The third chakra: the solar plexus

self love-chakra-yoga-solar plexus

Last week I noticed sensitivity in my solar plexus - the space below my chest and above my navel.  It's the place we feel "butterflies" if we are nervous, and sensitivity when this chakra ~ the Manipura ~ is not in balance.

Manipura literally means the seat of our power.  When this chakra is closed, we may have emotions of unworthiness, fear, or disempowerment arise.  If this chakra is too open we may become aggressive or too headstrong.  It is important to find balance in our chakras ~ to calm the emotions and live as our authentic selves.

The demon of the 3rd chakra is shame, and shame keeps us from living our true self desires.  I asked myself, "When were the times in my life when I felt sensitivity in this area?"  I realized it was in times of my life when I felt unworthiness.

I noticed the soreness in my solar plexus when I needed to make a phonecall I was afraid to make.  The fears were intimately connected to my solar plexus and sense of worth.  I brought breath into the space of tightness and realized that in noticing, observing and breathing into the sensations, the sensations subsided, and after I made the call despite my fear, the sensation was totally gone.

By stating affirmations now, I remind myself, "It is safe for me to be powerful,"  "It is safe for me to change my life in positive ways."

The sensations in the solar plexus, and feelings of unworthiness are an invitation to step into the places that may destabilize our power.  However:

The seat of our true power is in the willingness to be with the instability.  It is in the willingness to be with ourselves as we are.  

So the next time you feel those uncomfortable sensations, breathe into it and be willing to sit with them until they pass away.  Remind yourself of your worthiness with affirmations, and let yourself step into your dreams.