009 | The Body As A Vessel with Karen Prosen



Karen Prosen and I were immediately drawn to each other when we first met in downtown Sebastopol, CA when she came to look at the office space I was renting at the time.

Our connection deepened over the coming months when she joined my very first group coaching program for women two years ago and over time has become a dear friend, collaborator and teacher of mine as well.

Like myself and many of us, Karen's path of healing and service began with the body.  I invite you to pause today and listen to today's episode to learn about how Karen left a life of modeling around the world to becoming a true servant to the divine and the awakening of our collective consciousness.

My hope is this episode helps you remember to truly take care of and love your body as a temple so you can become a living vessel for spirit to move through.  

"Our body is a temple and a vessel, we are meant to be exalted and treated as such."

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Karen's story:  How she transformed her relationship to food and her body and connected to a higher power to let go of addiction and heal an eating disorder
  • Sacred morning rituals for love, compassion and awareness
  • How to see your body as a "temple" to become a "vessel" for your truth and begin your own soul's "pilgrimage"
  • How to listen deeply to your body's wisdom and know when to act on your intuition

Links in this episode:

  • Our upcoming Spring Day-Long Retreat in Occidental, CA   - there are a few spaces left!  Join us here
  • Karen's upcoming  VESSEL retreat  where I'll be teaching yoga June 16 - 20 over the Summer Solstice.  Early bird pricing + gifts available when you sign up in full by March 21, 2016
  • Karen's  Website

How will you choose to treat your body as a temple and vessel today?  I'd love to hear in the comments below.

With love,



Karen Prosen is a facilitator,  meditation guide,  artist, and a  wellness + business coach integrating  yoga, Buddhist philosophy and social justice into her offerings.  Earning her Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Karen  hosts  retreats,  meets with clients   over the phone and at her office in Sonoma County, CA, and designs  personalized meditation recordings. She supports people of all walks of life in transcending cultural paradigms and remembering that they are already living temples and clear vessels.