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Ready to Live Your Vision? The Free Training is Here...

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Happy New Year!  I hope this holiday break provided an opportunity for you to rest and restore and get excited for 2016... I've been gearing up to lead my online course, Vision, for the third time since I first launched it in 2014.  Every time I lead this course I see amazing results in the women around creating a daily devotional practice and making courageous changes in their lives.

Vision is an 8-week online course that includes a 40-day meditation practice to help each woman create a meditation practice that is sustainable and enjoyable.

Enrollment will be open from January 19th to February 2nd and the course will run from February 3 to March 30, 2016.  

In the course, I release weekly content full with videos, handouts and audios on a new theme each week.  I have a facebook community and lead weekly group coaching calls in an intimate setting to create a feeling of sisterhood among the group.  I provide personal mentorship with the women in the program and even have some opportunities this year for one-on-one guidance and support.

This is a great opportunity to start the year off on the right foot with a daily practice of ritual, self-care, self-love as well as guidance on how to take grounded action and face your fears to manifest your deepest desires for 2016.

In honor of the New Year, I've created a free training called Live Your Vision that I would love you to be a part of!  The training includes 4 free videos as well as 8 daily actions to learn more about meditation, manifestation and a chance to see if you'd like to join us in the online course, Vision.

The free training begins in one week on Monday, January 11.  When you sign up, you will be sent a daily action to your inbox with all the free training materials. You'll also be notified of when Vision enrollment opens and be offered a chance to win a free spot in the course.

You can now join the free training here! With love, Meredith


Live Your Vision ~ New Teleclass

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Are you the kind of person who likes to get stuff done?

I know I am. When I have an idea, I spring into action.

But I've also seen if I try to push before I'm ready, whatever I do will feel like a struggle.

Over the last few months I have taken special care to achieve a balance between visioning and taking action, being courageous and also resting into self-love.

My desire is for you to take action and face your fears to manifest your dreams, but also to feel ease and grace throughout your days.  If this sounds appealing, then I designed this new teleclass just for you...

Live Your Vision As A Rising Woman Leader

In this 1-hour Teleclass Event I'll be sharing my 8 Spiritual and Practical Tools to: - Move Past Fear and Blocks - Tap into Intuition and Open to Guidance - Achieve Divine Balance to Manifest Your Dreams and Live Your Visions

I'll also be sharing more about how I found my voice and stepped into the role as a teacher and leader.

This class is perfect for you if: - You’re full with creative ideas and new projects - You feel a calling to give back and help others - You’re ready to share your voice - You want to feel vibrant and alive

It will be particularly helpful if: - You’ve had trouble fully expressing yourself - You’re feeling held back by fear or self-doubt - You want to implement a self-care routine to avoid burning out - You’re curious about teaching and running your own business OR - You would like to rise into new forms of leadership in your current career

Even if you can't make the live call, when you sign up you will receive the call recording and pdf design guide in your inbox the next day.

Sign up for the call details here.

With love,


My Deepest Desire

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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, "Am I really making a difference?" As artists and yogis it can be hard to see the impact we are creating when we don't always see tangible results from our efforts.

I began to question my efforts just last week when I was visiting my family in snowy Minnesota. I was visiting the town where my dad grew up, a place I have been going to every summer and Christmas since I was a young girl, near the Boundary Waters Canoe area in Ely, MN.

One day I went to visit my aunt at her cabin, and learned about the project she has spent the last year devoting herself to, Save the Boundary Waters. 

She formed the organization after learning about the planned mining in the watershed near the protected lands of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  Because of the flow of the waters, sulfide exposed from the mining has the potential to pollute the beautiful lakes, wilderness and protected lands of the Boundary Waters.

My grandfather started the largest canoe country outfitting business in the 1950's that would bring people into these beautiful, silent lands of the BWCA where motor boats were not allowed.  He played a big role in helping the Boundary Waters become protected land in the Wilderness Act of 1964.

Becky's desire to protect the lands inspired me.  From a passionate desire to save the land that is so close to her, she created an organization from nothing that now has access to a million dollars worth of grants, over 50,000 signatures on a petition to save the waters, several employees in the organization, and she has even started conversations with Barrack Obama's team at the White House to take action to protect the watershed from mining.  (If you'd like to sign the petition, you can do so here. )

Her story touched me because it showed me:

When there is something you are passionate about that is for the greater good of humanity, the universe will conspire with you to create a movement.

I left that day thinking about my business, and my mission, and really wanting to ask myself, "Why?  Why do I do what I do?  How am I making a difference?"

I sat down to think about my purpose, my mission and what I hope to accomplish in this life.  Through my inquiry, I wrote this piece:


My deepest desire is to awaken human consciousness from their sleeping state.

My deepest desire is for all beings to heal their emotional wounds and live with freedom and abundance.  I imagine a world where every human being loves themselves - their spirit and their body - exactly as they are.   When they do, the self-destruction stops and they understand acceptance and impermanence.
When people love and accept themselves, they release the need to take their anger out on others and their environment.

I believe how people treat their surroundings is a reflection of how they treat themselves.

I desire all beings to be free of fear so they realize they are creating their own reality.  I desire every being to believe in themselves and their highest potential, always.  I desire all beings to act in favor of their highest good and the highest good of the universe, always.
My desire is for every human to experience profound peace and total forgiveness.
I am teaching women to be divine feminine leaders and teachers to be the beacon of light that will raise the collective consciousness of the world.

When we raise the collective consciousness, there is no need for war, for greed, for violence, or for destroying the earth we walk on.  When every being is at peace with themselves, they are at peace with the world.

Desires disappear and the only desire left is to save the other suffering souls from destroying themselves and the planet.
We need to do our part.
Every time a woman takes a courageous act of self-love, she becomes an inspiration.  Her action ripples out to every person around her.
Every act of self-love ripples out into the universe.
Every act of courage ripples out into the universe.

We all need to live as our highest selves to make this earth a beautiful place to live.

There are still many people living in their story, their past, and their wounds.  I am here to show them how to weave a life of beauty, magic, and synchronicity.
When we start loving ourselves, facing our fears and living our purpose, we raise the collective consciousness.
We can all be enlightened beings, but no one can be left behind.
We all need to do our part.

Through my writing, I saw how important the work I am doing really is.  And even though it is not directly saving the land from pollution, it is making the world a better place to live.

So if you are out there, and have ever questioned your gifts and asked, "Am I really making a difference?"  Know that you are.  Through your presence, through how you treat yourself, through your actions, you are making a difference.  You are touching every person around you and in doing so, creating a ripple effect that will change the world.

It is time for women to step up into their role as leaders, to live by example, face their fears and fully love and believe in themselves.

It is time for the divine feminine to rise.

Will you join me in the movement?

Love, Meredith


About the author:

Meredith Rom is a spiritual activist who’s work has been empowering women since 2010. She helps women tap into self love and a life full of magic through her writing, coaching, and yoga retreats.




My secret to staying calm and getting stuff done.

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Last week I made the time to take a morning off and drive down to Marin to take a yoga class with my friend Tara. Afterwards we were eating lunch and I was telling her about all the things that were on my plate and what I was working on for VISION.  She looked at me and asked, "Meredith, how do you get so much done and still have the time to come meet me for yoga on a weekday??"

I thought about it, and remembered back to the time I was living in New York City and would sometimes spend 8+ hours a day in front of a computer.  I always felt like I was in a rush, behind schedule, and that there was never enough time to get everything done.  I had chronic headaches and jaw tension and began to see the link between spending so much time in front of the computer with my stress levels and the pain in my body.

Today, I work on my business 4 days a week, Monday through Thursday (during a program launch it may be more) and spend between two and four hours at the computer on a workday.  On Mondays I work on the marketing side of my business - writing blog posts and corresponding with administrative tasks, then I see clients in three timeslots over the phone Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. That's it.

In my free time I go to yoga classes, I take an hour and a half to make a delicious lunch and on Fridays I meet with girlfriends for tea, yoga, or I go to a cafe to write in my journal or to write the next chapters in my book.

My schedule may seem relaxed, but behind the scenes I am loving up my eight one-on-one clients, having client consultations over the phone and skype, and am putting tons of energy into enrolling my online group program.  I am also an active member of my local toastmasters chapter where I have to prepare 10 speeches over the next few months, I make time to lead workshops and one-day retreats, I create teleclasses, I show up for biweekly meetings with my mastermind group, oh and I teach yoga classes!

Because I am so sensitive to spending too much time on the computer, I know I need to focus in order to make the most of my time and actually get things done.  

Here are a few of my secrets:

I Start My Day With A Run

I've been working to raise up the heat levels in my body (I'm generally very cold) so I have been doing more cardio exercise.  In the last month, 2-3 days a week I will wake up, grab my ipod and go outside for a run.  It takes 30 minutes out of my day, I run down the road outside my house for one mile and run or walk the mile back.  Starting the day with the fresh air and moving my body energizes me for the rest of the day and connects me to my intuition and priorities.

I feel more focused and productive from the start.

I Eat More Protein

Since I started my business I have had to learn how to hustle and feed my body in the best way to provide me with the energy I need.  I remember being in nutrition school and listening to founder Joshua Rosenthall share about how he started his nutrition school.  He ate a macrobiotic diet for most of his life, and then when he was creating his school, he actually started eating more protein and occasional meat at that time.

He was building an empire, and his body needed more protein to push through.  As I have been creating my online program and enrolling for it, I have been feeding my body more protein - sunflower seeds, kale, fish, tempeh, beans, and most recently bone broth.  Having this extra protein in my diet gives me the energy and sustenance to BUILD all I want to create.

I Ask For Support 

Last Monday I sat down with my partner and said, "Michael, for the next two weeks I need your support.

I am going to put EVERYTHING into enrolling for this program, because it is so important to me that these values and teachings reach more women.  

Just for these two weeks, I need more support.  I am not going to be doing the laundry, tidying up the house, making meals or doing the dishes as much as I usually do.  

I need to devote my time and energy into my business right now and I am asking that you step up and support me during this time."  Michael saw how important it was for me to step up for myself, my business and the women who will be joining me in my program, so he gladly said, "Yes, I'm here to help." 

I Take Baths 

Now, more than ever, I see the importance of my own self-care.  I know I can't be telling my clients to go to yoga, take baths, or take time to cook organic homemade meals if I am not doing it myself.

Every time I take a bath or do something loving for myself, I think of the women I teach and know that I am a living example of my teachings.

Every time I take a bath, I feel any stress from the day melt off my body and I sleep more soundly through the night.

I Meditate

Meditation is my time to connect to my WHY.  Why am I doing what I am doing?  Why is it important for me to reach out to these women?  Why is it important for me to create this program?

When I connected to my mission in this life, I realized, "There is no time to waste."

I need to show up for myself, because I care so deeply about teaching women how to step into courage and self-love to honor their bodies and live their passions.  I feel it is so important to join together in sisterhood to gain the strength for us all to elevate the consciousness of the world.

When I remember that, I push through my fears and blocks and get things done.  In VISION I will be teaching my personal meditation practice for manifestation, and we will be supporting each other through 40-days of daily devotion and meditation.

I Follow Time Mastery Tools 

I work with a number of tools including batching and bookending that allow me to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.  I use spreadsheets, I have financial tracking systems in place, and I use an online scheduler.

Being efficient with my time has been KEY to getting things done without wasting time at the computer.

In VISION I will be teaching the tools I use as part of the week on "Grounded Action."  We will be taking our dreams and visions, and actually putting them in the calendar.  We are going to create a roadmap of the entire year ahead.

I Created My Ideal Schedule 

"You are the owner of your time and you choose how to spend it."  When I learned this statement at the Live Free retreat I attended in October, I took the time to sit down and map out everything that needs to happen in my week.  I created my personal and business goals for the year and then I put them into my weekly schedule so I knew my goals and ambitions would have the spaciousness in my schedule to actually happen.

In manifestation, we sometimes think we can just wait for everything to come to us, when in reality we need to take action.

I will be guiding the women in VISION to create their ideal weekly schedule to find the time to "fit it all in."

If you are ready to step up for yourself and be held accountable for making your dreams a reality this year, I invite you to join VISION.

It is time to step up, face your fears and take action towards your dreams.

There are 4.5 days left to enroll, and only a few spots available.  If you are ready to take grounded actions toward your visions, and honor your body and spirit in the process, I highly recommend you join us. 

Deep down you know if this is the right next step for you to take.  Don't waste any time and miss this opportunity, enroll now. 

Love, Meredith

P.S. On Wednesday night I am leading a Storytime Q&A teleclass.  You can ask me ANYTHING - questions about how I run my business, how I make time for it all, questions about VISION, my meditation practice, etc.  I will be sharing a few personal stories of synchronicity and manifestation - how I fell in love, how I found my home, and how I created relationships to take my career to the next level.  You can sign up and submit a question in advance here.  All sign ups will be sent a recording the following day.  See you there!



About the Author:

Meredith Rom helps women find the balance between divine feminine and masculine energy to manifest their dreams and live their visions.  She helps women tap into self love and create a life full of magic through her writing, coaching, and yoga retreats.