077 | Giving Purpose to Your Money with Lara-Rose Duong



As an entrepreneur I have had to “look under the hood” when it comes to my own relationship to money. It took time to learn how to charge my worth, receive and accept money in my life, and actually educate myself on all the things I didn’t know.

The truth is, once you heal the old stories you've been carrying around money, it feels really awesome to earn it, to save it, and to spend it on things you love. I feel super proud of how far I've come in this area of my life and so grateful to see money as just another form of how I can nurture, give and receive. 

It was an honor to welcome Lara-Rose to the Rising Women Leaders podcast to share her own money story, and how we can take a step back and consider how our choices with money will affect all those who come after us. She offers her wisdom on how you can live with intention and how coming into alignment with your relationship to money will truly affect all areas of your life.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Prosperity & legacy ~ discovering how you wish to be remembered and what you want to leave behind

  • Lara’s money story and how she navigated her own debt, wealth & money management

  • How to free ourselves from our family money stories

  • Why “shutting everything down” can actually be the most productive decision you make for your business

  • Lara’s journey of taking a leap into entrepreneurship

  • Facing our fears, merging all parts of ourselves to be whole & honoring our soul’s calling

  • Your true value & why it is so much more than what’s reflected in your bank account

  • Living with intention & why giving purpose to your money is important

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