082 | Infuse the Sacred into Your Business with Anastasia Holland & Meredith Rom


I’m excited to announce a new collaboration with Anastasia Holland ~ a two-day in person Sacred Business Immersion in San Francisco September 14th + 15th this Fall. Learn more at

This episode is a glimpse at the online masterclass Anastasia and I led to announce our in person retreat weekend in SF.

We hope to see you soon in San Francisco… Learn more and join us at


In this episode you’ll learn how to:

  • Expand your creative potential to own your worth + release limiting beliefs around money

  • Step into more confidence in using your voice + sharing your message

  • Harness the power of pleasure, femininity and sisterhood to grow your audience

  • Reconnect to divine inspiration to design your business in alignment with your values

  • You’ll Also Get An Insider’s Look into our Upcoming In Person Sacred Business Immersion

    With Love,


One of the Best Business Decisions I Ever Made


Flash back to 5 years ago I was about eight months in to running my coaching business, and in a lot of ways I felt lost, trying to figure it out as I went.

Although I had a handful of clients and yoga teaching gigs, I was struggling to make ends meet and had no idea how to take my business to the next level.

I had put many of my life-long dreams on the back-burner (like writing my book) while I focused on getting all the foundational pieces of my business working.

But I knew there were people out there doing it. Thriving. Successful. And doing it in a way that was in complete alignment with their values of freedom & femininity.

I wanted that.

So I decided to take a leap, and signed up for a weekend in-person event in Sonoma with two women coaches I looked up to.

During the course of that weekend I mapped out my first official online course launch, I began to believe in my ability to actually write my book, and I connected with a network of powerful women (many who I went on to collaborate with on my podcast).

There is something SO MAGICAL that happens when you are surrounded with kind, loving, and ambitious women who see your greatness.

...When you tap into a new field of consciousness...

You are amplified into a whole new level of being.

Something about being in that atmosphere changed me.

I started believing in myself.

I was surrounded by inspiring women who were making it work. Women who were thriving. Women who were making a positive difference in the world.

Women who stood in their power, who knew their boundaries, and who were successful doing work they loved.

Just months after leaving that miraculous event...

  • I opened enrollment for my online course Vision and surpassed my wildest dreams with my first ever 5-figure launch

  • I hired a book editor/writing coach (on referral from a woman I met at the event) and was committed to following through on my dream of publishing my book

  • I signed a contract with a publisher to release my book to the world

Not only did that weekend give me the time and space to reconnect with my wildest dreams, but it actually opened me to a whole network of women who believed in me, wanted to help, and were able to connect me to the people and places I needed for my next steps...

Just imagine what an in person event like this could do for you...

...meeting incredible women ready to uplift and elevate your dreams...

...receiving cosmic wisdom in a group psychic session with my friend Anastasia...

...getting crystal clear on your dreams and visions for the year ahead...

...releasing deep rooted fears/limiting beliefs that are holding you back from owning your worth...

...having the time, space and support to design your dream schedule + with flexibility, femininity and freedom...

...leaving with new business relationships and opportunities for collaboration...

So today, Anastasia Holland and I have a special invitation for you...

Enrollment is now open for our in-person weekend event this September: Learn more and sign up here

In the comments, I’d love to hear, what have been some of the best business investments you’ve ever made?

Hope to see you in SF this Fall!
With love,