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Honoring Mary Magdalene's Feast Day


You may or may not know but three years ago today Pope Francis declared this day as a Feast day for Mary Magdalene, honoring her role in Jesus’ life as “The Apostle of the Apostles.”

Many of you may only know of her as she was named by the Catholic Church long ago - as a prostitute or whore.

But the truth is she was Jesus’ beloved. She was his wife.

Mary was an absolute equal to Jesus in his ministry.

There came a time, in the first few centuries that the Bible was changed, and stories of powerful women were taken out of it.

And the Church didn’t want people to think that Jesus was human - that he had a beloved, instead they wanted to portray him as this divine being that could only be accessed through the Church.

That way they could keep the power. So any stories depicting Jesus as a partner, a beloved, a lover and husband to Mary, were removed.

They didn’t want you to think you could access the divine directly through your body.

Or that sexuality and love was not separate from the divine.

They wanted to be in control.

And a sure way to take away someone’s power, is to repress and shame them as a sexual being.

Sexuality is power. And it is not separate from the divine.

Mary is coming back to many now, midwifing a new paradigm where the divine feminine co-exists in unity with the divine masculine. She is reminding us to take back our own power - to access the divine from within ourselves, to lead and help others remember.

Do you feel a connection to her?

If so, you are probably here as one the many being called forth to restore balance in society.To restore balance of the sacred feminine.

Over the last few years as I’ve formed a relationship with her, and I’ve received messages such as:

  • Now is the time to share our voices. It is safe. It is our responsibility to speak up, teach and lead, and carry forth the teachings we feel called to share. We have incredible privilege to do this, especially because so many were repressed and not able to carry forth their message in the centuries before us

  • As we show up to lead, we heal the suppression and fear from a whole lineage of women who were attacked or stoned for being powerful. When we show up to lead, we not only heal our own fears, but we heal this whole lineage who came before us

  • Our bodies are temples. Our sexuality is sacred. It is a way to access the divine through our body

  • Sisterhood (a safe, encouraging community) is absolutely essential in the healing of our fears of leading and being seen

  • Fully feeling our feelings (especially our pain) is a direct pathway to God/Source/Love and our deepest truth

  • To forgive is one of the most powerful things we can do. But we cannot forgive without first fully feeling our pain, grief and hurt. Then forgiveness becomes a natural emanation from the heart

Today at 12 pm PST I’ll be going Live in the Rising Women Leaders FB Group to share more about her and answer questions.

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I'm also including some of the podcasts we devoted to spreading her truth and message, find them below.

With love, 

016 | Mysteries of Mary Magdalene with Faye Wylder

Listen here

046 | Channeling Mary Magdalene with Mercedes Kirkel

Listen here

059 | In Honor of Mary Magdalene with Meredith Rom

Listen here

056 | Angel Guides, Motherhood and the Modern Magdalene with Lisa Devine

Listen here


059 | In Honor of Mary Magdalene with Meredith Rom



Some of you may know that two years ago Mary Magdalene was honored by the Pope and Catholic church as The Apostle of the Apostles.

After centuries of being seen as a prostitute and sinner, Mary Magdalene's legacy was honored and recognized by the Church as the incredible teacher, healer and priestess that she was.

She was given a feast day in her honor, which happens to be this weekend: Sunday, July 22nd.

This means so much for our awakening collective consciousness, that this powerful woman would no longer be shunned or shamed by the church, and on a larger scale I really believe speaks to how women are being recognized in reclaiming their power.

Six months ago while I was in India I read a profound book by Mercedes Kirkel about Mary Magdalene and her core teachings.

It was like every page spoke directly to my heart as truth.

For a week I was staying in a cottage in a small mountain town by myself, reading the pages, and when I finished, I felt inspired to create recordings of what I had learned.

As of now I've only ever shared these recordings and teachings with my private clients, however in honor of Mary Magdalene's Feast Day, July 22, I'd like to share them with you.

I've gathered together the Rose lineage teachings that have most impacted my life:

  1. Feeling Your Pain & Emotions - How to navigate difficult emotions as they arise and use them as a pathway to your own source and divinity
  2. A Guided Process on Forgiveness - Feeling your own pain is a key teaching to be able to authentically forgive
  3. Tapping into Abundance Consciousness - Embodying a state of enough & looking at the world from a lens of abundance
  4. Honoring your Body & Sexuality as Sacred Portals to the Divine - Including a few of my favorite practices

This recording is available *For Free* this week only at 

How will you honor Mary on her Feast Day?

Here are some ideas:

  • Gather with women in an intentional space ~ hold a circle where each woman shares her voice and truth of her emotions
  • Listen to the Recording on the Process of Forgiveness and Journal about who you are forgiving in your life
  • Create a ritual to honor your body ~ a luxurious bath, and self body oil massage

Or create something unique of your own!



056 | Angel Guides, Motherhood & The Modern Magdalene with Lisa Devine

happy healthy lisa.jpg


For all the women feeling called to rise and honor the sacred feminine within themselves, this episode is for you.

Lisa gives us beautiful reminders around seeing the sacredness of life in every moment... She helps us remember to ask for help from the higher forces, to embrace the magic in life, and find the gifts in our challenges. 

I learned so much from her powerful story of motherhood, a near death experience, and her connection to Mary Magdalene. I'm honored to be sharing her wisdom with you all today...

In this episode we discussed:

  • Lisa's story of healing from childhood trauma ~ letting go of victimhood, and spiritual awakening
  • Instantaneous healing ~ how the time we are in now it is possible!
  • Angel channeling and how to connect with our personal angels
  • How the angels respect our free will and what we can do to invite in the support of these higher forces
  • Embodying the Priestess in our daily lives ~ how we can make the mundane sacred
  • Mary Magdalene ~ who she is and how she is supporting us at this time
  • The journey of being a mother and the challenges Lisa has faced in motherhood
“Our children also need us to fail… a part of mothering is not doing it perfectly because if they see you perfect all the time they will wonder if something is wrong with themselves…”

Stay in touch with Lisa:

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Lisa Devine is a wife, mother, spiritual counselor, and owner of The Modern Magdalene. She offers angel intuitive readings and past life regression sessions for clients around the globe. She considers it her great honor to assist those who are ready to birth the next chapters of their lives, and to awaken their natural gifts of prophecy, healing, and supreme manifestation.


046 | Channeling Mary Magdalene with Mercedes Kirkel



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It's hard to put into words how much gratitude I have for the wisdom I have learned from Mary Magdalene through the channeling of Mercedes Kirkel. From the moment Mercedes' book, Mary Magdalene Beckons landed in my hands, all the questions I was holding in my heart began to find their answers...

Questions like: Why am I here? What is my mission? How can I serve our planet and the rise of the divine feminine? all began to come together with such clarity. 

I am honored to share this conversation with Mercedes with you today. I hope the wisdom she shares is of service to you, and your growth.

May we continue on this path of ascension, rising together in unity. 

With all my blessings, 


"Outside events of life don’t cause our feelings, they cause us to get disconnected from our divinity. And when we are disconnected, these feelings show up to help us get reconnected."

In this episode we discussed:

  • How Mercedes knew she was a channel for higher forces and how she strengthened that ability and skill
  • In an essence: Mary Magdalene’s message for humanity at this time
  • Mary's process for feeling our pain
  • Mercedes' first connection with Mary
  • Her experiences with going to sacred sites in France related to Mary Magdalene
  • What it was like sharing her own personal experiences with tantra in her second book, Sublime Union
  • What challenges she has faced this year and how she is overcoming them
  • A real time channeled message from Mary Magdalene for listeners

Stay in touch with Mercedes:


Mercedes Kirkel is an award-winning author and channel for Mary Magdalene. In 2010, Mary Magdalene began coming to Mercedes daily, giving extraordinary messages for humanity's spiritual growth. These messages became two best-selling books. The first book, titled Mary Magdalene Beckons, describes how to live in your heart and unite your Feminine and Masculine. The second book, titled Sublime Union, contains Mary’s instruction on sacred sexuality, along with Mercedes’s fascinating story of engaging the practices with her partner.All of Mary Magdalene’s messages are universal and are not affiliated with any religion.

Mercedes offers online courses, private sessions via phone and Skype, and Yeshua-Magdalene Love Retreats. Learn more at


038 | Relationships, New Motherhood & The Role of the Priestess with Katie Burke


Just days ago this amazing woman, Katie Burke gave birth to her second child. I was lucky to sit down with Katie in early September when she was 32 weeks pregnant to hear about her role as a Priestess, the birth of her first child, and navigating marriage, a business, and family all while being on a personal growth journey of ascension and awakening.

Sitting down to talk with Katie felt like reuniting with an old friend. I decided to share the video of our conversation today as well so you can get a behind-the-scenes look into our intimate conversation.

In this episode we discussed:

  • The magic of conceiving and giving birth to her first child
  • What it means (to Katie) to be a Priestess
  • Moving through fear and doubt around claiming the role of the Priestess
  • Mary Magdalene, Isis and the guides that came to Katie during her awakening 
  • How to navigate your personal growth while being in a marriage
  • Tips on making it through hard times in a relationship while being on an awakening path together
  • How to connect with your guides and open your own channels of communication with divine guidance and intuition
  • What's to come in Katie's business 

Stay in touch with Katie:


Formally a digital marketing guru and graduate student of strategic communication, Katie Burke began her Divine Feminine Awakening and remembering when she conceived her daughter. This journey of self-healing and radical self-worth led to the Modern Priestess Movement and her own self-actualization.

Katie administers the Feminine expression of Christ Consciousness coming from the spiritual traditions of Mary Magdalene, and the Ancient Egyptian Teachings of Isis & Hathor.  She currently is pregnant with her second child and enjoying the summer with her daughter and leading bi-monthly meditations with her partner, Ben Burke. 


Mary Magdalene & The Courage to Be Seen


Have your palms ever broke a sweat at the thought of being the center of attention? Have you ever felt timid to share your voice? Or afraid of what would happen if you really let your true self be seen?

For much of my life I experienced intense anxiety around being seen, especially when it came to public speaking. It felt like my body would shut down in these situations, my chest would constrict and I would have trouble breathing, so as any young girl probably would, I stopped putting myself in the situations where I would have to speak or share in public.

But when I think back on this fear that I carried through high school and college, it always felt so much deeper than just the normal nerves of public speaking or being the center of attention. It was a deep visceral feeling that something terrible would happen if I really let myself step up to share in the way I was feeling called. 

For the last seven years of my life have been focused on understanding and releasing this deep rooted fear. I began with beginning to teach yoga back in 2010 and then took bigger steps by joining toastmasters to give speeches in 2014.  But even though I did well and even excelled in these areas, underneath I still felt a palpable fear of “I might just die if I do this."

Now, I want to write about this today because in the past few months I have noticed something big shifting for myself and others. I have continued to take steps to face my fear, showing up to interviews to talk about my book, teaching more yoga and leading events where I share my story, but it has been completely different. That visceral feeling of “something terrible is going to happen to me if I do this” hasn't been there.

At first I told myself, "Well it's because I've been spending years practicing this..." but to be totally honest, I think the real reason this deep rooted fear is lifting is because of Mary Magdalene.

I first began to learn about the truth of Mary’s life after meeting Kaia Ra at one of her book readings for The Sophia Code last year.

All I knew about Mary Magdalene growing up was that she was close to Jesus during his life, and that she was often portrayed by the Catholic church as a prostitute. I remember an image I saw of her when I was a child - she was depicted as dirty and haggard, kneeling next to Jesus to wash his feet.

But the truth is, Mary Magdalene was a Priestess. She had a very high role of anointing, and that image of touching Jesus’ feet was actually a moment where she was using sacred oils to anoint him in a highly revered act.

As I have dove into books and channeled teachings about Mary Magdalene, I have learned she was Jesus’ wife and she was a complete equal to him. She would teach beside Jesus during her lifetime. Her image was tainted after her death because the church took out many stories from the Bible that portrayed the divine feminine as a powerful force. For centuries, the feminine was suppressed. 

When Jesus was crucified, there was a prophecy that there would be 2000 years of darkness, and after that time, the divine feminine would rise to restore her place again alongside the divine masculine.

This is the time we are in right now. I've read about many prophecies that after 2012 it would be the beginning of a new golden age. 

Right now, a new paradigm is being midwifed by Mary Magdalene and many other ascended masters to restore the sacred feminine in our collective consciousness. And what I have been noticing in this incredible time is: it is safe for women to be powerful and share their voices.

To affirm this belief, last year our Pope declared Mary Magdalene as “the apostle of the apostles.” She has now finally been recognized by the Catholic Church as one of the highest teachers of her time, right alongside Jesus Christ. 

The energy of Mary Magdalene began coming to me more and more in conversations, books, in imagery, and in my meditations. Every time I thought of her, I felt a sense of peace and ease.

Then I attended a women’s circle to learn more about Mary Magdalene. The leader of the circle told us that Mary Magdalene carried an ancient wound during her lifetime: the fear of being stoned for being visible and sharing her voice. She said this deep rooted fear was passed down through many centuries, and that many women still feel the weight of that wound today. 

Every hair on my body raised when she said this because finally I had an answer to explain my fear - I just knew I was connected to this ancient wound. I imagined myself as a High Priestess in a past life, in the lineage of Isis and Mary Magdalene, and I just knew in my bones that I had been carrying this wound that it just was not safe to be seen.  

I then realized that in stepping up to be seen and share my voice now, I am healing the lineage of women who for centuries carried this same wound.

Mary Magdalene has been coming to many, many men and women in the dawn of this new age to help us birth this new paradigm.  She is letting us know it is safe now. The feminine is safe now. It is safe to share our voice. It is safe to be a powerful feminine leader. 

So what is being asked of us now in this time? We are being asked to restore the feminine within ourselves. To learn how to receive, to rest, and to simply be. We are learning to honor our bodies, our emotions and our sexuality as sacred. We are relearning the ways of the feminine, and by restoring these qualities within ourselves, we are doing our part on behalf of a much greater awakening.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and to reach the bottom of this email. If you are here reading this, I imagine you may have a connection to Mary Magdalene as well, whether you know it consciously or not. I want you to know that you are safe, and she is here for you, guiding us from the higher realms.

Do you feel the shifting in this time? Do you feel called to restore the balance of our culture by honoring the sacred feminine within?

I will be sharing more teachings of Mary Magdalene as part of my upcoming program, The Sovereign Circle. There are still spaces left to join, and we begin with our first live virtual circle with the next full moon on October 4th. Reply to this email if you'd like more details, and I'll send you the program guide.

With love,


016 | Mysteries of Mary Magdalene with Faye Wylder


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This past week I have been immersing myself in the life and teachings of Mary Magdalene.  My friend recently brought out a pile of books she was giving away where I picked up The Magdalene Manuscript  and began to learn more about the mystery and magic of her life.

As life's synchronicities would have it, Mary Magdalene happened to be the topic of my next podcast interview with Faye Wylder.  Faye has been such a positive force in my life, and brings so much light, love and encouragement to other women.

I'm beginning to really see the power of calling upon ascended masters like Mary Magdalene to reconnect with source energy.    If you have been intrigued to learn more about Mary Magdalene and want to learn more about how you can work with the unconditional love she has to offer, I highly recommend you listen to today's show.

In this episode you'll learn about:

  • Mary Magdalene's message and magic
  • The meaning of sovereignty
  • Faye's experience of pregnancy and motherhood
  • Faye's definition of affluence
  • How Faye recognizes when fear arises and how she continues to spread her light 
  • More details about Faye's Magdalene Mentorship program

With love, 

Faye Wylder is a Lightcaster, Spiritual Mentor, Mama, and Dancer. She is very, very Human. 

Faye mentors EnterpRising Feminine Leaders, to activate their sovereignty, and amplify their light, naturally increasing their spiritual and material affluence. She works closely with the over lighting mentorship of Mary Magdalene, streaming her mystery, message, and Unconditional Love into modern entrepreneurship and living. 

In her group program and private mentorship container, Faye weaves embodied divinity with practical, aligned tools, empowering women to upgrade their nervous systems (because making stuff can be scary!) and really, truly, vibrantly, courageously shine the Light they came to shine, creating and anchoring new paradigms of Love for humanity through their thriving enterprise. 

Join the #Lightcaster love fest on Instagram via @fayewylder and learn more about Faye's offerings at