Honoring Mary Magdalene's Feast Day


You may or may not know but three years ago today Pope Francis declared this day as a Feast day for Mary Magdalene, honoring her role in Jesus’ life as “The Apostle of the Apostles.”

Many of you may only know of her as she was named by the Catholic Church long ago - as a prostitute or whore.

But the truth is she was Jesus’ beloved. She was his wife.

Mary was an absolute equal to Jesus in his ministry.

There came a time, in the first few centuries that the Bible was changed, and stories of powerful women were taken out of it.

And the Church didn’t want people to think that Jesus was human - that he had a beloved, instead they wanted to portray him as this divine being that could only be accessed through the Church.

That way they could keep the power. So any stories depicting Jesus as a partner, a beloved, a lover and husband to Mary, were removed.

They didn’t want you to think you could access the divine directly through your body.

Or that sexuality and love was not separate from the divine.

They wanted to be in control.

And a sure way to take away someone’s power, is to repress and shame them as a sexual being.

Sexuality is power. And it is not separate from the divine.

Mary is coming back to many now, midwifing a new paradigm where the divine feminine co-exists in unity with the divine masculine. She is reminding us to take back our own power - to access the divine from within ourselves, to lead and help others remember.

Do you feel a connection to her?

If so, you are probably here as one the many being called forth to restore balance in society.To restore balance of the sacred feminine.

Over the last few years as I’ve formed a relationship with her, and I’ve received messages such as:

  • Now is the time to share our voices. It is safe. It is our responsibility to speak up, teach and lead, and carry forth the teachings we feel called to share. We have incredible privilege to do this, especially because so many were repressed and not able to carry forth their message in the centuries before us

  • As we show up to lead, we heal the suppression and fear from a whole lineage of women who were attacked or stoned for being powerful. When we show up to lead, we not only heal our own fears, but we heal this whole lineage who came before us

  • Our bodies are temples. Our sexuality is sacred. It is a way to access the divine through our body

  • Sisterhood (a safe, encouraging community) is absolutely essential in the healing of our fears of leading and being seen

  • Fully feeling our feelings (especially our pain) is a direct pathway to God/Source/Love and our deepest truth

  • To forgive is one of the most powerful things we can do. But we cannot forgive without first fully feeling our pain, grief and hurt. Then forgiveness becomes a natural emanation from the heart

Today at 12 pm PST I’ll be going Live in the Rising Women Leaders FB Group to share more about her and answer questions.

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I'm also including some of the podcasts we devoted to spreading her truth and message, find them below.

With love, 

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