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A 7-month feminine leadership initiation & high priestess sisterhood

Begins October 4, 2017




My mission is to support women to create a foundation of love within and for themselves, to live beyond their fears, and truly share their greatest gifts with the world.

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My Book is Here!

After six years Just Be: A Search for Self-Love in India has finally arrived.

"At its heart, Just Be is the story of a young woman seeking a sense of purpose that moves her, quenching her thirst for adventure, and yearning to fully inhabit her body and soul.

That quest in itself makes the memoir a poignant read, but the discoveries and connections Rom makes along the way transcend twenty-something wanderlust and have the power to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds. Anyone with a curious mind and an open heart can find meaningful insights and delightful surprises in these pages." 

―Kimber Simpkins, author of Full and 52 Ways to Love Your Body

Do you have a dream you are ready to birth into the world?

When we connect to a vision larger than ourselves a lot  can prevent us from taking action:  fear, self-doubt, lack of clarity or support.    I'd be happy to chat with you more to identify the blocks and create an action plan for success...

Find Your Voice.  Share Your Gifts.  Lead from Your Heart.




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