Are you feeling out of alignment in your current life or career?  

I support women to connect to a love within to live free from fear, share their gifts and rise into leadership.

They learn to listen deeply to their intuition and develop the courage and self-love to begin their heroine's journey.


Together, we will clear away the blocks and find a delicate balance for you to take grounded action towards your dreams with compassion, ease and grace.

Dream Bigger .  Find Your Voice .  Share Your Gifts.

What Phase of Your Heroine's Journey Are You In?

I work with women at these pivotal stages of development in their life and work:

The Call to Adventure

Life is feeling pretty comfortable, yet somewhere deep inside your soul is yearning for more.  

You may be feeling stagnant in your health, relationships or career.  

You are ready to reconnect to your body’s wisdom and take a LEAP.  

You are ready to feel more alive, discover your unique gifts and give back at your highest in this life...


The Return with the Elixir 

You've taken a leap, started a business and are riding the waves of creative entrepreneurship.  

You have a deep desire to give back and make a difference in your spiritually-centered business.  

You're ready to take your mission to the next level.

You're ready to share your voice and your gifts on a bigger platform for the upliftment of all humanity...

My Coaching Program: The Odyssey, is a Total Lifestyle Makeover.

over 6 months You'll learn to:

...Refine Your Life's Highest Contribution and Service...


  • Goal Setting and Action plans
  • Body Wellness & Self-care
  • Finances & Relationship to Money
  • Business Development
  • Branding and Online Marketing
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Harnessing Focus 
  • Cultivating Courage 
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Living Your Visions
  • Rising into Leadership

One-on-one work includes:

  • Two coaching sessions per month  over the phone 
  • Individual email support 
  • Lifetime Access to the Rising Women Leaders Toolbox  including over 40 handouts  with guided exercises and life-changing information for you to dive into during the program
  • Surprise gifts along the way!

You'll also learn:

Morning Rituals

Ayurvedic Routines

Self-Care Practices

Delicious New Recipes

How to Write Your Transformation Story

How to Create Your Ideal Schedule 

Tips and Tools for Massive Productivity

How to Find Your WHY and your Ideal Audience

The Karmic Flow of Money & Abundance

Tools to Access Intuition 

Practices  to Release Jealousy & Comparison and Stay Focused on Your Message

Online Business Skills to Promote Your Offerings, Reach Your Ideal Clientele  and Build a Thriving Course or  One-on-One Practice

~ Sarah Kate, The Great Kosmic Kitchen

"With Meredith's support, our herbal cookbook got printed, our first print run sold out and we are in the midst of our first online herbal cooking program with 30 students!"

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