085 | Sacred Social Leadership with Meg Berryman

Putting the we in wellness MegBerryman.jpg


Meg is a mother, teacher, healer, podcaster and social scientist that empowers women to step into sacred, social leadership.  This conversation was full with wisdom on how to show up and embrace a world that can often feel overwhelming. In this episode we talk about how to simultaneously take care of ourselves and give back at a time that is asking for all of us to be leaders.

In this interview we discussed:

  • What sacred, social leadership is

  • Why we are all change-makers / influencers

  • Why the spiritual/personal growth communities are perfectly placed to be a leading part of social change 

  • Why we are scared of leadership and why we count ourselves out of social leadership spaces

  • How to serve without burning out 

  • Meg’s devotion to addressing climate change

  • Why stepping up and giving voice to our journeys is so important for social change 

  • Why your voids are your medicine 

  • Meg’s upcoming course on parenting and leadership

Stay in Touch with Meg:

Meg Berryman is a coach, facilitator and teacher with a passion for awakening sacred social leaders. She brings together her 10+ years in social change, her masters degrees in gender and public health/behaviour change and her experience as a yoga teacher, coach and leadership facilitator to create incredible learning experiences for socially conscious women seeking wellbeing, connection and contribution. She is a mother of two girls, and lives in Central Victoria, Australia on a property she is regenerating with her husband and many rescue animals.