Thank you to all my clients and students - past, present and future for your trust in me and your willingness to face your fears and be a beacon of light in this world.
— Meredith


 ~  Sarah Kate , Herbal Educator  at    The Great Kosmic Kitchen ,  Sebastopol, CA

~ Sarah Kate, Herbal Educator  at  The Great Kosmic Kitchen, Sebastopol, CA

"With Meredith's support, our herbal cookbook got printed, our first print run sold out and we are in the midst of our first online herbal cooking program with 30 students!"

I loved having coaching calls with Meredith because I felt like she made everything feel so simple. She takes the stress and worry out of “what to do next,” and outline simple steps to make it happen. I remember getting off every call feeling full of new energy and motivated to work towards the next step. 

I have the  confidence to move forward and step into my dreams.

The support Meredith provided me was really important in feeling like I actually could do the things I want to do. She was always there to give advice, talk through something and give simple tools to guide me to the next level. 

I now see that my community wants to support my efforts and my gifts.   Having support and  accountability  are such important tools when you're wanting to stretch  beyond your comfort zone. I appreciated Meredith's unique experience with being an  entrepreneur while staying true to self care and nourishment on many levels. The way she leads her life is rather inspiring.

Though it was tight for me to sign up for the coaching program I'm so glad I did because through Meredith's support I've made back that investment three-fold! 

 ~ Devon Loftus,  Moon Cycle Bakery

~ Devon Loftus, Moon Cycle Bakery

"I'm now experiencing SO much more self-acceptance, more creativity + love in my life, more surrender, trust + faith in the universe, synchronicities, connections, messages + intuition."

I reached out to Meredith at a time in my life where I was tired of being afraid and letting fear  run my reality. I wanted to find that self-acceptance and belief in myself that I could succeed and would succeed. That feeling that I knew was deep inside. I was speaking with my close friend and she spoke of a wonderful woman who could put you at ease simply by the sound of her voice + I knew I needed to talk with her, too. That wonderful woman was Meredith :) 

I loved the space Meredith held. I felt that I could talk about anything and everything, bare every emotion + judgement + fear and that I would never be shamed for it. I also loved having an accountability partner. It helped immensely knowing that someone I trusted + someone that cared for me wanted me to succeed and was helping in overseeing that.

The coaching materials were like little roadmaps. Whenever I felt like I didn't know where to turn to next, the materials brought me back on course + reminded me that everything was doable.

Coaching has opened me up to believe in myself. It's helped me realize that I am capable of creating anything I desire. That I deserve it + that there is so much waiting for me. It's also given me the tools to take my dreams and creations and turn them into a successful business and joyful life. 

  ~ Theres Guggenbühl,   Yoga Teacher and Designer at   Anjali Yoga Dance ,  Zurich, Switzerland

~ Theres Guggenbühl,  Yoga Teacher and Designer at Anjali Yoga Dance, Zurich, Switzerland

"Working with Meredith was life changing."

When I found her  website, I  read all her  blog posts on one weekend.  After that, I knew I had to work with her in one way or another.

At the time, I was exhausted, had a weak immune system, a very painful and intensive menstruation and I didn’t feel well in my body. I felt stuck in my professional and personal life. My calling didn’t inspire me anymore. I was scared to share my voice.

Meredith was always very kind and understanding and at the same time pushed me enough so I was able to make great change in my life. The program was very organized and covered everything I had to work on. At the same time, she always focused on the things that were the most important for me at that moment and didn’t just try to apply a cookie cutter system on my life.

Now, I am much healthier and stronger. My body is glowing and I get compliments all the time.

I am much more confident in offering what I have to share with the world and because of that I have increased my income significantly.

My life is really great now.  I am healthy, successful and happy.    My whole life has changed completely. I was able to leave an unhealthy relationship and concentrate on my self-care and wellbeing while focusing on my purpose and business.

 ~  Meli Lehua,  Hawaii

~ Meli Lehua, Hawaii

"Since working with Meredith, I have been feeling clarity, compassion and grace. I'm so happy in a way I've longed to embrace..."

I contacted Meredith when I reached a point in my growth in which I desired for a deeper connection with my self and my inner truth. I felt like I needed to take the next step I was open to learning methods to heal my need to contact my intuition and also gain the strength to live my passions.

I started listening to my internal dialogue and noticed a desire to get better at graphic arts, write, and take the turn to develop my ideas and put them   into action steps.  I now feel a greater willingness to share my gifts without self-doubt.

Since this program,  I've been recommending Meredith to all my friends and sharing little pieces of my experiences with them.

 ~  Rose Denicola ,  Massage Therapist at  , Sebastopol, CA

~ Rose Denicola,  Massage Therapist at, Sebastopol, CA

I appreciate how Meredith creates space to bring out my honest and inspiring voice.   

 She holds me accountable to work that I would otherwise be doing mainly on my own. I like all the inquiring and beautiful questions her coaching materials and handouts have   asked from me;  they   are very holistic and constructive to support and prioritize all aspects of my life.

Meredith has challenged me to express myself in ways that I might not have considered before.  I am now feeling more confident in my practice and vision.

 ~  Amy Winzer ,  Potter Valley, CA

~ Amy Winzer,  Potter Valley, CA

"I feel more confident, less in my head and more joyful to share what I have to offer."

I have benefitted so much from feeling the support and community of magnificent women in her programs.  I’ve received so many ideas for my own personal practice and classes through meditation techniques and approaches to asana.  I feel safe to come as I am and always feel so nourished by the end of the calls.  I would describe Meredith as an inspiring, dream-manifester, grounded and honest, so kind and heartfelt.

 ~  Alexandra Freitas , Yoga Teacher and Doula,  Portland Oregon

~ Alexandra Freitas, Yoga Teacher and Doula,  Portland Oregon

"Now, the fear of what other people may think of me has become less important than speaking my truth."

I used to think what I had to share with people was not important or that I would say something wrong. I was afraid of public speaking and how people saw me.  Meredith has held the space for me to face my fears with love and compassion.

 ~ Jasmine Amara, CA, Photographer at

~ Jasmine Amara, CA, Photographer at

"I loved Meredith's genuine belief in me, her constant encouragement and light gave me inspiration to move forward."

When I joined Meredith’s program, I was looking to learn organizational skills, to expand my business, create more income for myself and to gain more confidence in my work.  

I left with confidence, sisterhood, improvements on my website and a new belief in a thriving business.

This program was so powerful.   It proved to me that manifestation is real.  I moved on from an ex-partner and shifted into loving myself more fully.   I am grateful for the time I shared with the group and will take the teachings I have learned into my personal practice for years to come.

 ~ Karen Prosen, Hypnotherapist and Coach at

~ Karen Prosen, Hypnotherapist and Coach at

"I was immediately inspired by Meredith's bravery and authenticity." 

Before I joined this program I was working at a job that I hated and I had a lot of fear about my gifts. I was preoccupied with worry about my finances and felt disconnected from my truth.  What I liked most about working with Meredith was how she helped shift my perspectives when I was talking down to myself.   She provided resources, tools and exercises that supported me in maintaining what I actually wanted.  I quit my draining job, I met my income goal in my hypnotherapy practice, and I launched my website to support women all over the world in healing their relationships to food.

This program has shown me that with a little support, I can meet goals that used to scare me.   I can actually accomplish what is in my heart’s desire.   Meredith also taught me a 40-Day meditation practice that I brought into my life right away.  My vision came true so rapidly!! I loved the structure and the outline of it. It made my mornings magical!  Throughout the program, I found my for-now-dream-home, attracted clients, met my income goals, started painting and hiking more, and prayed daily for my grandmother.  It was a special experience, very close to my heart and very inspiring.

 Elise C.  Siegel, Theta Medicine & Visionary Performing Artist  at     Alkhemystic

Elise C.  Siegel, Theta Medicine & Visionary Performing Artist  at   Alkhemystic

"Meredith is a powerhouse! Her wisdom & coaching and presence was invaluable. She cared deeply about my success."

I came to Meredith because I was feeling so called to start my business but felt totally lost when it came to the grounded, action-oriented steps.  I didn't know how to go from my ideas into having a real, physical offering.

Meredith’s Rising Women Leadersprogram felt so easy! Everything flowed with such perfection and grace in terms of how the course material built upon itself and integrated with our in-class process. 

Because of my work with Meredith I am now experiencing results!  I met all of my goals and more! I got exactly what I asked for.  I now know and have put into action the skills to promote and live my work.


This has been a revelation for me.   For a long time, I’ve felt called to offer my healing services & performance to the world but didn’t have the support to do so. This sisterhood has given me permission to break free of the final bonds of doubt in my ability to shine! I am graciously accepting my role now, and so filled with gratitude.

I would absolutely recommend working with her for those who are truly ready to commit.  They will find support and success.

 ~ Alison  Rasmussen, Yoga Teacher, Dancer  and Mom at

~ Alison  Rasmussen, Yoga Teacher, Dancer  and Mom at

"I now have so much opportunity in front of me.  I have the courage to go for it and I'm no longer letting myself get in the way."

I have gone from seriously doubting if I’d ever teach yoga to now having 5 weekly classes, teaching at the ballet school (a dream of mine as a dancer), and enrolling in school again. I think I’ve found myself in a position where there is now so much possibility for the future. I can’t believe how far I have come in less than a year. I’m just so much more aware of what is draining my energy and what is causing stress in my life. Just the power of knowing those triggers makes it so much easier to step back & breathe before reacting. I’m realizing how many of my fears are really just based in stories that I’ve told myself for years.

Meredith cultivates a warm, inviting, nonjudgmental environment to allow myself to feel whatever I may be feeling.  She has an uncanny ability to provide just the right resources that my soul is craving at that moment in order to understand that I am not alone and then develop the courage to challenge my fears.

Since working with Meredith, I feel the protective blocks I’ve put up for myself starting to melt away. I’m daring to take the steps that scare me and work past the inner voice that says “I’m not enough.” She has helped me take a look at my life holistically and identify where I can let go in order to create more ease and learn to nourish my whole being.

 ~ Hannah Choi, New York, NY

~ Hannah Choi, New York, NY

"Meredith asked me questions that made me rethink my life's potential.  She expanded my horizons, and taught me that possibilities truly are limitless."

At the time, I was struggling with physical and emotional issues that were keeping me from living a truly vibrant life.

Physically, I had been missing my period for about 11 months.  Even though I had visited a gynecologist and an acupuncturist, the issue was unresolved, which was unsettling for me. Emotionally, I was depressed and anxious.  Sometimes manifested through emotional eating, other times manifested through relentless negative and self-deprecating thoughts, it was a terrifying place to be.

Immediately, about one month after we began working together, my period returned, and I embarked on a journey to heal the rest of my mind, body, and soul. I really had no idea what to expect, I just felt like I needed her guidance to get through such a difficult point in my life.

Meredith is such a genuine, gentle soul. She was so easy to talk to, and gave the most helpful suggestions for everything I was going through. Her advice ranged from very simple meditation practices to calm my anxiety, to dietary suggestions/modifications to ease some physical upsets, and more. She was understanding of how much I was capable of doing myself, but still pushed me to challenge myself when she felt like I could do more.

A lot has changed in my life since I began working with Meredith.  Physically, I feel like my body has been finding its way back to a healthy rhythm, after years of abuse. Emotionally, I feel at peace and able to cope with life’s stressors. And spiritually, I feel connected to something bigger than myself.


And I’m very much looking forward to continuing on my life journey with the tools and wisdom I learned from working with such a gifted, amazing person.”

 ~ Juliana Louise, Designer, Denver, CO

~ Juliana Louise, Designer, Denver, CO

"Meredith is an enduring positive force in my life."

From everyday worries to more profound anxieties about work, school and relationships, she encourages me to approach challenges with an open mind and a relaxed attitude. Insightful and perceptive, she is quick to point out when my energy would best be channeled elsewhere when I expend too much of it on insignificant imperfections. Her holistic approach to wellness allows her to address issues concerning the body and the mind with an equal amount of confidence. 

She is an inspiration and constant reminder that only self-doubt can keep you from becoming the person you want to be and living the life you want to live.