024 | Next Level Purpose, Pleasure & Prosperity with Jillian Anderson


Jillian Anderson inspires us to heal our root and sacral chakras, step into a life that is truly next-level and remember that yes, maybe we can have it all. It just starts by remembering our true feminine power inside...

In this episode you'll hear about:

  • Jillian's story of having an unassisted homebirth
  • How her son is a mirror for where she is growing in her life 
  • Sacral chakra healing and what that has to do with our ability to experience pleasure and live prosperous lives
  • What we can learn from our difficult emotions like anger
  • What is spiritual wealth?
  • What is a jade egg practice and how to start one?
  • Jillian's input on the question, "Is it really possible to have it all? To be a mother, a loving partner and have a thriving business?" and how she finds her balance
  • The fear Jillian has faced this year around her finances and personal growth
  • Permission to Prosper - Jillian's new ebook and online program

As a writer and coach, Jillian fuses her background in ancestral healing to help women break free of old patterns and self-imposed limitations. She believes that pain is potent medicine, and that we're each assigned a divine soul curriculum that offers us the opportunity to not just survive, but to truly thrive in all areas of life: relationship, career, creativity, and beyond.

Jillian works with women to make space for what really matters, to unearth blockages, and to direct soul desires into manifestation. Her greatest fulfillment comes from witnessing a woman become the powerful Creatrix she is.

Jillian's mission is to make material reality sacred again. She believes that by healing the separation between matter + consciousness all of humanity is uplifted into a higher alignment that can only be described as Heaven on Earth. You can find her work + offerings at www.jillian-anderson.com

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