064 | Success & Failure in Online Business with Jillian Anderson


This was such a heart opening, honest and real conversation with Jillian Anderson, writer, healer, and business coach for healers. We went deep into the world of entrepreneurship and online business as well as exploring in person vs. online work, staying true to our dreams and forgiving ourselves along the way. 

Jillian shared from her heart her own personal struggles with following through on her dreams, where she still gets stuck in fear and self-sabotage and offers beautiful words of wisdom from her higher self to herself and to all of us when it comes to staying true to sharing offerings from the heart. 

“Failure is actually just a part of it…What ensures that you create your vision is just that you don’t stop creating.“

In this episode we discussed:

  • Jillian's progression of group program launches that led to both great success as well as "failure"

  • Jillian's experience leading her first international retreat

  • How being 100% online can actually be limiting

  • 'Getting lost' in selling what people ask you for vs. creating what you really want to create (even when you think people won't value it as much as you do)

  • Self-sabotage and the fears that hold us back

  • Jillian's honest experience with writing a book proposal and navigating the publishing industry

  • Why you don't need to burn down your old life or old self to step into a new one

  • Maya Abdominal Massage and Jillian's latest in person offerings

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Jillian Anderson is a Writer, Healer, and Transformational Business Coach who helps heart-led and creative women shift ancestral patterns around work and money.

Jillian has worked with over 200 clients, helping women across 53 countries, and is most known for her successful six-week group program, Permission to Prosper, Where Sacred Sexuality Meets Money Magnetism, where she helps women unleash their earning power by working directly with their sexual energy.

Her work is based on the philosophy that without addressing and releasing the memories that live in the body, no amount of mindset shifts will help a person change her old patterns.

She’s been featured in Elephant Journal, Lisa Lister’s Hay House publication: Love Your Lady Landscape, on the Rising Women Leaders podcast, and more. Jillian lives in New Jersey with her partner, and her sons.