What does yoga have to do with a good parking spot?


Last week I went to a networking event near the financial district of San Francisco.  If any of you have tried to find parking in San Francisco - you know it's not always easy.  My boyfriend and I found a spot 4 long blocks away from the bar where the event was being held, but it was getting cold, and there was a huge hill between where we were and where we were going.  I turned to him and said, "We're getting a better parking spot." 

I closed my eyes and asked the universe to provide us with a parking spot on the right side of the road right next to the bar, and sure enough, we found one, right in front of the bar.  I thanked my angels, and whoever else grants the divine parking spot gifts, and went into the event.

While I was there, I met a girl who was telling me about how she didn't like her current job.  Instead of hearing more about what she didn't like, I asked, "What does your ideal job look like?"

She rolled her eyes and replied, "Anything! Any job where I can go into work and have my own desk and a stable salary would be better than what I have now." 

I could just hear Marie Forleo in my head saying, "Three years in the future is going to come around whether you want it to or not, so why not consciously design it?  Take a look at your life and ask, are you living by design or by default?" 

Having a vision helps you know where you are going and what to ask for.  If you don't think and feel what it is you need, the universe won't know how to bring it to you. 

I asked her, "Do you know anything about manifestation?  About changing your thoughts to think positively and visualize what you really want and need in your life?" 

At first she looked confused and said, "No, not really."  But then she paused and said, "Unless you mean, like what I do when I am looking for a good parking spot... I used to only look for parking spots three blocks away from where I was going, then I finally realized, how will I ever get the parking spot I really want unless I show up to look for it?  That's when I started getting good parking spots." 

I said, "That's EXACTLY what I"m talking about!"  I laughed and pointed outside and said, "Look that's my car, right outside the bar!"

She laughed and said, "That's my car, right in front of yours!" 

In busy San Francisco, we managed to get the best parking spots exactly where we needed to be.

So often we avoid asking the universe for what we really want because we are afraid of rejection or disappointment.  But if you don't bother ASKING or GOING FOR IT then you never even give yourself or the universe the chance to make it happen!

So what does yoga have to do with a good parking spot?

Yoga clears away our thoughts, brings us into clarity about our intention, holds the space for us to ask for what we really want and opens us up to receive it.  Tweet it

I mean, how do you think I found all these four leaf clovers? 


So I'd love to know, where in YOUR life are you living by default?  What would it look like for you to consciously design your life the way you want it?

In order to get where we want to be in life, we need to get clear on what we want.  What is it you want?  What's holding you back from going for it?  I'd love to hear your thoughts below in the comments!

xoxo Meredith