Do You Have a Dream Gathering Dust?

Have you ever had a dream that just felt crazy to actually accomplish?

That’s how I felt five years ago when I was traveling in India and a friend of mine handed me a handwoven notebook and said, “Meredith, you’re going to write a book one day, and I got this for you to start.”

A book! The idea felt impossible, overwhelming, and also kind of scary.

But over the course of the 6 months I traveled in India by myself, the events that happened were almost too magical for me to not write a book.

So I began.

I wrote.  Then I stopped.

I moved through resistance but at one point it just got too hard and I stopped altogether.

Almost two years passed with my stories growing dust, just sitting on the desktop of my computer. 

Until one night I went to sleep and had a dream.

I found a book of a woman’s travels, and began flipping through the pages until I realized, this was supposed to be the book I wrote...and I hadn't done it yet.

The next morning, I recommitted. Even though I didn’t know how, I trusted I would be guided.

Three months later I was led to an editor who for a whole year and a half I sent 5,000 words to every two weeks.

Just a few months ago I finished.  I did it.  I finished writing the book.

I'm taking the steps forward in copyediting, design and printing, and next week have an exciting announcement on how you can experience the stories of synchronicity for yourself.

But I chose to share this story with you today to remind you, your dreams are still possible.

Maybe YOU have a book gathering dust on your desktop, or a far-off dream to travel to Europe, or drive across the country...

Maybe you've always wanted to quit your job, make a feature film, write poetry, give a talk, or lead a retreat... the list could go on.

What dream are you ready to recommit to?

It will probably take support, encouragement, and trusting in the universe to take your next step, but I know you can do it.

Trust in your divinely guided dreams and ambitions, even if they feel crazy to the rational mind.

I can speak from experience that you will be glad you did.

I'd love to hear what dream you are called to commit to in the comments below.

If you don't feel called to share now, I still invite you to share it with someone when you're ready. Think about who in your life may be able to offer you a little bit of support and encouragement. 

And stay tuned for my big announcement next week! 

With love,