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One Life-changing Ingredient for the New Year

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There I was, at my favorite restaurant, just having spent two hours in the self-care studio using the steam room, baths and sauna.  Life was good.  There was nothing to complain about.  I had every reason to feel good about my life. Then my mind came in.

I began thinking about the week ahead and all the things I "had to do."  Soon I was quiet and felt a nervous feeling in my belly.  I continued my conversation with my partner, but the feeling persisted.

I finally spoke up about what I was feeling.  "Once I started thinking about my week ahead, I started feeling really nervous and now I can't relax."

Michael asked me more about what I was feeling and I went on to list about 20 reasons why I couldn't relax.

Luckily Michael is an EFT practitioner, a therapy that uses tapping on the body while using affirmations to create new belief systems.   He began tapping with me and I began repeating the affirmation, "I am relaxing now." 

I spoke all the reasons one by one why I "couldn't" relax:

  • "Even though I haven't practiced for my kirtan performance this Wednesday, I am relaxing now"
  • "Even though I have a book submission due this week and I haven't started yet, I am relaxing now." 
  • "Even though the insurance company told me I have to get a new car after my accident, I am relaxing now." ...

I repeated this affirmation or "mantra" over and over while following Michael as he showed me the meridian points of my body.

By the end, I realized even if I am feeling overwhelmed, I can still choose to be relaxed.  

I have control over how I want to feel.

When I began to relax, I looked at my life from a bird's eye view. I remembered everything was going pretty great.  I had to consciously remind myself:

  • I have enough money to pay all my bills and do what I love 
  • I have a nurturing relationship and open communication with my partner
  • I have eight beautiful women signed up for my retreat next May... and the list goes on..

After that conversation, I gave myself permission to relax.  Since then, my life has looked a little like this: 

  • I am allowing myself to be late so I don't need to stress out and rush
  • I am driving extra slow on the roads
  • I am taking the elevator instead of the stairs when I have a lot to carry
  • I am scheduling more massages for myself
  • I am breathing deeply and smiling, even if the line at the post office is going out the door...

This simple ingredient has provided a change in perspective that is affecting my whole life. 

I find myself approaching my business from a place of wholeness and joy knowing there is nothing big at stake, and I am remembering to relax during the times that used to stress me out.

So what is your mantra for this new year?  What affirmation makes you feel grounded and centered?  

I'd love to hear in the comments below.

With love, Meredith