006 | Magic & Manifestation with Rachael Webb



Last week I sat down with  my magical friend Rachael Webb.

I've watched a beautiful transformation in Rachael over the last year as she has embraced her full magical self.   She is a living example as to how  when we stop hiding and embrace who we are, magic is really possible.

In the episode we discuss:

  • What it means to "Come out of the magic closet..."
  • A manifestation practice for financial abundance
  • Affirmations for more magic and  manifestation
  • How Rachael cured her autoimmune disease through a Vision Quest

Links in this episode:


Rachael Webb  is a Spiritual Coach & Business Advisor who works with creatives & entrepreneurs who long to find the clarity and the courage to let their magic out.  She is passionate about merging the worlds of business and spirituality during this powerful time of shift on our planet.  Rachael is an internationally known Clairsentient with a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Doctor of Metaphysics, and an Ordained Minister. 

Photographs by In Her Image Photography