Is There a Priestess Awakening Within You?


Have you always felt a connection to your intuition but a longing to further develop your trust in it? 

Do you ever find yourself having vivid, even prophetic dreams?

Do you love the space of ritual and authentic sharing, but wish for even more of it in your life?

Do you ever feel connected to ancient Egypt, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary or Isis without even really knowing why?

Do you believe in past lives, and the possibility that you may have been a Priestess before?

There is an awakening happening in many women at this time.

We are beginning to remember.

For the last few years, I have been remembering this part of myself ~ the Priestess. The wayshower. 

A woman here to birth a new paradigm. 

I've been stepping more and more into an embodiment of service. 

Becoming a sacred chalice for the divine. Embodying the sacred feminine. 

Allowing. Trusting. BEING. 

We are here to awaken our collective consciousness. We are creating more unity in a culture that has been out of balance for a very long time...

Are you remembering?

Here are a few signs there is a modern day priestess awakening within you...

Your Calling is to be of Service

To be a leader, you must first learn to serve. —Jennie Mira

The priestess is not a teacher or leader on a pedestal, but rather, she is of the highest service. She is in service to her community and to her calling. Being of service is not about placing anyone above or below, but rather creating a mutual relationship of respect between the priestess and the women she facilitates and serves.

Her work is to become a channel, a vessel to serve the highest good of the divine. She must maintain a practice of self-care to be the most present and abundant in her ability to serve and become a channel.

Many women fantasize about a priestess wearing flowing robes, crowns and using magical tools, but in reality the priestess is the last one there at the end of the ritual, prepared to scrape the candle wax off the floor...

You are Highly Intuitive

The priestess uses practices such as writing, dancing, movement, meditation, self-care and alone time to hone her ability to listen to intuition. Our intuition is like a muscle that heightens when we pay attention to it. The more she can quiet the busyness of her mind, the more access she will have to the guidance of the divine and be able to step into the role of a channel to those in need.

You Seek Out Ritual in Your Daily Life

Rituals infuse magic, intention and sacredness into our daily lives. A ritual can turn a mundane act done without awareness into a sacred act with clarity and purpose. Slowing down to say a blessing before a meal changes the experience. Meditation, singing, or lighting a candle imbues a moment of peace and serenity into a busy day.

Ritual can also be a healing space where women come together to honor a specific purpose. These rituals may honor transitions, letting go, grieving, the lunar cycle or the change of seasons. Participating in ritual has been one of the most healing ways to mark a big transition in my life. Ritual has provided a space for me to be fully seen, acknowledged and supported by my sisters. After participating in ritual, I feel more confident and courageous to share myself with the world.

You Feel Drawn to Sync with the Moon

In ancient times, women slept in tribes, often under the stars and the moon. Their menstrual cycles were in sync with each other and with the lunar cycles: often bleeding at the new moon and ovulating at the full moon.

You may begin to be more in tune to the natural world and notice energy levels rise and fall. Going out to socialize will make more sense with the heightened energy of ovulation and/or the full moon and slowing down to nest will feel perfect at the new moon. For a modern day priestess, creativity, energy levels and social needs begin to flow in tandem with the moon and tides.

You Are Highly Sensitive

A priestess can feel the energies of the room and has a heightened ability to feel other people's emotions. This can be difficult for highly sensitive women because the world may sometimes feel like "too much."

As a highly sensitive person, you may feel alone in a world of extroverted and gregarious people, however we often forget that heightened sensitivity is a gift. You can fuel your feelings and emotions into writing, singing, and listening with a deeper level of compassion for others.

You Are Naturally Drawn to Holding Space

The twenty-first century priestess becomes the container who helps create sacred space wherein women can connect with the Goddess within. —Ruth Barrett

A priestess is a space-holder. She creates the space for others to show up as they are. Have you noticed that people turn to you to guide them through an experience? Holding space is not about planning or knowing what to do or say. It is about becoming present to the moment. All that is needed is to tune into the energy of the person or the group; to listen and ask for guidance within.

But to be honest, the Priestess path is not always glamorous or easy. It involves initiation, it is an invitation to continually respond to life with love. To welcome both the light and the dark. 

And it is most certainly not a path to be walked alone. 

For the last month I have been calling together women who are remembering. 

Women who feel the call of the Priestess, and ready to honor the path of the sacred feminine within themselves and in the world.

This is the last week of enrollment for The Sovereign Circle. This 9-month feminine leadership initiation and high priestess sisterhood provides the container and sacred space for you to remember this path. 

Are you ready? To step into community? Ritual and collaboration? To feel the web of a supportive sisterhood?

There are only a couple more days available to schedule a free call with me. I'd love to learn more about you and explore the possibility of joining us. 

There is an affordable monthly payment plan to participate. On the call I'll walk you through the curriculum, call dates and more details. It will be a space to get to know each other better and you can feel into if this would be an aligned next step for you. 

Do you feel the call of the Priestess?

I don't have plans to lead a program like this again until next year..

Now's the last chance.

Book a time to speak here.

With love,