In Life & Work I Value:

I know how challenging it can be to navigate the path of growing a spiritual business.

I work with my clients to find the sweet spot of feminine & masculine balance: setting clear timelines and creating structure to increase their income, while also working on the level of the subconscious to heal what’s holding them back from stepping into greater visibility and honoring their innate worth.

DO you find yourself…

Burning out working on someone else’s dream?

Held back by fear or self-doubt?

Lacking the confidence to charge your worth?

Are you ready to…

Build a feminine and spiritual movement through your work?

Lead programs, retreats, and workshops in person and online
and have the structure and support to make it all happen?

Own your worth and live life on your own terms?

Invest in the support of an encouraging guide,
someone who has done it all before?

I support my clients to:

  • Step into deep alignment with their soul calling and heart’s truest path

  • Heal wounds of unworthiness and trauma to live from a place of freedom and self-trust

  • Earn an extra $3 - 10k per month within their first year

  • Use their voice with confidence to share their message 

  • Manifest their dream clients

  • Design their lifestyle and business in alignment with feminine values ~ ie. a flexible schedule, time for family, self-care, and spiritual practices 

  • Finally have the courage and blueprint to follow to get out there and do the work their heart has been calling out for them to do 

  • Help more people and make a bigger impact in their business because they finally have the time and freedom to focus on it!

It’s time to make the lasting impact your soul came here to make.

…let’s connect…

Book a Free 45 min Breakthrough Call 

This is a chance for us to get to know each other better and for you to take a step forward in growing your dream business: elevating your income, impact, and sense of freedom.


Together, we will clear away the blocks and find a delicate balance for you to take grounded action towards your dreams

Dream Bigger .  Find Your Voice .  Share Your Gifts.

~  Sarah Kate , Herbal Educator at   The Great Kosmic Kitchen   ,  Sebastopol, CA

~ Sarah Kate, Herbal Educator at The Great Kosmic Kitchen, Sebastopol, CA

"With Meredith's support, our herbal cookbook got printed, our first print run sold out and we are in the midst of our first online herbal cooking program with 30 students!"

I loved having coaching calls with Meredith because I felt like she made everything feel so simple. She takes the stress and worry out of “what to do next,” and outlines simple steps to make it happen. I remember getting off every call feeling full of new energy and motivated to work towards the next step. I have the  confidence to move forward and step into my dreams.

 I appreciated Meredith's unique experience with being an  entrepreneur while staying true to self care and nourishment on many levels. The way she leads her life is rather inspiring.

Though it was tight for me to sign up for the coaching program I'm so glad I did because through Meredith's support I've made back that investment three-fold! 

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