relationships, and connection to spirit.

I invite you to watch the launch video and learn more about Vision right here. 

Now, I would love to hear your Vision...what is the life you have always imagined for yourself?  What excites you?  What scares you?  I'd love to hear in the comments below.

With love, Meredith

Ready to Live Your Vision? The Free Training is Here...

mountains-free training-how to meditate-vision

Happy New Year!  I hope this holiday break provided an opportunity for you to rest and restore and get excited for 2016... I've been gearing up to lead my online course, Vision, for the third time since I first launched it in 2014.  Every time I lead this course I see amazing results in the women around creating a daily devotional practice and making courageous changes in their lives.

Vision is an 8-week online course that includes a 40-day meditation practice to help each woman create a meditation practice that is sustainable and enjoyable.

Enrollment will be open from January 19th to February 2nd and the course will run from February 3 to March 30, 2016.  

In the course, I release weekly content full with videos, handouts and audios on a new theme each week.  I have a facebook community and lead weekly group coaching calls in an intimate setting to create a feeling of sisterhood among the group.  I provide personal mentorship with the women in the program and even have some opportunities this year for one-on-one guidance and support.

This is a great opportunity to start the year off on the right foot with a daily practice of ritual, self-care, self-love as well as guidance on how to take grounded action and face your fears to manifest your deepest desires for 2016.

In honor of the New Year, I've created a free training called Live Your Vision that I would love you to be a part of!  The training includes 4 free videos as well as 8 daily actions to learn more about meditation, manifestation and a chance to see if you'd like to join us in the online course, Vision.

The free training begins in one week on Monday, January 11.  When you sign up, you will be sent a daily action to your inbox with all the free training materials. You'll also be notified of when Vision enrollment opens and be offered a chance to win a free spot in the course.

You can now join the free training here! With love, Meredith


How I recovered from total heartbreak (new video)

women praying-self-love-forgiveness-heartbreak-meditation

Four years ago I experienced a difficult break-up.  At the time, I was given a choice - to hold on to my resentment and anger, or to remember all is impermanent, learn how to let go, forgive and open myself to miracles and true love again.  There I was, alone in my room, tears streaming down my face.  I had just slammed the door on my love and my dear friend because I found out, "He wanted to be with her now."

I had been living in a house with my new friend Sara over the last month in Spain while my love was traveling to teach a retreat abroad.  Sara and I became very close over that time while I waited for my love to return.

I welcomed him, so excited to have him back in my arms.  I also introduced him to my new friend (we were all staying in the same house that week).

Then, over the course of the week, I began to notice Sara and my love spending more and more time together...

Finally, one day in the kitchen, I confronted him.

"What's going on between you and Sara?" I demanded.  There was a pause, and then the words came, the ones I suspected were true, but never wanted to hear..

"I'm not going to lie to you Meredith.  I always told you I was too free for most women.  In all honesty, my energy is moving towards her now." 

I spoke no words.

"NO," I screamed over in my mind.  I tightened my hands into fists, unsure of what to do with myself next, unsure of what to say back to him.

At that moment Sara walked into the room and immediately knew what we were talking about.

I looked at her with rage in my eyes, then left the kitchen, slammed the door behind me, and locked myself in my room.

For a moment, I let myself lose it.  Tears streamed down my face while loud sobs escaped from my broken heart.

But then.... something happened.  Something I had never experienced before in such an angry and distressed state... I began to notice my breath.  All the hours I had spent in meditation in the previous months traveling in India had become an innate part of me.  I was able to react in a completely new way I had never seen in myself before.

And with that breath, I began to notice my sensations, as pure sensations, rather than labeling them as anger, resentment, or heartbreak.

In just a minute, my whole body had changed and I was calm.  I no longer felt like an angry victim.

In that moment, I realized I could not control another being.  I remembered that all was impermanent.  I knew that even though I loved him so deeply, that it was true, he was free, and I couldn't control his needs or desires.

Sara knocked on my door, nervously awaiting my next move.

I turned back to my breath.  I knew I had a choice.  I could continue to breathe, and be the witness to all that was happening in my body and my situation, and I could forgive, or I could get lost, fuming in anger and resentment, and try to make the people who hurt me feel as bad as possible.

Today, I want to share this video with you from my training, #LiveYourVISION because this is one of the most important lessons I have learned and it is a valuable tool I want you to have.

You can hear the rest of the story, and learn the meditation that helped me get through one of the most difficult moments of my life right here.  

Screenshot 2015-05-06 11.42.58
Screenshot 2015-05-06 11.42.58

How I Fell in Love with My Meditation Practice

meredith rom-Self-love-vision-devotion-over the moon

Over my career as a yoga teacher I have spoken to many women who strive to keep up a home yoga or meditation practice, but quickly give it up when life gets busy. 

I used to constantly struggle with keeping up a morning practice and would feel guilty when I fell off track.  I tried numerous ways to keep up a practice, but had a hard time keeping it up and wondered, “Why is it so hard for me to keep a consistent connection to spirit?”

I know that when I am connected, and do take out that time in the morning to myself, I am so much more present, calm and compassionate throughout my day.  I know that’s when I rely less on others and am more in tune to my inner guide. 

When I connect to the love within myself, I am not constantly searching for it in my relationship or places outside of myself.

I’ve found more than anything else, when I made my meditation practice enjoyable, it became sustainable.

I knew I wasn’t going to wake up every morning to sit quietly and do something I dreaded.  I had to lure myself into my meditation practice.  I had to bring in the romance.

Gabby Bernstein says, “I made spirit my boyfriend.”  When she did that, everything else in her life began to flourish.  When we fall in love with spirit, we begin to attract and manifest what we want and need in our lives easily.

I know how hard it can be to keep up a daily meditation practice, so I wanted to share the top ways that helped me fall in love with spirit and keep my morning practice sustainable…

I learned to:

Shift from Discipline to Devotion

I used to live in a house where my roommates and I practiced silent meditation together for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.  The practice became so disciplined that I began to avoid it altogether.  Even though I willingly created the rules, when I felt constricted, all I wanted to do was break them.

I eventually moved out of the house, and went months with no meditation practice.  My rebellious side wanted to take back control.  After awhile, I began to miss those solitary moments with my breath, but I knew I had to approach my practice in a different way.  I remembered something my yoga teacher had said about developing a home yoga practice, “No one is making you do it.  You’re doing it for yourself.  Think of it as a devotion, rather than a discipline.”

Shifting my perspective and realizing, no one was making my do it, but rather I was showing up in devotion to myself and to spirit changed everything.  I suddenly was able to show up to my meditation pillow, and my mat with ease.

Change it Up

When my practice was the same silent sitting everyday, I got bored and went back into avoidance.  I learned I needed to change it up once in awhile, even if it was a slight change to stay with it.  Some mornings my practice includes yoga, some mornings it is pranayama, and sometimes it is mostly silent meditation.  When I prioritized devotion over the structure, I was able to let go of the guilt and keep coming back to my meditation seat.

Call on an Archetype

I began connecting to archetypes in my meditation after reading Deepak Chopra’s book, Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire.  I would imagine a heroine, chief or goddess I felt connected to and began to ask, “Please express yourself through me.”  Over many days of connecting to the powers and attributes of someone I looked up to, I began to embody the qualities myself.

Move and Breathe First

What many people often struggle with when meditating is a “busy mind.”  The Indian guru Osho says you need to get all the garbage out of the mind first before you can get anywhere in silent meditation.  The best ways I have found to “get the garbage out” is to breath and move my body.  That could mean going on a run first, putting on music and dancing or shaking, or doing breath of fire or other kundalini breath work before silently meditating.  When I exert myself first, then sit silently, the experience becomes so still, silent and peaceful.

Bring in the ROMANCE

When I began to think of my morning practice as a devotion, I began to think of all the ways I could make my practice more enjoyable.  I bought an essential oils diffuser to create beautiful aromas of Rose and Geranium into the space.  I sat on a heating pad to feel warm and comfortable, I began my practice with singing, and made my altar a gorgeous representation of my devotion.  Every day I felt so happy waking up to my practice because of how loving and romantic it became.  This is the art of falling in love with yourself.

Connect to a Vision

After learning about the law of attraction, I began to bring manifestation to my morning practice.  I wrote out, in the present tense what I wanted to create in my life and in the world.  I connected to how I wanted to wake up and feel everyday.  I connected to why I wanted what I wanted, and every morning, read this vision out loud.  Every morning then became not only a devotion to myself and to spirit, but a devotion to what I wanted in my life and for the world.

Set a Container (A   begin and end date)

In order to create a new healthy, habit, it helps to choose a set number of days to do your practice for.  Feel free to start small and say something like, “For the next seven days I am going to do this practice.”  Put a reminder in your calendar, an alert on your phone, or a note on your bedside table to stick to it.  Tell yourself, “If resistance comes up, I am going to just sit down and do the practice, only for these seven days.  If I still don’t want to do it after these seven days I don’t have to anymore.”  Chances are, you will be able to keep it going after the set amount of time you create.

I choose to do my practices in forty day increments.  Forty days is historically known as a sacred time period for enacting change.  It can clear old subconscious patterns, set up new positive patterns, and change your life for the better. At the end of every forty day cycle, I celebrate and reflect on what has changed in my life.

Get Others Involved

It helps to know there are other people out there meditating with you.  Try calling up a friend and creating an accountability partner.  I began a whole program based around creating a vision and meditating with other women for forty days because I wanted to create that accountability for myself and others.  The program grew to include women in five continents.  I began to see when I meditate, I am not just meditating for myself, but I am meditating for the visions of women all over the world.

Whether you are just starting a meditation practice, or you’re a seasoned meditator, try these tips when you sit down for your practice to fall in love with your own connection to spirit.



You're invited to #LiveYourVISION! (new video)


I'm writing from sunny New Mexico where Michael and I just arrived on our tour.  Besides leading singing workshops and yoga classes for the last few weeks, I've also been working on a project I'm excited to share with you today. But first, I have to tell you a story.

I used to struggle with a busy mind, negative thoughts, and I felt like a victim to my life circumstances.  I was constantly placing my value and worth outside of myself.  I was in a relationship where I always put my partner's needs above my own. I constantly looked for love and attention from the outside, rather than within myself.

Luckily, I found out about meditation, and over a few years learned about the law of attraction and began to quiet my mind.

But then, meditation felt like such a drag.  It was so disciplined.  I got bored and began to avoid it altogether.

It wasn't until last year I found a way to make my meditation practice enjoyable, and something I actually wanted to show up to everyday.  I was able to connect to source energy within, fill myself up with love, and become a magnet for what I wanted to attract.  

I now have a consistent meditation practice that helps me be calm when difficult situations arise, connect to love within myself before giving it to others, and receive insight on the visions I want to create for myself and the world. 

Now, I'm ready to share what I've learned.  Have you struggled to keep up a daily meditation practice?  Have you found yourself looking for love, affirmation, or attention outside yourself?

I want to help you make meditation enjoyable and sustainable.   You too can connect to an innate love within.

That's why I created the training #LiveYourVISION:  11 days of devotion to shift your thoughts, manifest your desires and live your visions.

These free resources include videos, stories, personal insights, and the most useful guided meditations that have created powerful transformation in my life.

It's all free, and it begins May 15.  When you sign up, you'll receive a magical message in your inbox each day throughout the training.  You can now watch my welcome video and sign up here! 

With love, Meredith


6 Practical Insights on Happiness From the Road

yoga and meditation-courage-happiness

It's been six days on the road now - Michael and I have led four workshops together and already driven through five states. I feel myself sinking into more comfort as a teacher and a singer, gaining confidence in my own vision and voice as I teach others. Something both Michael and I have noticed since we left is that we are both really happy. There's a deep joy in our hearts as we travel from city to city. It made me wonder, "What's different now than before?"

I broke it down to what I think are six essential insights on happiness, and practical action steps you can take to find more happiness right now.

1. Seek out Community

We've been surrounded by loving, likeminded friends on every step of the journey. In each city on this trip we are being hosted by friends or friends of friends. We've had meaningful connections every step of the way. It's been different than my normal day-to-day working at home in my cottage, because I am actively seeking out and visiting my community.

Connection is an essential human need, and I can see, even as an introvert I have a large capacity for face time with people I love. It can be easy to get lost in my own world, connecting with others through the phone and the internet, but facetime with old and new friends is so key in continuing a feeling of happiness in my days.

2. Do a Random Act of Kindness

Before leaving San Francisco, Michael and I participated in the "Happiness Course" through The Art of Living. Our assignment one day was to do three random acts of kindness. It totally shifted my state of mind from thinking about myself to wondering how I could make someone else's day better. I asked, "Where can I find a homeless person to give money to?, "Where can I actively comment and engage on other people's blogs and social media?"  and "Who can I tell that I really appreciate them?"

One of the other students came back one day to say, "I bought the person behind me in line breakfast and he said, 'I just moved from the East coast and heard about things like this happening in Berkeley, but didn't believe it really would!'"

While on the road, we are being mindful of where we can be more generous and kind. From picking up the bill with a friend, to giving someone one of Michael's CD's who didn't expect it, every act of kindness has brought so much joy to my heart.

Often we wait to be generous when we have more, or forget to be kind. What simple act could you do today to make someone else's day better? Then do it, and notice how this makes you feel afterward.


3. Look out for the magic

When you take steps outside of your comfort zone, especially while travelling, you begin to notice the magic that is all around you.

On my birthday this year, I pulled a card from my animal medicine tarot deck with the question, "What is my animal totem for the year?" It was the owl. Owl sees everything, even in the dark and is often the medicine of sorcerers and witches, those drawn to magical practices. The tarot deck said, "Pay attention to the signals and omens, owl will bring you messages through dreams and meditation."

For the last three nights, staying in the homes of three different people, there was a picture of an owl in the room.

Synchronicity is everywhere if you are on the lookout for it. Try using the affirmation, "I am awake to coincidences. I see them as messages from God."

When a synchronicity happens in my life, I immediately feel connected to the divine. I have more trust in the world around me and am able to let go of fears and sink into the joy of being guided.

4. Share your gifts

Knowing that I have workshops set up in every city I visit on this trip makes me so happy. To be in the act of service, and sharing our gifts is so satisfying. When I remember this trip isn't all about me, but that there are actually people we are here to help, I feel like I have a place in the bigger picture.

I've seen several people in tears during our workshops, touched by the music, and the space to open their voice and connect to avision for their lives and the world. We are offering an experience for others to connect to their heart by using our gifts and talents. We find that afterwards, no matter how many people showed up, we are so happy knowing we have done what we felt called to share.

5. Do what you love

Practicing yoga, teaching yoga, singing, being in the flow and visiting friends is essential to my happiness. When you give yourself permission to do what you love, everything else becomes more joyful.

When you priortize what makes you feel good, what makes you truly happy, life becomes a celebration.

What do you love? What makes you come alive? Is it the yoga class? A walk in nature? A tea date with a girlfriend? Go take action and do it.

6. Meditate

No matter how beautiful a place you find yourself in, if you don't feel good in your body and mind, it doesn't really matter.Focus within first. When you make your internal space a beautiful sanctuary, your surroundings will begin to reflect that.

When you soften around the edges, create more spaciousness and compassion within yourself, you meet difficulties that arise in life with fresh eyes. You can handle whatever comes your way.

Michael and I have meditated together every morning on this trip. We encourage each other in our practices because we know if we find love within ourselves first, we will be more kind and loving to each other.

When you take the time to process your own emotions, to be devoted to yourself, and connect to a larger vision, every action in your day becomes more clear. Intuition heightens and you know what steps to take next.

SO what will you work on to bring more happiness in your life? Will it be an act of kindness, sharing your gifts, or seeking out community? Whatever it is, I hope you take action on it right away. If you want to be held accountable, make a comment below to let me know what you'll be working on.

Our next event is a kirtan singing workshop in Boulder, CO on Wednesday April 29. Next week I'll be writing from New Mexico and Arizona as we continue our travels...

Find me on instagram @meredithrom to follow the journey day by day, as I'm posting about photos with stories from the road.

With love, Meredith

How to handle any difficult situation with ease and grace

yoga and meditation-breathe-ease

When I first started doing yoga, I noticed I slowly became less reactive.

If something happened that would usually make me sad, angry or frustrated, instead of blowing up at the situation, I was able to find an inner calmness to process my emotions.

One of the most valuable tools for me has been Tonglen meditation.  I learned Tonglen from one of my mentors, Kimber Simpkins in a yoga training.  It is a Buddhist practice to lessen our reactivity and hold a space of compassion for ourselves, and all beings.

It goes like this:

Breathing in, I allow myself to feel exactly what I'm feeling. 

Breathing out, spaciousness and compassion for myself. 

Breathing in, I know I am not alone.  I remember so many other beings have experienced and have felt what I am experiencing and feeling right now. 

Breathing out, spaciousness and compassion for all those other beings.  

This meditation helps me realize I am not alone in my reactions and emotions.  It reminds me that actually so many other people have experienced this before, and instead of being caught up in my emotions, I can hold a space of compassion, knowing I am now experiencing something so many other beings have experienced before.

I created this guided meditation video for you to follow along and embody the practice. Click below to watch:

[av_video src='' format='16-9' width='16' height='9']

And the next time you feel you're about to blow up in a difficult situation, try it.  Let me know how it goes for you in the comments below.

Love, Meredith

PS. You can also view my other yoga and meditation videos here. 


My secret to staying calm and getting stuff done.

postnotes-self love-grounded action-live your vision

Last week I made the time to take a morning off and drive down to Marin to take a yoga class with my friend Tara. Afterwards we were eating lunch and I was telling her about all the things that were on my plate and what I was working on for VISION.  She looked at me and asked, "Meredith, how do you get so much done and still have the time to come meet me for yoga on a weekday??"

I thought about it, and remembered back to the time I was living in New York City and would sometimes spend 8+ hours a day in front of a computer.  I always felt like I was in a rush, behind schedule, and that there was never enough time to get everything done.  I had chronic headaches and jaw tension and began to see the link between spending so much time in front of the computer with my stress levels and the pain in my body.

Today, I work on my business 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday (during a program launch it may be more) and spend between two and four hours at the computer on a workday.  On Mondays I work on the marketing side of my business - writing blog posts and corresponding with administrative tasks, then I see clients in three timeslots over the phone Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. That's it.

In my free time I go to yoga classes, I take an hour and a half to make a delicious lunch and on Fridays I meet with girlfriends for tea, yoga, or I go to a cafe to write in my journal or to write the next chapters in my book.

My schedule may seem relaxed, but behind the scenes I am loving up my eight one-on-one clients, having client consultations over the phone and skype, and am putting tons of energy into enrolling my online group program.  I am also an active member of my local toastmasters chapter where I have to prepare 10 speeches over the next few months, I make time to lead workshops and one-day retreats, I create teleclasses, I show up for biweekly meetings with my mastermind group, oh and I teach yoga classes!

Because I am so sensitive to spending too much time on the computer, I know I need to focus in order to make the most of my time and actually get things done.  

Here are a few of my secrets:

I Start My Day With A Run

I've been working to raise up the heat levels in my body (I'm generally very cold) so I have been doing more cardio exercise.  In the last month, 2-3 days a week I will wake up, grab my ipod and go outside for a run.  It takes 30 minutes out of my day, I run down the road outside my house for one mile and run or walk the mile back.  Starting the day with the fresh air and moving my body energizes me for the rest of the day and connects me to my intuition and priorities.

I feel more focused and productive from the start.

I Eat More Protein

Since I started my business I have had to learn how to hustle and feed my body in the best way to provide me with the energy I need.  I remember being in nutrition school and listening to founder Joshua Rosenthall share about how he started his nutrition school.  He ate a macrobiotic diet for most of his life, and then when he was creating his school, he actually started eating more protein and occasional meat at that time.

He was building an empire, and his body needed more protein to push through.  As I have been creating my online program and enrolling for it, I have been feeding my body more protein - sunflower seeds, kale, fish, tempeh, beans, and most recently bone broth.  Having this extra protein in my diet gives me the energy and sustenance to BUILD all I want to create.

I Ask For Support 

Last Monday I sat down with my partner and said, "Michael, for the next two weeks I need your support.

I am going to put EVERYTHING into enrolling for this program, because it is so important to me that these values and teachings reach more women.  

Just for these two weeks, I need more support.  I am not going to be doing the laundry, tidying up the house, making meals or doing the dishes as much as I usually do.  

I need to devote my time and energy into my business right now and I am asking that you step up and support me during this time."  Michael saw how important it was for me to step up for myself, my business and the women who will be joining me in my program, so he gladly said, "Yes, I'm here to help." 

I Take Baths 

Now, more than ever, I see the importance of my own self-care.  I know I can't be telling my clients to go to yoga, take baths, or take time to cook organic homemade meals if I am not doing it myself.

Every time I take a bath or do something loving for myself, I think of the women I teach and know that I am a living example of my teachings.

Every time I take a bath, I feel any stress from the day melt off my body and I sleep more soundly through the night.

I Meditate

Meditation is my time to connect to my WHY.  Why am I doing what I am doing?  Why is it important for me to reach out to these women?  Why is it important for me to create this program?

When I connected to my mission in this life, I realized, "There is no time to waste."

I need to show up for myself, because I care so deeply about teaching women how to step into courage and self-love to honor their bodies and live their passions.  I feel it is so important to join together in sisterhood to gain the strength for us all to elevate the consciousness of the world.

When I remember that, I push through my fears and blocks and get things done.  In VISION I will be teaching my personal meditation practice for manifestation, and we will be supporting each other through 40-days of daily devotion and meditation.

I Follow Time Mastery Tools 

I work with a number of tools including batching and bookending that allow me to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.  I use spreadsheets, I have financial tracking systems in place, and I use an online scheduler.

Being efficient with my time has been KEY to getting things done without wasting time at the computer.

In VISION I will be teaching the tools I use as part of the week on "Grounded Action."  We will be taking our dreams and visions, and actually putting them in the calendar.  We are going to create a roadmap of the entire year ahead.

I Created My Ideal Schedule 

"You are the owner of your time and you choose how to spend it."  When I learned this statement at the Live Free retreat I attended in October, I took the time to sit down and map out everything that needs to happen in my week.  I created my personal and business goals for the year and then I put them into my weekly schedule so I knew my goals and ambitions would have the spaciousness in my schedule to actually happen.

In manifestation, we sometimes think we can just wait for everything to come to us, when in reality we need to take action.

I will be guiding the women in VISION to create their ideal weekly schedule to find the time to "fit it all in."

If you are ready to step up for yourself and be held accountable for making your dreams a reality this year, I invite you to join VISION.

It is time to step up, face your fears and take action towards your dreams.

There are 4.5 days left to enroll, and only a few spots available.  If you are ready to take grounded actions toward your visions, and honor your body and spirit in the process, I highly recommend you join us. 

Deep down you know if this is the right next step for you to take.  Don't waste any time and miss this opportunity, enroll now. 

Love, Meredith

P.S. On Wednesday night I am leading a Storytime Q&A teleclass.  You can ask me ANYTHING - questions about how I run my business, how I make time for it all, questions about VISION, my meditation practice, etc.  I will be sharing a few personal stories of synchronicity and manifestation - how I fell in love, how I found my home, and how I created relationships to take my career to the next level.  You can sign up and submit a question in advance here.  All sign ups will be sent a recording the following day.  See you there!



About the Author:

Meredith Rom helps women find the balance between divine feminine and masculine energy to manifest their dreams and live their visions.  She helps women tap into self love and create a life full of magic through her writing, coaching, and yoga retreats.

You're invited to VISION


Today I'm excited to announce the course I have been dreaming up for years: VISION. As we step into 2015, we need more women loving and taking care of themselves, more women facing their fears, and more women leading from their heart...

VISION is a 7-week course for women stepping into courage and self-love.

It is a program to shift your thoughts, manifest your desires, and live your passions as part of a sangha of committed sisters.

I believe world change starts from within.

It is time to fill ourselves up with love, face our fears, open to our highest VISION for our lives and for the world, and authentically support each other.

When we do this, we inspire each other.  That's when the magic becomes real.  That's when life has meaning and purpose for us all.

Our journey begins December 14, 2014...

You're invited to join an exclusive group of women in sacred sisterhood.

The Program Includes:

  • Two training videos to as we create our vision and learn the 40-Day practice together
  • Six audio recordings sent out weekly: Daily Rituals, Self-love, Body Wisdom, Grounded Action, Courage, Sisterhood
  • Seven weekly coaching calls to be supported by your sisters in the brilliance of your vision
  • The 40-Day meditation practice I personally designed and use for manifestation
  • A Winter Solstice and New Moon Ritual (the first day of the 40-day practice)
  • A 2015 VISION roadmap and materials to help you create an ideal schedule in the New Year
  • Handouts to support you through the curriculum
  • An online community to connect with other women
  • Lifetime access to program materials and our online forum

The Schedule:

  • WEEK 1: Create your VISION
  • WEEK 2: Daily Rituals
  • WEEK 3: Self-Love
  • WEEK 4: Body Wisdom
  • WEEK 5: Grounded Action
  • WEEK 6: Courage
  • WEEK 7: Sisterhood

Enrollment is now open until December 13.  

As we step into this New Year, I invite you to VISION.

Will you join me?

With love, Meredith



30 ways to heal a broken heart

relationships-break-up-brokenheart-yin yoga

In the last few weeks, I have been meeting more and more people going through a break-up.

Many of my yoga students and close friends of mine have been letting go of their relationships.  With the recent autumn equinox, I've seen it is a cosmic time of letting go.

An astrologer once told me a break-up happens when you are no longer able to fulfill your purpose while in the relationship.  If somehow the relationship has been preventing you from living as your most true and authentic self, the planets align to end it.

A break-up creates the space for you to fulfill your sacred contract with life.  {tweet it}

There is something comforting to know that as difficult as it is to go through it, that there is something so much greater on the other side:  Living as your highest self.

I've been thinking back to my own break-ups, and what has gotten me through those difficult times.  I remember those were the hardest times for me to take care of myself, but that was actually what helped me through it the most.

So, whether or not you are letting go of something or someone in your life, I created this list of 30 ways to take care of yourself as a reminder to come back to basics, and the small daily actions to remember the love you can have for and with yourself.

30 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Now

  • Use essential oils, I have a diffuser in my house and it changes my whole state when the room smells like wild orange or lavender
  • Make your bed luxurious and comfortable – buy nice sheets, pillows, plants, and a nice mattress
  • Meditate for the love of it, not because you have to, but because you want to.  This means doing what is enjoyable to you - try pranayama, writing, saying affirmations, or drinking warm tea while you sit down in silence.
  • Keep crystals around your house to surround yourself with beauty
  • Do a tarot reading
  • Do yoga – this is an obvious one, but so many of us avoid yoga because we don't want to feel the difficult emotions we are going through.  However, feeling them is the way we can move through them.  Try a few yoga poses at home to ease back into it.
  • Turn off technology by 8 pm.  Create space to ease into sleep.
  • Make a vision board
  • Ask a girlfriend to hang out.  Take initiative with your friends.  Tell them what you're going through.
  • Invest in yourself.  Take that new yoga class, or get the massage you've been putting off.
  • Buy a box of raspberries.  Raspberries for me, feel like the most luxurious purchase.  It is expensive compared to other fruit at 5 or 6 dollars a box, but ultimately 6 dollars for a luxurious afternoon eating raspberries is worth it.
  • Buy flowers for yourself, for no reason.
  • Drink your favorite tea.
  • Use a hot water bottle.  This is a great comfort item, to have something warm with you in bed, and is also good for cramps.
  • Journal.  Try "morning pages" from The Artist’s Way.  Write three pages each morning on anything - just let it all out on the paper.
  • Give yourself a pedicure.  Wash your feet in the sink.  Put on nice lotion and paint your nails.
  • Take an Epsom salt bath.  This relaxes and soothes the muscles while removing toxins from the skin.
  • Be generous.  Take a girlfriend out for tea or make dinner for someone.  Giving takes the mind away from ourselves to come into a space of giving back.
  • Be creative.  Make a card, a collage, or a drawing.
  • Rub body butter over your body while reading the affirmations.  Try the affirmation, "I am healing my past easily and naturally now."
  • Buy something fun and new, and this doesn’t have to be expensive.  I was in Mexico last year and I bought a couple $1 woven bracelets.  They were bright and beautiful and brought me so much joy.  When I went home, I gave them to 6 friends.
  • Declutter your life.  Let go of the things you don't need.  Sell and give away things you don’t use.
  • Keep your home tidy and clean.
  • Surround yourself with plants.
  • Learn something new.  (Try picking up a new instrument and taking lessons!)
  • Write a list of your strengths.  Then ask other people what they think your strengths are.
  • Write a list of things your grateful for.
  • SING.
  • DANCE.
  • Create a new vision for yourself – write it down and read it every day.

PS.  Tonight I am back to teaching Yin Yoga at the dhyana Center in Sebastopol at 7:45 pm.  Tonight's theme is "Release Fear, Cultivate Wisdom."  If you would like to join us, click here for details.  


The Missing Link I See in So Many Relationships

relationships-meditation-self love

A few weeks ago I had a client tell me about her relationship.  "He's stuck.  He's not moving forward.  I think he's afraid of change." 

I listened and asked, "Is there anywhere in your life you feel stuck or not moving forward?  Is there anywhere you are not facing your fears because of what might change?"

She replied, "Yes, I think so..." and went on to tell me about it.

Our relationships are a reflection of what we need to see in ourselves.

When things aren't going our way it is much easier to look for what's not working outside of ourselves instead of looking within.

I shared with her about a time when I felt something was "lacking" in my relationship.  I was earning less than I knew I needed to at that time, and put my stress on him.  I thought, "You should make more money to fix this problem!"  I realized I needed to look at what was lacking in myself.

I know it's hard to make that step...  I was afraid, and didn't know where to start.  That's when I decided to enroll at IIN, commit to healing my blocks around money and take a closer look at my finances.  That was when everything began to change.

Whenever you feel you are not "getting" something you need in your relationship, take a moment to ask, "What am I not giving to myself?" 

A practice that has been so valuable for me to love myself first (rather than waiting for love and approval from the outside world) is metta meditation, or loving kindness practice.

This practice reminds me to fill myself up with my own love.  It reminds me to turn to my own heart and look within before placing blame or judgement on the outside world.  It reminds me to love myself first, and then send out love unconditionally to those around me.

The missing link I see, is simply self-love, and the willingness to look within ourselves, and find love there.

By loving ourselves first, we offer genuine love to others.  {tweet it}


You can learn all about the meditation in my next summer yoga video:  Loving Kindness Practice.  Watch it here:

With love, Meredith

Is technology a drain in your life? 4 tips to "digitally detox"

self love-detox-technology

A few months ago I was visiting New York, sitting in a cafe having a session with one of my clients.  She was sharing how she generally didn't have the time to take baths, read books, or fully unpack and move into her new apartment.  She was having trouble sleeping, woke up late and struggled to have a relaxed breakfast in the morning.

This is not an unusual problem - most of us are rushing out of the house in the morning, and struggle to find the time to read real paper books.

I asked her, "What are some activities you do in the hours after work and before bed?"  The answer included things such as checking her phone, watching youtube videos and shows on the internet.

Many of us don't realize how stimulating computer screens really are...but, have you ever been half asleep on the couch, ready for bed, then check your phone to put on your alarm clock and suddenly half an hour has passed while you are on instagram and you realize you are totally awake again?

I know I've been there.  But I've also realized the value in turning off my devices in order to reclaim more time and space in my life.

Just last weekend I devoted an entire day to a "digital detox".  My partner, Michael, and I turned off our cell phones and computers.  Without our computers or phones to distract us, we rediscovered:

  • The nature surrounding our house
  • Telling stories that we never heard from each other before
  • Singing and writing new songs
  • Cuddling

It was so refreshing to have one whole day to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect to my immediate surroundings.

What would you do if you had a day with no technology?

Would you take out the sketchbook gathering dust in your closet?  Go on that bike ride you've been meaning to go on for ages?  Or what about taking out one of those unused recipe books to cook a delicious new meal?

Here are four tips to "digitally detox' on a daily basis:

1. Get a real alarm clock with soothing nature sounds.  When your phone is your alarm clock, it is the last thing you see before bed and the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning.  There is a huge temptation to check your emails, facebook or instagram any time you look at your phone.  So why not avoid the time drain and turn off your phone at a reasonable hour?  I bought an alarm clock a few months ago and now start my day to the sound of running water.  It's been a huge shift in my life to save the energy I would have drained looking at my phone.

2. Install flux on your computer for the occasional night time use.  Download this software to save your eyes when you do have to look at your screen after dark.  It syncs with your location to change the color tone of your computer screen after sunset.  Instead of staring at a glaring white screen, you'll be looking at candlelight tones and avoid overstimulating your eyes.

3. Check email for only 30 minutes twice a day and commit to writing back to the emails you open right away. (instead of constantly checking your phone as new emails come in) This is pretty straightforward.  Set aside time to sit down and check your emails.  Put a timer on to give yourself thirty minutes to be fully present with the emails, write back to each one you open, and then log out to focus on other work.

4. Turn off all devices - computers and cell phones by 8 pm.  (Or at least two hours before you plan to go to bed)  Give your body a break from technology to wind down in the evening.  When you turn off computers and phones, your body will be able to tune to the natural energies surrounding you such as - the sun setting and fall asleep more easily.

When you try these tips, you may notice you suddenly have the time to: 

  • Take a bath
  • Wake up fresh and early and have enough time to make breakfast and eat it at home (as opposed to the car)
  • Clean and organize your home
  • Read books
  • Connect with someone you love
  • Fall asleep easier and sleep through the night.

For more tips, dowunload my 4-Day Self Care Reset.  

Is technology a drain in your life?  What activities would you do that you haven't had the "time" for?  Try these digital detox tips and let me know how they turn out!  I'd love to hear from you in the comments below...

With love, Meredith


About the Author:

Meredith Rom empowers women to access self-love and divine feminine wisdom through yoga, coaching, and writing.



How I started earning more money doing what I love (and other insights on manifestation)

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This past January I participated in a potent Vision meditation practice for 40 days. Every day I did this practice consisting of meditation, pranayama, chanting, mantra, mudra and quite literally, standing up to declare my heart's vision.

So what is a vision? And what was I saying everyday?

A vision is a written and spoken intention of your highest self.  It is written and spoken in the present tense to tune yourself to this highest power and start living the vision.

Here are some lines from my vision:

  • I am financially independent.  I am earning my living through doing what I love: teaching yoga and health coaching
  • I am participating in female mentorship and collaboration
  • I am fulfilling my soul's purpose
  • I am teaching others to rest, align, and love themselves first
  • I am breaking through my blocks and fears to have an amazing 6 month program for my clients
  • I am an inspiration to everyone around me
  • I am touching the lives of more people through my teachings

Every day I stood up and read my heart vision out loud.  It is a powerful practice to imagine your future self and then voice that intention in the present tense, every day, for 40 consecutive days.

So what happened after 40 days?

  • My yoga schedule shifted: I was asked to teach a new class with higher attendance
  • My other yoga classes started having higher attendance
  • I had a phone call with a female mentor I admire
  • New female mentors in my life appeared.  Wise older female yoga teachers became accessible to me where I live
  • I brought in $500 more per month through doing what I love: yoga and health coaching

And the biggest thing that happened on day 40 of the practice:

  • 15 people directly told me "You are an inspiration!" or "You inspire me!" These came through comments on facebook, messages, emails and text messages for a variety of different reasons all on the same day - the last day of my heart vision practice. One source was from this facebook Post 

I couldn't believe it. 15 people from all directions telling me the exact words I used in my vision practice??

What I realized from all of this was that I was tuning my energy to become what I was saying.  Every morning when I said, "I am an inspiration to everyone around me," my actions were guided throughout the day.  I was subconsciously choosing to speak from a place of guidance and live from my heart.  I was listening to my intuition and the posts I made on social media were inspiring others.

When you consistently imagine your highest vision for yourself, you begin to believe it and become it. {tweet it}

Needless to say, I am a strong believer in holding a vision and having a consistent practice to manifest that vision.

It can create dramatic change in your life to shift your thoughts.  You will start receiving the guidance you need to reach your goals.   You will suddenly be in the right place at the right time.  You will find yourself sitting next to just the right person you need to meet.  Ideas will drop into your mind and you won't know where they came from!

So, if you are curious about manfestation, and want to hear more about my 40 day practice, be sure to sign up for my free teleseminar tomorrow night at 6 pm pacific for "Magic," the first class in a series of 3 free phone calls.  You'll learn my top 3 tips for a manifestation, 6 key steps for a manifestation practice, and a group guided meditation.

You'll also be the first to hear about my upcoming group program where I will be teaching a 40 day practice for an intimate group of women to support each other in manifesting their vision.

I'd love to hear your stories of manifestation in the comments below...  Have you ever changed your thoughts and saw them manifest in your daily life?  If so, share your story!




6 secrets to a fulfilling love life


This month I am celebrating love.

With Valentine’s Day and my two-year anniversary in February, I am reflecting on what makes me feel fulfilled in my relationship.

Is it the dinner dates? Is it when he takes out the trash and I don’t even have to ask? Those things definitely bring happiness, but unfortunately, it doesn’t last forever. I’ve found fulfillment is something much deeper than fleeting happiness.

Fulfillment is about knowing what I want, believing I am worth it, loving myself utterly and completely before someone else even enters the picture and having the courage to own my vision and live my dreams.

I created this list to share the big lessons I have learned about true fulfillment when it comes to love:

1. I Learned to Love Myself First

Women are natural nurturers. We love to give. However, we need to nurture ourselves first so we don’t get burnt out. By loving ourselves first, we can be more present and have more energy to give to those we love.

The days I do my meditation and yoga practice, go for a run, take a long shower (or on a good day, a bath) and rub my favorite homemade cacao body butter over my body, are the days I literally emanate beauty. Those are the days my partner notices my shift in energy and showers me with love. Those are the days I live with ease and grace, I radiate positivity, and attract exactly what I need in my life.

When we take care of ourselves and love ourselves first, we align with the love of the universe and attract more love into our life.

2. I Figured Out What I Was Looking For, Then I Believed in it

I was longing for love for months before I reunited with my current partner. I was healing from heartbreak, and despite my grief, I knew I would be with a man who also longed for the commitment and the spiritual growth I was seeking.

As a New Year resolution, I wrote out what I wanted and believed it was possible. “I see myself in a loving, committed relationship with an attractive, ambitious, and spiritual man. He is someone who nurtures and supports me, while giving me freedom to grow my wings.”

Just one month later, magically, at Amma’s devi bhava celebration, I found myself reunited with a man I had met (and adored) years earlier. After a year of traveling, it just so happened we were living in the same city again.

So often we yearn for love, but when it comes to specifics, we don’t know the first thing we are looking for. I learned to first figure out the “what,” then imagined the feeling and qualities of that person surrounding me.

3. I Listened to My Intuition

This is key to honoring ourselves, being in the right place at the right time, and deepening a connection with a person you are already with. I followed my intuition to leave a relationship that was not honoring me, and six months later was with that attractive, ambitious and spiritual man who adored me.

So many times I learned to honor my soul’s wisdom, listen to the dreams in my sleep and that little voice that knew what choices to make. By creating space in my life for meditation and yogic practices that strengthened my intuition, I created work for myself that honors my heart, and found a relationship that honors my worth.

4. I Learned to Ask For What I Want

When we know how we want to be loved, we have to ask for it! I have a friend who wanted to receive beautifully written cards from her beloved. All she wanted for her anniversary or birthday was a hand written card or notes from him around the house. As every special holiday or anniversary came and passed, there was no card, and no notes, and she was left disappointed. However, she never told her partner she wanted a card or a note!

We can’t expect the people we love to know exactly what we want. When we ask for what we want, we empower others to fulfill our request.

On my anniversary this month I woke up and knew exactly what I wanted: a vegan banana pancake breakfast served in bed with a serenade from my partner. He was happy to fulfill my request and it was an unforgettable way to start the day. Over the years, it has become less scary for me to ask for exactly what I want, and I’ve realized it is an essential step to living my dreams.

5. I Learned to Lead By Example

This is so key to not just having a fulfilling love life, but to having a fulfilling life. When I first started living with my partner and was unemployed, I wanted my partner to earn more money and take care of me financially. Then I realized my desires for my partner were a reflection of what I wanted for myself. I wanted to make more money and find fulfilling work, but I was putting it on him to do it for me. I saw it would be a lot better use of my time to focus on myself, rather than trying to change my partner.

When we want our partner to change, we can see it as a reflection of something we want to change in ourselves. People don’t change because someone wants them to. People change because they are inspired to.

I took charge of my finances, started school, and in addition to teaching yoga, took on clients as a health coach. The funny thing is, as I focused on my business, and myself my partner started making more money as well.

We think the problem is outside of ourselves, when in reality there is always a next step we can take in our own life right now, to bring us closer to what we want. By owning our desires, we can watch our money (and our love life) prosper.

6. I Learned to Initiate Communication

Whenever I came to a spot where I could tell my partner was upset, but did not want to talk, I learned how to initiate communication.

I used the exercise “Acknowledgment and Request” from Terces and Matthew Engelhart, founders of Café Gratitude. It can be used not only in love relationships, but also in work relationships, family relationships, and friendships.

Simply ask: “Do you have anything you want to be acknowledged for?”

Your partner may be thrown off for a minute, but be patient, and listen intently. When your partner responds, ask, “Is there anything else?”

Continue asking, “Is there anything else?” until your partner has nothing else they would like to be acknowledged for. Repeat back and acknowledge your partner for everything he or she brought up.

When you finish ask, “Now, do you have any requests?”

Listen to each of the requests and then repeat back each one, saying you will do your very best to honor them.

This simple exercise has opened the doors of communication for my relationship so many times.

It’s too easy to forget to acknowledge the person I love and appreciate most in my life. Being acknowledged is kind of like hearing “I love you.” We need to hear it more than once to maintain a constant level of connection and appreciation.

I’ve learned love isn’t something I can force. However, I can focus on my own fulfillment, my heart, and myself. I’ve learned love will find me there.

This article was also published on Elephant Journal !