My #1 Cure For When I'm Feeling Depressed

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A couple weeks ago I was sitting on the beach in Costa Rica and everything on the outside was perfect: the sun was shining, the sky was blue, I was surrounded by palm trees and I knew I had worked hard to take myself on a vacation.  

Then out of no where I started feeling sad.  

"What's wrong?" I wondered.

I turned to my meditation practice, where I was able to watch my sensations and breath without judgement or need to change anything.  I felt much better, afterwards but I could tell, something was still off.

The next day I arrived at the yoga retreat I had traveled all the way to Costa Rica to attend.  As soon as I arrived, my spirits began to lift as I met a beautiful new group of people.  But that evening, I could feel a little bit of sadness still with me.  I decided to let it be.

Then a few days into the retreat I had this super magical moment.  Our retreat leader, Sianna, invited me to play a song on the harmonium.  I walked up to the front of the room and calmly accepted the invitation.  I sang a chant I had been working on at home, and everyone sang with me.  

I walked back to my seat feeling a rush of joy and peace.

I realized that even more than being surrounded by community, eating delicious food and taking care of my body, my soul was yearning to share my gifts.  

It was when I had an opportunity to give back, to do something I loved and also something that was a little scary, that everything changed.  I spent the rest of the week on cloud nine because I had a moment where my soul had been seen.

"Women have a soul need to express themselves."  
~Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I've always found retreats to be a safe and healing space to practice being in my voice and sharing my gifts, and that's why I created opportunities just like this in the Rising Women Leaders Bali Retreat.

I knew it was important to create a space for community and friendships to form, to have delicious food, and daily yoga, but I also wanted to create opportunities for women to inquire about and discover their innate gifts.

The theme of the week in our Bali Retreat is self-expression:  Expression through song, dance, writing, yoga and ritual.  

Workshops include: a cacao ceremony, how to reframe limiting beliefs, a new moon manifestation ritual, designing your dream life, opening the voice and self-expression through dance (to name a few!).

Applications are only open for 5 more days...until this Friday, April 1st.

If you've been considering joining us, I encourage you to take the leap and apply!

Now if you've been feeling stuck or sad, I'm wondering how can YOU start sharing YOUR gifts?  

Maybe it's time to take out the art supplies, teach a class, read your writing out loud, or cook a meal for someone you love.

Ask yourself:   What do I love?  How can I be seen?  Where can I share and give more of myself?  

It may feel a little scary, unfamiliar or vulnerable, but know that I am right here cheering you on.  I would love nothing more than for you to wake up everyday feeling empowered and alive knowing your soul is being seen and expressed.

With love,