076 | Kundalini Awakening & The Feminine Christ

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It’s been three years since I last had my dear friend Karen Prosen on the Rising Women Leaders podcast, and so much has happened!

I’ve walked by Karen’s side as I’ve watched her life dismantle and rebuild from the ground up. From break-up, loss, a kundalini crisis and awakening to traveling the world and aligning with her soul’s work, there is so much we cover in this intimate conversation.

Karen is one of the most pure, devotional people I know, and I am so excited to introduce you to her and her work today.

To listen to Karen’s last episode on the show, click here.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Kali Ma ~ How the power of destruction can give birth to your most aligned life

  • Kundalini awakening ~ Karen’s story, what it is, why it happens and how to support yourself through it

  • Celibacy & desire ~ Why Karen decided to make a year-long vow of celibacy and sobriety and how it impacted her life

  • The voice of the womb ~ How Karen connected to this inner voice and how it supported her through her hardest times

  • Mary Magdalene & Jesus ~ What these ascended masters are here to teach us and how we can connect to their unconditional love

  • The Feminine Christ ~ What it is and how we can embody this divine energy in our life and leadership

Stay in Touch with Karen:

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Karen Prosen is a womxn’s witness, a Daughter of Devotion and an artist. She guides rising fem leaders into self-initiation and remembrance with her many offerings in person and online. Trained as a Clinical Mental Health Therapist with emphasis on social justice, somatics, mindfulness and trauma healing, she serves as a student first and foremost. 

Karen supports womxn to treat their bodies as temples, become living vessels and pour their magic forth on the pilgrimage of leadership, love and liberation. She believes that life is a gift, and even so, no one should ever have to do it alone.