086 | Relationships, Co-dependency & a Life Remade with Leah Morris



Have you ever wondered why empaths and narcissists are often so attracted to each other? Or what it means when people talk about co-dependency?

In this conversation today with Leah Morris we dive into the topic of relationships - especially the kinds of unhealthy patterns so many of us can fall into. We discuss what they are, how to avoid them, and also how to attract the kind of love that is deep, true and long-lasting…

In this episode we discussed:

  • Leah’s journey after divorce and what it really meant to fall in love again - with relationships, career, life, and self

  • Co-dependency - what it is, how to know if you’re co-dependent

  • Leah’s experience of stepping into healthier relationships

  • Why narcissists end up with highly sensitive and empathic people

  • The power of language and a simple tool we can use to shift how we communicate with more confidence and authenticity

  • How to step OUT of a victim mindset

  • How Leah shifted her relationship to money from scarcity to abundance on her journey as an entrepreneur

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Leah Morris is a Relationship Transition Coach, founder of Life Remade, published writer, and speaker. She helps people to authentically  process their feelings, thoughts, and emotions in order to give them a deeper understanding of themselves and others. 

Her 1:1 work consists of 3 main areas: relationship trauma recovery, communication skills enhancement, and  empowered personal development.

She specializes in helping her clients gain a solid sense of Self Worth, develop unshakable intuitive Confidence, and heal after emotional Heartbreak so they can find the deep and meaningful connections that they’ve been yearning for.

From Leah: “Through my personal journey, I've experienced what brokenness feels like. It's dark and small. I lived a life of being "powerless," placing my self-worth in anything but myself, wanting others to love me more than I was loving me, giving up my whole life to play a supporting role in everyone else's... just to have it all fall apart. When I finally woke up, I found myself feeling exhausted, alone, and purposeless. It's here where I’ve gained insights that have allowed me to step into my own power, to trust myself so much that my actions reflect my truth, to know the value of deeply listening to my inner voice and finding connection with others, and to not let my fears lead my life.

When we lose touch with our instincts, everything else doesn't seem to make much sense. Through my creativity and innovative perspective, I help guide you to discover new ways to redirect you toward YOUR dreams. My ability to focus on you, read between the lines, ask the right questions and offer sincere advice and feedback comes from an insatiable curiosity and commitment to your personal development. I know how it feels to finally come out of the dark, and it's my life's passion to get you there too.”