Romance & Raspberries

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I was recently sharing about self-love and self-care in my VISION program when one of the women shared her insight: "Some of the self-care acts you suggested are what I normally do in my day:  cooking, grocery shopping, making the bed, however all I needed to change was my intention.  When I did, these mundane acts became more sensual, pleasurable, and even romantic."

My suggestions were to "Make your bed luxurious, fit for a goddess," "Cook yourself a delicious meal and use your best silverware and place settings to eat it, even if you are alone," and to "Buy yourself a delicious box of raspberries and savor each one, even if the $6 box seems outrageous..."

When you bring romance into your relationship with yourself, you are less dependent on receiving that kind of love and attention from outside of yourself.

When you release the pressure of receiving romance from others, you come into a state of wholeness, and most importantly:

Screenshot 2015-07-13 20.29.50
Screenshot 2015-07-13 20.29.50

I believe attracting the kind of love you want in your life begins with treating yourself as your beloved, as you would treat your romantic partner.

Today I invite you to ask:  "How can I be more romantic with myself?"

Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Splurge the 5 or 6 dollars to buy yourself a delicious box of organic raspberries.  Eat them with love and mindfulness, savoring every bite
  • Cook a delicious meal while listening to soft music, then light a candle and eat it with your best plates, glasses and placemats
  • Put your best sheets and pillows on your bed to enjoy a night drinking tea and reading

What are some of your favorite acts of self-love and self-care?  I'd love to hear in the comments below!

Love, Meredith