072 | Live 2019 Fulfilled with Meredith Rom


Hello and welcome to a new year of Rising Women Leaders! We are nearing 4 years of being live and on the air and I want to take a moment to thank every single one of you being here and bringing so much meaning to my life and work through this podcast. Truly, it has been an honor to hold space for this podcast to be born, to learn from all the guests we have had, and to share it all with you. 

I thought I would start off the year with sharing my popular masterclass from last year all about how to live 2019 Fulfilled .

You’ll Learn:

  • Six Principles to tap into true fulfillment, peace and lasting joy 

  • A step by step process to align with your intentions for the new year, and how to take tangible steps to manifest them 

  • The most common forms of resistance and self-sabotage and how to work with them 

  • Secrets of the Queen archetype to harness your true potential 

  • An Insider’s look into my program beginning in Feb The Sovereign Circle 

This audio was taken from a live video class, so you’ll hear me interacting with others through the chat box.

This free class is a little taste of what I’ll be diving into with the women who will be joining me in this year’s The Sovereign Circle.  To sign up for a connection call explore this opportunity use this link: http://calendly.com/meredithrom/connection-call

This is a 9 month feminine leadership initiation program and high priestess sisterhood circle that begins on February 6th 2019. As of the time of sharing this episode there are only a couple spaces left, so if you’re interested in learning more visit risingwomenleaders.com for all the info. 

Love, Meredith