066 | Yoni Steams & Womb Medicine with Jedaya Barboza



After hearing about the wonders of “yoni steaming” from a few friends, I invited Jedaya Barboza on the podcast to share more about this practice. Whether you are healing from a health related challenge relating to the womb, have painful menstrual cycles, or are missing your cycle altogether, today’s episode is full of information for you to take steps forward on a path of healing by tuning into the wisdom of your womb.

In this episode we discussed:

  • How Jedaya was rebirthed on the path of the Priestess

  • Jedaya’s connection to Mary Magdalene & Isis

  • Yoni Steaming - what it is and how to do it

  • Herbs to use for Yoni Steams

  • Womb Mysteries

  • Womb Clearing

  • The Womb Voice

  • The Moon and How She is Connected To Our Womb

Stay in touch with Jedaya:

Jedaya Barboza is a devotional Priestess of the Goddess. She has dedicated her life to walking the footsteps of the goddess with every breath she inhales, offering the gift of the Sacred Red Rose to women and serving the Goddess however she calls for her to show up. She is an initiated Priestess of the Women's Mysteries, a midwife of the veils, holding a safe container for women and sisters of all colors to birth their full essence and to enter their Queendom.

She has been the midwife of her own rebirth, and has heard the calling to midwife other women’s rebirth all over the world. Jedaya was reborn to create change by inspiring, empowering, and co-creating a world of healthy spiritual transformation through art, connection, sensuality, movement, breath, and music.

She has facilitated cacao and ecstatic dance ceremonies, Wild Woman Retreats,  yoni steaming ceremonies, full moon ceremonies, and red tent in MA and Costa Rica. She offers one-on-one Rose Womb Activations.


024 | Next Level Purpose, Pleasure & Prosperity with Jillian Anderson


Jillian Anderson inspires us to heal our root and sacral chakras, step into a life that is truly next-level and remember that yes, maybe we can have it all. It just starts by remembering our true feminine power inside...

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • Jillian's story of having an unassisted homebirth
  • How her son is a mirror for where she is growing in her life 
  • Sacral chakra healing and what that has to do with our ability to experience pleasure and live prosperous lives
  • What we can learn from our difficult emotions like anger
  • What is spiritual wealth?
  • What is a jade egg practice and how to start one?
  • Jillian's input on the question, "Is it really possible to have it all? To be a mother, a loving partner and have a thriving business?" and how she finds her balance
  • The fear Jillian has faced this year around her finances and personal growth
  • Permission to Prosper - Jillian's new ebook and online program

As a writer and coach, Jillian fuses her background in ancestral healing to help women break free of old patterns and self-imposed limitations. She believes that pain is potent medicine, and that we're each assigned a divine soul curriculum that offers us the opportunity to not just survive, but to truly thrive in all areas of life: relationship, career, creativity, and beyond.

Jillian works with women to make space for what really matters, to unearth blockages, and to direct soul desires into manifestation. Her greatest fulfillment comes from witnessing a woman become the powerful Creatrix she is.

Jillian's mission is to make material reality sacred again. She believes that by healing the separation between matter + consciousness all of humanity is uplifted into a higher alignment that can only be described as Heaven on Earth. You can find her work + offerings at www.jillian-anderson.com

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An Ancient Hawaiian Practice for Forgiveness

Image from  the_soulessence

Image from the_soulessence

As humans, we are prone to making mistakes.  At some point, we all mess up--we click send before reading over the message, we say something before thinking it through, we forget to show up, or show up late--and as much as we try to avoid it, sometimes these things happen.

So what do you do when it happens - when you've made a mistake and find yourself sinking into negative energy?  How do you shift your mood and let it go?

This year I learned a simple practice that has become an essential part of my life.  I read an article by Joe Vitale about an ancient Hawaiian practice called "ho'oponopono" Shamans passed down for years.  It's based on the simple words:

"I'm sorry, I love you. Please forgive me, thank you." 

The story goes that there was a prison in Hawaii that was a horrible place to be.  People who worked there often quit because the prisoners were so hard to be around.

Then a Hawaiian psychiatrist was brought in to work with the prisoners.  He began doing his healing work, and suddenly the prisoners were really changing.  People were being released on early leave, and people who worked there saw a huge shift, and began to love their job.

However, the psychiatrist never even interacted with the prisoners in person.  So how did he heal them?

He sat in his office, looking through each file of the prisoners and used the ho'oponopono practice.  "I'm sorry, I love you."

Susan Minarik notes:

According to the teachings of Ho’oponopono (and just about every other system of well-being as well), you are responsible for everything that you experience.  Everything you see, think, notice, hear and feel is a creation of your own mind.  All your reactions and interpretations are of your making, based in memories from the past. 

The psychiatrist was working energetically with each of the prisoners.  The ho'oponopono is based on the idea that we are all responsible for the pain and suffering in the world.  When we take responsibility, people around us begin to heal.

Joe was skeptical of this practice, so he tried it when he got an angry email from a colleague.  Instead of hitting reply he just sat, looking at the email, saying, "I'm sorry, I love you."

An hour later, he received another email from the same person, apologizing for what she had said.

Joe describes:

As long as people hold on to grudges, they will remain unhappy and unhealthy.  The hardest thing for people to accept is total responsibility, yet the door to freedom is opened when you accept it all as your responsibility.  Again, it's not your fault, but it is your responsibility.

I began using this practice often in my life.  Anytime I felt upset, or worried that I triggered somebody else, I closed my eyes and repeated, "I'm sorry, I love you."

When I do the practice, I feel an immediate shift in my energy.  In my softening, I feel any negative energy between me and another person begin to lift.

So, the next time you make a mistake, or feel yourself going down a negative thought spiral, breathe and try it.  Repeat, "I'm sorry, I love you. Please forgive me, thank you." over and over until you feel a release.


Why I am choosing life

On Friday, a new woman came to my gentle flow and restorative yoga classes in Santa Rosa.  She was the first person there, so I introduced myself and asked the usual question, "Do you have any injuries I should know about?" 
She replied, "Many. I'm recovering from surgery and my second round of breast cancer treatments.  This time, the doctors had to do several surgeries and I have scar tissue on the front of my body." I was shocked.  Here I was, in my own bubble all week, spending time on emails and to-do lists, thinking about my own little problems.
All my problems suddenly seemed so small. 
More people trickled into the room and laid out their mats while I was still processing what this new student had just told me.As the other students sat down, I asked, "Would you share with us any insights you've been learning and how you have changed your approach to life?" She said, "After I found out I had cancer the second time, it was hard, but I had a distinct moment where I told myself, 'I choose life' and that pulled me through."  I thought about the times in my life when I had sank into feelings of meaninglessness and looked back at this courageous woman sitting in front of me.

It takes courage to choose life. {tweet it}

I realized I had never had that distinct moment of "I choose life" like this woman had.  She reminded me that my life is a gift.  Every moment is a gift, and everyday we have the choice to truly live.  In that moment, I chose life, inspired by her courage.

She went on to say, "I now choose to do something that makes me happy, everyday.  That's why I'm here at yoga."

So today, I simply want to remind you: You are the owner of your time.  You are choosing how you spend it.  

And I'd like to ask you a few questions:

  • What could you do today that brings you more joy?
  • What does 'choosing life' look like to you?
  • Is it different than how you are living right now?  If so, what is one step you can take to change it?

I'd love to hear in the comments below.

Your life is a gift.  Claim it.  Live it.


About the Author:
Meredith Rom facilitates women's empowerment work, teaches yoga, and is the author of the "4 Day Self-care Reset." 

My before & after story (and 10 steps I took to feel great in my body)

body wisdom-self love-acne

Today I wanted to share with you about a time in my life I haven't publicly shared about before.  On the internet, it's easy to show off our best selves and not talk about the struggles we have had, but when I think back to why I even became interested in nutrition in the first place, it was because of my own health issues.

My struggles have made me who I am today, so I hope in sharing what I've been through, you too will begin to see that real change is possible.  Any hardships you are experiencing right now are ultimately necessary to take you where you need to be.  I now feel great in my body, however, I did not always feel this way.  I had serious struggles with weight gain, acne, and slow digestion, and at the time it was really hard to love myself.  Now, I am grateful for those struggles, because they have guided me to be where I am today: lean, energized, happy and sharing all of my knowledge to help other people.

It all started three years ago when I traveled to India.  I arrived with a one-way ticket and a six month VISA and was determined to stay as long as I could.  Little did I know, my health would take a toll during my time there.

Chai was literally on every corner and I loved it.  Every day I drank the milky, caffeinated, sweet cup full of sugar, two, three, sometimes even four or five times a day.  I ate buttery, salty restaurant food (and sometimes ashram food depending where I was staying) for breakfast, lunch and dinner, everyday, for six months.

I ate ZERO raw food because I was advised by my doctors in the US to avoid all raw greens and vegetables because the water it was washed with might not be safe.

I wore flowy, loose shawls and ali baba pants for six months and had no access to a full-length mirror or a scale, so I didn't even notice when I added an extra 15 pounds to my normal weight.  However, I knew something was wrong because my skin was breaking out with cystic acne and I was tired all the time.  The extra 15 pounds, did not make me feel more womanly, I just felt heavy, lethargic, and constipated.

When I was back in the states, my dermatologist gave me antibiotics to clear my skin, so to add to the whole problem, I wiped out all my friendly intestinal flora bacteria.  It was the third time my dermatologist had me take several weeks worth of antibiotics, and this time, it did not help my skin, but it only made it worse.

On top of it all, I came home to no job, no home (besides my parents), no community, and no boyfriend.  I felt lost.

That was when I started searching.  I thought, there must be something I can do to fix this BESIDES take more pills.   After the antibiotics, my doctor wanted to give me accutane, more antibiotics and birth control pills.  I remember asking him, "Is there anything I can change in how I eat?"  and he replied, "No, that is just a myth that what you eat affects your skin.  You should just stick to the pills."


That was when I took my health into my own hands and went to the internet.  Through my research, I learned my skin was breaking out because my liver and intestinal track were congested and my hormones were out of balance.  Taking accutane, antibiotics, or birth control pills would only further mask and worsen the underlying problem.

My research then led me to solutions.  Simple solutions: I need to change how I eat.

I stopped making the doughy parathas and chapathis made from white flour that I learned how to cook in India, and started making green smoothies.  I learned how to cook delicious, healthy meals full of fiber and nutrients, I rebuilt my intestinal flora, I made new friends, discovered my love of teaching yoga, fell in love with my now boyfriend, and in 2013, decided to go to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach.   Within one year, I cleared my skin, optimized my digestion, lost the weight I gained, and finally felt happy.   

So here are the 10 steps I took to get started: 

1. I drank more water 

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.  Drinking more water has been proven to cure all kinds of ailments including headaches, constipation, toxic overload, even stomach ulcers.  Before I do anything else in the morning, I drink an 8 oz glass of water (and sometimes I add fresh squeezed lemon for vitamin C and liver cleansing properties).

It is best to drink water before having caffeine in the morning and to drink one or two glasses of water for every cup of coffee. You should be able to have a bowel movement within half an hour of drinking a glass of water every morning, before drinking caffeine.

2. I balanced my hormones (and added in tons of fibrous whole foods)

My mood was all over the place when I came back from travelling.  The acne I had was hormonal - near the mouth and along the jaw line.  First I cleared my pathways of elimination so extra estrogens in my body could be eliminated by my liver and intestinal track.  Then I learned about what foods to eat during each part of my cycle.  I started eating greens with every meal, brown rice and quinoa and beans.  I switched from butter to coconut oil and supplemented my diet with Omega 3's from fish and cold pressed flax oil.

Learn more about balancing your hormones in my program, Nutrition for Clear Skin and Balanced Hormones.  

3. I made my own sauerkraut and goat milk Kefir for probiotics to rebuild my intestinal flora 

Most probiotic pills don't make it through the acids of the stomach to the intestines.  I started making whole food sources of probiotics like  raw sauerkraut (recipe here) and raw goat milk kefir.  Goat's milk is tolerated by even many who are lactose intolerant because the digestive system of a goat is more similar to a human.  When the kefir grains sit in the goat milk, it makes the proteins even more digestible through the process.  These fresh strains of probiotics healed my intestinal track from years of overusing antibiotics.

4.  I drank warm water and Magnesium calm before bed 

Many Americans are deficient in Magnesium - a key mineral necessary for the body to absorb calcium.  Magnesium also relaxes the muscles, helps you sleep through the night, and loosens the stools to minimize constipation.  "Magnesium Calm" is a white powder and can be found in the supplement aisle of any Whole Foods or health food store.

5. I cut out dairy 

Hormones in milk today are affecting the delicate hormonal balance of many women.  Cow's milk inparticular is very congesting to the human body and can be difficult to digest.  After drinking non organic low fat milk for many years, my body became sensitive to dairy, and it congested my system.  As soon as I stopped drinking cow's milk, my constipation lessened and my skin started clearing.

If you are going to drink milk or eat cheese, eat it to be the way nature intended it to be:  full fat, from healthy animals that graze in the fresh air on green plants.

6. I switched from processed sweets and cane sugar to agave nectar, honey, dates, coconut palm sugar and stevia 

I used to have intense sugar cravings.  Especially any time I felt sad or lonely, I immediately went to sugar to lift me up.  It became a struggle, because my blood sugar levels would spike, then quickly drop, making me more depressed, and have even less energy.  The sugar fed the candida in my system, and with no healthy intestinal flora, I became constipated and gained weight.  When I came back from India, I couldn't quit sugar all at once, so I switched from all cane sugar products to sweeteners with a lower glycemic index such as agave, honey, dates, coconut palm sugar and stevia.

7. I started making green smoothies and switched to a primarily raw foods diet for the first month to kickstart my new eating habits

Green smoothies became my FAVORITE breakfast.  I read all of Victoria Boutenko's books and eventually bought my own vitamix to enjoy the creamy, delicious smoothies.  Green smoothies allowed me to pack in more nutrients in my diet and helped me clear out my digestive track.  Because the green smoothies are made with not just greens, but also fruit, they taste delicious, and my body started craving greens.  My first month determined to improve my health, I ate about 80% raw foods to help my body detoxify and start better long term habits.  If you want to learn more about green smoothies, download my green smoothie handbook with 15 recipes.

8. I made self-care and self-love a daily practice 

It was hard to love myself when I didn't feel good in my body.  I took small steps to start loving myself, because I knew when I loved myself, I would naturally choose the best foods to put in my body.  I started taking salt baths, rubbing my favorite cacao body butter over my whole body, and used affirmations.  It felt uncomfortable at first, but it has become one of my favorite rituals in my life.  My clients receive my favorite self-care gifts to start nourishing and loving their body in my programs.

9.  I found my community 

It was hard to arrive back from six months in India to old friends in New York that went out to bars for fun.  I was hardly interested in staying out late or drinking alcohol, and I was ready to find a community that had a similar interest in health and wellbeing.  When I moved back to California I meditated every day on finding the right friends and the right home, and within three months, founded an intentional community house in Berkeley with six friends.  Everyone loved to cook, knew so much about healthy eating, and wanted to set aside two hours a day for silence and group meditation.  When I surrounded myself with the right environment, I learned from everyone around me and began to thrive.  When I no longer had to eat dinner alone, I stopped using food to fill the hole when I felt lonely.

10. I began a consistent daily spiritual practice 

My spiritual practice has gone through many transformations over the last three years, but it has always been something that keeps me grounded.  It is the time when I can reflect and vision, and come back to what is really important in life.  It connects me back to myself, brings me in touch with my body and emotions, and strengthens my intuition so I know what steps to take next in life.  It makes me feel connected to something larger than myself, and has helped me know my purpose and start living it.