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"All of my creative dreams have come through with Meredith's guidance.

She's the light that burns alongside you as you walk the path to feminine leadership, casting out your fears and helping you find your own flame. With her support, I went from skating the poverty line to meeting my income goals in my 1-1 healing and coaching work, selling out 6 retreats and 2 group coaching programs. She's helped me reach hundreds to thousands of women across the globe, and showed me that what I thought was impossible was actually my destiny. My deepest bow to you Meredith! "

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"Coaching with Meredith has opened me up to believe in myself. It's helped me realize that I am capable of creating anything I desire. That I deserve it + that there is so much waiting for me. It's also given me the tools to take my dreams and creations and turn them into a successful business and joyful life. " 

~ Devon Loftus,   Wildling Woman, San Francisco, CA

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"With Meredith's support, our herbal cookbook got printed, our first print run sold out and we are in the midst of our first online herbal cooking program with 30 students!

I now have the  confidence to move forward and step into my dreams." ~ Sarah Kate,  The Great Kosmic Kitchen, CA

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I chose to work with Meredith because she had an ease and a trust that never felt pushy and did not play on feelings of insecurity like so many service-offerings do.

I had convinced myself that I was overwhelmed and confused about my business. I look back now after all I have learned from and with Meredith and realize how much that was my fear. I am not overwhelmed. I am not confused. I know who I am, what I have to give, and who I would feel blessed and honored to work with through my business. It was just scary to really lay claim to those things and to take the steps to make them real.

Meredith made space for all that is part of being an entrepreneur, the practical, the spiritual, the emotional. Working with her I was able to name my business, define my message and style, launch successfully generating 3K in my first month, and map out a longer term vision for my services.  "

~ Ellen  Roggemann of  Wild-Still, Petaluma, CA

It's time to find one another, to learn from each other, and to be inspired EVERYDAY to shine our light.

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~  Alexandra Freitas , Yoga Teacher and Doula, Portland Oregon

~ Alexandra Freitas, Yoga Teacher and Doula, Portland Oregon

"Now, the fear of what other people may think of me has become less important than speaking my truth."

I used to think what I had to share with people was not important or that I would say something wrong. I was afraid of public speaking and how people saw me.  Meredith has held the space for me to face my fears with love and compassion.

~  Amy Winzer , Sebastopol, CA

~ Amy Winzer, Sebastopol, CA

“I feel more confident, less in my head and more joyful to share what I have to offer.”

I have benefitted so much from feeling the support and community of magnificent women in her programs.  I’ve received so many ideas for my own personal practice and classes through meditation techniques and approaches to asana.  I feel safe to come as I am and always feel so nourished by the end of the calls.  I would describe Meredith as an inspiring, dream-manifester, grounded and honest, so kind and heartfelt.