005 | An Open Heart Life with Sarah-Jane Perman



Have you ever met someone where you just felt like you knew him or her even if you've never met before?

This is how I felt when I met yoga teacher and retreat leader, Sarah-Jane Perman.  Sarah-Jane wandered into a workshop I was leading at Burning Man and the whole time I kept wondering, "How do I know this person?"  

After the workshop, we chatted and found we had lots to talk about.  I discovered Sarah-Jane was on a mission to open people's hearts around the world by leading goddess retreats from Australia to Bali, to Tulum, Nicaragua and beyond.

I was immediately drawn to her positivity and ability to trust in the universe, so I invited her to an interview on the Rising Women Leaders podcast. 

In this episode we talk about: 

  • Tips and rituals Sarah-Jane uses to tune into her intuition
  • How she left a job as a marketing director on Australia's Next Top Model at Warner Brothers to follow her dream of teaching yoga, traveling to epic locations and leading retreats
  • What it means to live "An Open Heart Life"
  • Insights on the awakening of our collective consciousness and the importance of sisterhood

"She took a leap and built her wings on the way down."


Links in this episode: 

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About Sarah-Jane Perman:

Sarah Jane Perman is a wellness experimentalist, vinyasa yoga teacher, holistic health coach and firm believer in the power of connecting to your truth and following your heart. Her mission is to inspire and work with as many people as she possibly can to open hearts across the planet!