Weekly Yoga Class in Sebastopol

Sunday Sadhana Flow

A strengthening & heart opening practice

Sunday mornings ~ 9:15 am - 10:45 am at the dhyana Center | 186 N. Main St, Sebastopol, CA | Upstairs

$20 drop-in or class packages available at dhyanacenter.com

New Weekly Yoga Class in Petaluma

Yin Restorative Yoga Coming Soon ~ June 17th

Monday nights ~ 7:15 - 8:30 pm at The Luma Center | 616 Petaluma Boulevard North, Petaluma, CA

$18 drop in or class cards available at thelumacenter.com

Signature Yoga Classes


Yin & Restorative Yoga

Cultivate self-love while balancing the meridian system through a deeply meditative practice. Yin yoga postures are held for an extended period of time, creating the space to explore compassion and acceptance on the physical and energetic level. The long held passive Yin poses lubricate the joints and connective tissues of the body, balance the meridians, and invite deep relaxation. Awareness, compassion, crystal singing bowls and singing with the harmonium will be woven throughout the class to invite a state of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Yin Vinyasa

The first half of the class will focus on a smooth and flowing movement between yoga poses attuned to the breath.  The second half will wind down to seated floor postures to introduce the deeply meditative practice of yin yoga.  In yin yoga, postures are held for an extended period of time for a deeper stretch.  The passive Yin poses lubricate the joints and connective tissues of the body, balance the meridians, and invite deep relaxation. Awareness, compassion, and pranayama will be woven throughout the class to invite a deep state of rejuvenation.  Modifications are always offered to make asanas more approachable for a student at any level.


Open Heart Flow

Leave feeling more expansive, compassionate, and connected to the heart in this strengthening Hatha yoga practice. This class brings focus to yoga principles of alignment, breath awareness and chanting with the harmonium. Modifications will be offered to make poses approachable for a student at any level.


"With her warm and confident teaching style, Meredith finds a way to make everyone feel at home while also inviting them to push and explore their edge. After a weeklong retreat led by Meredith, I found a deeper connection to myself and my practice."  ~ Julie B., Brooklyn, NY


Professional Yoga Bio

Meredith creates a nurturing atmosphere while challenging her students to strengthen their body, open their heart, and feel their emotions. She speaks with authenticity from her lived experience and makes the practices of yoga pertinent to everyday life.

Her classes have an emphasis on biomechanics, alignment, and embodied flow. She believes it’s in the willingness to go into the places of discomfort that we find the most growth, and it is through the body that we discover our intuition, our body’s wisdom that will guide us to the most aligned next step on our path. She empowers her students with graceful alignment cues, meditation techniques, singing with the harmonium and the invitation to hold themselves with compassion in each moment.

She is also the host of the Rising Women Leaders podcast, spiritual women’s leadership coach and author of the book, “Just Be.” Learn more at http://meredithrom.com


"Meredith’s classes are an interweaving of personal inquiry and physical practice. She has a way of luring me quite deep in exploration of my mental, emotional, and physical states, while helping me build trust in myself as a safe container for that exploration to happen.  She has a deep knowledge of yoga philosophy and asana, and she’s also a lifelong student – I love that she brings so much of her personal practice into her classes to share. I trust her teachings both because of her expertise and because of her courageous willingness to be vulnerable. She helps me dive more lovingly and wisely into my human being, and for that, I am ever grateful!”

- Rebecca Adams, Yoga Tree, San Francisco, CA


Being on retreat with Meredith was a wonderful experience - Meredith weaves together a diverse background which allows her to curate each class to the moment, group and intention. Meredith's energy feels deeply grounded, sweet, and from the heart. 

~ Leah, YOGASCAPES Retreat Coordinator, Berkeley, CA

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Private Yoga

I’ve taught yoga and meditation in everywhere from people’s homes to yoga studios to corporate offices, and hospitals. I’m available for private classes at the rates below:

60 min private ~ $100 | 90 min private ~ $150

International Retreats

Here are the most recent retreats I’ve led abroad:

2018 ~ The Power of Love Umbria Yoga Retreat in Perugia, Italy in collaboration with Yogascapes

2016 ~ The Rising Women Leaders Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

Yoga and Meditation Trainings

Last year I was honored to join Spencer Sherman of Abacus Wealth Partners to create

Mindful Based Stress Reduction Program in Sebastopol, CA

Upcoming Events and class schedule

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"Meredith is a genuine seeker of Spirit and of what is most essential in life.   Through her multifaceted talents she shares, with courage and sweetness, what she has learned on her path so that others may be inspired and empowered."  

~ Damiana Carpizo, Yogini & Bodyworker     


I am available to teach classes in Sebastopol, Petaluma, Occidental, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.

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