I’m Meredith, a visionary guide for your soul’s next evolution, whether that be in launching a new business, moving through a difficult transition or discovering how to feel best in your body.

My mission is to uplift, encourage and inspire awakening women and entrepreneurs to take courageous steps on the path of feminine leadership.

I love seeing a woman overcome her fears, shine at her brightest and use her voice to be a beacon of light for others to awaken.

I live in Sonoma County, California amidst the fields and redwoods with my husband Michael and our sweet cat, Quan Yin. I spend my days interviewing women for the Rising Women Leaders podcast, coaching dream clients and teaching yoga in my community and around the world. 


As a Business Coach and Soul Guide…

I support women entrepreneurs to Rise and Thrive to expand their impact and income while staying true to their life’s purpose and mission. Lately I've been really excited about supporting women in designing and launching their own programs and courses to spread their reach while honoring a feminine way of being and living - having a flexible schedule, location freedom, and the ability to scale their business.

When starting a business, launching a new offering, and allowing yourself to be seen, I know firsthand fear, self-doubt and blocks inevitably come up along the way. 

I’m here to guide you through those blocks, and to heal the parts that are putting the breaks on, so you can truly thrive and shine in your unique brilliance.


As a Yoga Teacher…

I support my students to open their heart, feel their emotions, and find alignment in their bodies.

I believe it’s in the willingness to go into the places of discomfort and hold ourselves with compassion that we find the most growth. And I believe it’s through the body where we discover our intuition, our body’s wisdom, that can guide us to the most aligned next step on our path. 

My yoga classes have an emphasis on biomechanics, alignment and the power of the heart. I invite my students into depth of feeling, self-love and compassion.

As a Podcast Host

I elevate women’s voices to awaken and inspire women rising on the path of feminine leadership. I believe it’s incredibly healing when a woman is witnessed in sharing her story, and it’s those stories that will uplift, encourage and inspire us all.


I’ve walked many paths and it hasn’t always been easy for me to stand in my power as a yoga teacher, coach and guide.

Ten years ago I studied at NYU and worked as a photographer and graphic designer in New York City…

It was a time when I often felt stressed, exhausted and began developing chronic pain in my body. I turned to alcohol, sugar and prescription pills to numb myself out from the intensity of that pain, not knowing where else to turn. Unfortunately my diet caused my skin to break out and I found myself struggling with low self-esteem.


The thought of being seen or sharing my voice terrified me, sometimes to the point where I would hide behind my hair.

When I finished school and simultaneously went through a difficult breakup, I was completely unsure of what to do next with my life.

Then I found yoga.

And it was there, I learned how to “Just be” with the full spectrum of my emotions just as they were. I can still remember lying in pigeon pose, going into the depths of sensations in my hip, and instead of running away from it or numbing out, I listened to the teacher and found my breath.

Through being with myself, my emotions and my life just as they were, through allowing my whole experience without trying to fix or change it, I discovered the quiet voice of my heart, my intuition, and I began dreaming up a new vision for my life.

Lying in savasana, I saw myself moving across the country to California. So at 22 I began to listen to the call of my heart…

I took a courageous leap.

I moved across the country to begin a new life in San Francisco. It was ten days after being in California that a man came up to me in a park and said, “I don’t know why I feel the need to tell you this, but I’m going to see a saint this weekend, an enlightened woman, and I have a feeling you’re supposed to go.” 

I listened.


That saint happened to be Amma, an Indian guru who travels around the world giving people hugs. My experience of meeting her, and the events that occurred afterwards led me to India where I lived for six months meditating, practicing yoga and studying with spiritual teachers.

Arriving home, I was guided to write my first book, Just Be: A Search for Self-Love in India.

Writing and publishing a book was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done (it took 7 years to go from an idea to publication), but it is still one of the dreams I have accomplished that I feel most proud of.


While writing my book, I was guided to start my business as a women’s leadership coach and yoga teacher where my teachings have now reached thousands.

I’ve taught yoga and led women’s leadership trainings and retreats in the US and internationally, most recently in Bali, Indonesia, and Umbria, Italy.

Over three years ago I started the Rising Women Leaders podcast where thousands of listeners now tune in every week.

I feel blessed to spend my days teaching and mentoring awakening women and entrepreneurs on the path of sharing their gifts and their voice. 

It would be an honor to connect with you, to hear your story and be of service to you on the next evolution of your soul’s growth.

  • You’re intuitive, sensitive and feel called to serve and uplift others but feel held back in being seen or sharing your voice

  • You’re called to run your own business (or may already be running one) but you’re lacking the clarity and confidence to execute on your vision

  • You’re on a spiritual path but sometimes feel lost or alone and would love the support and encouragement of a guide

  • You know what you have to give is of value but you struggle charging for and embodying your true worth

  • You have big dreams but are lacking the structure and accountability to manifest them

  • You feel drawn to the path of the Priestess, one who is here to serve, awaken and uplift others

  • You desire to let go of self-sacrifice and create a life that honors self-care and your natural rhythms and cycles

  • You long to connect to likeminded women on the path of spiritual awakening and entrepreneurship

  • You’re ready to let it be easy and embrace your feminine nature

  • I’m a Pisces sun, Leo moon and Scorpio rising in Western Astrology

  • After meeting my love Michael in 2010, we knew life was taking us in different directions. We completely let each other go, said goodbye and didn’t speak to or see each other for a year and a half. It was by pure coincidence we both found ourselves at Amma’s ashram in San Ramon, CA in 2011 and were reunited the moment Amma stepped out of her car and walked into the temple. In 2018 we married on the Autumn Equinox at a farm in Sebastopol, CA

  • I named my cat Quan Yin because she literally walked into my house the morning after I gave one of my best friends a huge statue of Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion

  • I’ve been a world traveler since I was a young girl, and have been to 6 out of 7 continents so far, including Antarctica

  • Even though I grew up outside New York City, I spent every summer and winter visiting the lakes of Northern Minnesota, where my father grew up

  • I’m a certified EFT & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and often use “tapping” to help my clients work on the subconscious level to heal trauma and powerfully reframe limiting beliefs

  • Sitting in sacred circle hearing other women share the truth of their heart is one of my absolute favorite places to be. I believe when a woman feels the support of her sisters behind her, she is able to rise higher than ever before

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Meredith Rom is a yoga teacher, author, women’s leadership coach and host of the Rising Women Leaders podcast. She helps feminine entrepreneurs step into the power of their voice and elevate their income and impact in their heart-centered businesses. Her mission is to see women shining at their brightest, owning their worth and using their voice to be a beacon of light for others to awaken in this world. After graduating from NYU she followed her intuition to Northern California where she now teaches yoga and mentors women to rise in courage, self-love and feminine leadership.  Learn more at and on instagram @risingwomenleaders.