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047 | Yoga & Social Justice with Michelle Johnson



The truth is racism still exists. It exists in our subconscious - as a memory in our bodies from our ancestry. It exists from past traumas of our ancestors still yearning to be healed. It exists in our conditioning, our society and how many of us were raised...

Many people have been in denial of its existence, but with Trump taking office, what has seemed to be under the surface for many has only become more and more real. People of color have seen and experienced it all along, and thankfully, more and more of us have been waking up to this truth.

Not long after I set the intention to further educate myself about white privilege and racism, I received an email out of the blue from a friend I haven't talked to in years ...connecting me to Michelle and her work.

So what can we do? I sat down to talk with Michelle Johnson to learn more about privilege, oppression and racism and her unique approach of integrating the teachings of yoga with social justice. I am so grateful to share her wisdom with you all today.  

“Racism is not just impacting people of color. The system of oppression is not just harming people of color, it's harming all of us because we are connected. We’re just not conditioned to see that connection.”

In this episode we discussed:

  • Michelle's story: What it was like growing up and feeling different and not fitting in
  • Michelle's definitions of privilege and oppression
  • How Michelle integrates healing and embodiment into anti-racism trainings
  • How to approach the discomfort, fear and emotional charge of race conversations
  • About Michelle's new book, Skill in Action
  • Actual steps we can take to create change in our world and way of being
  • The role of speaking up on behalf of everyone even when we ourselves are not the oppressed
  • Michelle's vision of hope and how she stays motivated in a world where there is still so much suffering and injustice

“One must be connected with their breath to feel their body. A connection to the body allows one to feel their heart. A connection with the heart allows one to become clear about their values so that they may connect with their humanity. When one sees their own humanity and realizes that others are suffering around them they have the opportunity to connect with the oneness of all beings and our shared humanity. From the breath, body, heart and awareness of humanity, one must take action. No one can exist without taking action. Skill in Action.”

~ from Michelle's Book, Skill in Action: Radicalizing Your Yoga Practice to Create a Just World

Links in this episode:

From Michelle:

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 3.58.06 PM.png

I have a deep understanding of how trauma impacts the mind, body, spirit and heart. My awareness of the world through my experience as a black woman allows me to know, first hand how privilege and power operate. I understand the toll that oppression can take on individuals and the collective physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I am a social justice warrior, empath, yoga teacher and practitioner and an intuitive healer. Whether in an anti-oppression training, yoga space, individual or group intuitive healing session, healing and wholeness are at the center of how I approach all of my work in the world. I've spent many years on the front lines of justice movements craving a space for healing through ritual, ceremony and sacred practice. While working in many non-profits with missions focused on justice I didn't find a space that centered healing as a tool to create justice. So, I created my own space and way of working.

I create healing spaces in many different ways working with individuals and groups. I lead anti-racism trainings, yoga workshops focused on the intersection of justice and yoga and I offer intuitive healing sessions to support social justice workers, healers and activists who are on the front lines and struggling with how to sustain themselves as they do their good work in the world.

I have a background as a licensed clinical social worker and I have been teaching yoga for ten years. I began my own teacher training in 2014 and recently wrote a book about yoga and justice, Skill in Action: Radicalizing Your Yoga Practice to Create a Just World. I inspire change that allows people to stand in their humanity and wholeness in a world that fragments most of us. There are myriad of ways to work with me. I hope to support you on your healing journey and path towards wholeness in whatever capacity allows you to live your fullest life.


The Art of Feminine Abundance


Last week a friend said to me, "I think you are looking more and more radiant every time I see you!" 

I thanked her, aware that there have been big shifts within myself over the last few months and was happy to hear this has been reflecting on the outside...

Lately I have become deeply intentional about how I live, take care of myself and show up in the world.

Today I want to invite you to my latest webinar on August 9th at 5 pm PST, The Art of Feminine Abundance and share with you just a few of the things that have began to create these shifts:

1. I deeply cleansed my home and my closet.
There is a kind of alchemy that happens when you face yourself with every item you own and ask "does this spark joy?" Going through this process (from the Life-changing magic of tidying up) has genuinely made me happier and has strengthened my ability to make hard decisions and only surround myself with the things I love.

Now when I go to my closet, I genuinely love everything in there. There's less confusion about what to wear, everything matches with each other, and everything fits me! (I brought 8 of my favorite items to a tailor to be custom fitted - no more holes, stains or baggy clothes!) 

2. I began going to an early morning yoga practice. 
Two to three days a week you'll now find me up at 6:30 am and heading to a yoga studio in my town for a two hour yoga practice with a master teacher. Getting into a flow with your yoga practice is all about finding the right teacher and being gentle with yourself while being challenged. This practice has been opening my body and challenging myself in new ways that is truly joyful. (Come practice with me! I'll be teaching this Thursday at 9:30 am at The dhyana Center in Sebastopol!)

3. I've been going to women's circles. 
A few times a month you will now find me in a circle of women sharing our vulnerable truths, dropping deep into our divine feminine power and seeing the goddess in each other. These spaces have been SO transformational for me. I love gathering with other women, and I have made this an absolute priority in my life.  (I'll be hosting a women's circle for cacao + song this Wednesday, July 26 at my home - just reply to this message for more details)

4. I've been practicing daily abhyanga and speaking to my body with love. 
Abhyanga is the Ayurvedic practice of massaging your body with oil. I have a few new oils I've been using - sesame and mahanarayan oil with essential oils added. I found the best practice has been to oil my body from feet to head - working from the extremities in (feet to legs to torso, hands to arms to the heart) and speaking loving words to myself: thank you! I love you! You matter! I bless you! Then I will jump in the shower or bath before toweling off.

5. I've been practicing the art of feminine abundance.
I've been deeply feeling in my body what I am grateful for and what I vision for myself. There is more to this practice, but for now that is what I will offer to you... because I've decided to lead a whole webinar on this topic: The Art of Feminine Abundance. Want to join? Sign up here.

I hope you integrate some of these ideas into your life because the results have been truly transformational. 

I wish for every person (especially every woman) to wake up with true gratitude and radiance. I wish for every woman to walk this path of beauty and self-love. 

Join the webinar here.



Live Lead Launch Webinar with Meredith Rom


Update! The recording of this webinar has currently expired. Make sure you are signed up for email updates (at the bottom of this page) to be  the first to know about the next time this webinar will be offered.

Thank you and stay tuned....

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Last week I led a webinar all about how to Live, Lead and Launch as a Rising Woman Leader. 

Many of you signed up to watch the webinar but the replay was only available for a couple days afterwards and some of you have reached out to share you weren't able to watch it in that limited time. So I really sat and thought about it, and I decided to make this webinar available for you as an audio on the Rising Women Leaders podcast.

I received such positive feedback from the women who took the time to listen that I knew I wanted this information to be available to as many women as possible.

I spent so much time gathering and putting all this valuable content together in one place for you to rise as the woman and leader you know you are… so here it is now available for free for you to listen to.

Just to note: this webinar was led live over video, so there are some parts where I am doing a screen share to show you the web page of my latest course, and you can actually find all the details about that at risingwomenleaders.com. 

There are some prompts I give throughout the episode so it would be great if you had a pen and paper to write down some of the ideas and insights that come to you.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • More about my story and why I believe it’s important for women to be sharing their gifts and their voices in the world 
  • Solutions to have more courage, share your voice, to lead with femininity ease and grace
  • The 5 mistakes I made when I launched my very first online offering and how you can avoid them
  • My 6 truths about fear and how to move through fear and self-doubt when it inevitably will arise as a feminine leader
  • The 4-step implementation process I use to design and launch successful online courses
  • All about my new offering Live, Lead and Launch that begins June 7th and includes 4 live calls for you to learn all the tools and systems you need to launch your dream online course...

Enrollment is now open until June 6th. Join us right here.

I believe the time is here for you:

To rise as the woman and leader you know you are

To stand up and share your gifts

To be spiritually AND financially empowered.

To thrive in your life's work AND do what you LOVE everyday.

To do it all in while embracing a feminine way of being and living: 

From the comfort of your own home.

On your own schedule.

From anywhere in the world… 

I hope you enjoy today’s show. 



Why I Didn't Take on New Work This Winter


The idea for my Live, Lead, Launch webinar came to me about 6 months ago, but I didn't take action on it.

That's because this winter I was deep in hibernation mode. I had just raised over $10k to publish my book, Just Be and the thought of launching anything or increasing my visibility felt like way too much.

What I really needed was rest. So besides continuing with a few coaching clients, taking small steps forward with my book and teaching a weekly yoga class, rest is what I did.

I gifted myself the time of deep rest and spiritual inquiry.

I took long walks with my cat in the back field. I meditated. I read books. I took naps on my couch.

And to be honest, part of me felt guilty about it. Part of me wondered what was happening to me. Was I losing my creative drive and ambition? Was I becoming a different person? Where was my usual zest for life? I began questioning everything.

I also compared myself to other women making huge strides in their career. I felt left behind. The voices in my head started telling me, "You should be doing more! You should be earning more! You should be serving more!"

In the past, I've listened to those voices, and you know what?

I burned out. I've been in that place where I drove myself to stay up late on the computer night after night and sacrifice my self-care. It was terrible.

I have recently vowed not to push myself like that anymore.

Only within the last few weeks have I felt myself waking up from winter's hibernation. I realize now, I wasn't losing myself.

I was finding myself. The wisdom of my body was guiding me closer to the feminine.

Honoring a feminine way of being and living is cyclical. It goes through phases of contraction and expansion.

Think of a woman giving birth. There are times of intensity, and then there are periods of rest. It's honoring that there is a universal force moving through you, and you have to trust in the process. You can't make it happen any faster than how it is naturally meant to unfold.

So I've been focusing my energy on one project at a time. I consistently ask myself:

Where do I invest my energy to make my highest contribution?

I have more trust in the natural rhythms and cycles of being a woman. I know it's okay if I go through periods of great expansion and periods of deep rest. I trust in the divine timing of when a project is ready to be birthed.

And after many months of incubation, my latest project, Live Lead Launch is ready for you.

If this way of living and being appeals to you, I'll be sharing more about it in my free webinar tomorrow.

Just click here to sign up if you haven't already. We go live tomorrow at 12 pm PDT.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How I went from $5/student as a yoga teacher to 5-figure months as an online entrepreneur
  • A system to design successful online courses (as well as mistakes I have made along the way)
  • How to address fears and doubts of becoming a leader and teacher
  • How to embrace a feminine way of being and living to avoid burnout when running a business

Even if you can't make it live, when you click here and sign up you'll be sent the replay while it's available.

And if you've been feeling the call to rise as a feminine leader, I know you probably have a deep calling to birth something into the world...

Today, I invite you to trust that it's happening. My hope is this free webinar will give you the tools you need to take your next steps while honoring the feminine in the process.

With love,



029 | God, Love, Sobriety & Finding Your Voice with Adriana Rizzolo


Have you ever gone on a trip to come back feeling like everything in your life just feels messy? I just came back from a trip to Kauai last week where I got to see dear friend Adriana Rizzolo, the featured guest on our podcast today.

Even though my inbox has been full, and I am bursting with so many creative ideas that it's hard to know where to start, I'm learning to love the mess. To love everything that's arising. To be okay with everything just as it is.

And this is something I love about Adriana - she carries herself with so much love and respect, no matter what the circumstances. 

In the episode Adriana shares about some pretty difficult hardships she's faced, including her story of healing from addiction and what happened when she lost everything she owned when her car was stolen.

So today, i invite you to breathe a little deeper, trust in the unfolding and love yourself (and your life exactly as it is) even if it sometimes all feels like a big mess...

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Adriana's story of addiction and sobriety and what role yoga and meditation played in her healing journey
  • How losing all her belongings and having her car stolen ended up as a divine intervention
  • Tips Adriana has for women who are finding their voice 
  • The role kirtan and chanting has played in her life
  • Adriana's thoughts on facing fears and stepping into a more loving and courageous life

“Often what I find underneath my fear is a genuine desire, and that’s okay.” 

With love, 

Adriana is an intuitive healer, yoga and meditation teacher, kirtan and voice guide, spiritual mentor, reiki master, hair stylist, writer and creative wild woman. Her passion is in helping others connect to the wild sacredness of their bodies, tender hearts, pelvic wisdom, authentic voices, and to their immense healing power of love. She helps others find their unique fire and build a strong connection to Spirit. She supports specifically in healing addiction and anxiety. She has studies extensively in India and with David Harshada Wagner and Living Meditation. She loves to nurture community, intimacy and connection to Spirit in a fun, powerful and practical way. Adriana trains individuals and leads sacred circles in New York City , Los Angeles and everywhere online. To find out more visit www.adrianarizzolo.com or on instagram @artofloving


020 | Standing Rock & A Message of Hope with Lyla June Johnston


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"All Nations Rise" Music Video

When I first watched Lyla June Johnston's music video, "All Nations Rise," it gave me  chills and I felt an immediate calling  to interview her for the Rising Women Leaders podcast.  

Lyla's video  soon went viral on Facebook, with over 1.6 million views, providing a powerful platform for Lyla to share her message of compassion, peace and prayer during turbulent times. 

I spoke with Lyla just days after she returned from Standing Rock last month.   I left this interview feeling filled with so much hope, passion, and devotion to our Mother Earth as well as my own dreams and ambitions.  I hope you will find the same.

Please take the time this week to listen to the  full episode, and I encourage you to share it with your friends.   The time has come for us all  to rise together.


"What you may think of as failure is actually a success ...because you tried... Creator doesn't want you to be  perfect, Creator just wants you to try."

In this episode Lyla shares:

  • Her experience at Sacred Stone Camp at Standing Rock
  • Her powerful story of overcoming  dark times of drugs, numbing and sexual abuse to find her light and power to be of service in this life
  • About a prayer circle where she received clear messages from her guides
  • The message she has for women who believe they have something powerful to share and give in their lives
  • What we can do to cleanse ourselves of fear
  • The role prayer plays in moving through turbulent times
  • How the Purification Lodge Ceremony has affected her life
  • A closing prayer in her native language

Links in this episode:

Lyla is calling in assistance,  management and administrative support in organizing her performances and speaking opportunities.  If you feel called to learn more, please contact her here.

Lyla June Johnston was raised in Taos, New Mexico and is a descendent of Diné (Navajo) and Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne) lineages. Her personal mission in life is to grow closer to Creator by learning how to love deeper. This prayer has taken her on many journeys and materializes in diverse ways.

She is a student of global cycles of violence that eventually gave rise to The Native American Holocaust and the destruction of many cyclic relationships between human beings and nature. This exploration birthed her passion for revitalizing spiritual relationships with Mother Earth and cultivating spaces for forgiveness and reconciliation to occur between cultural groups. She is a co-founder of The Taos Peace and Reconciliation Council, which works to heal intergenerational trauma and ethnic division in the northern New Mexico. She is a walker within the Nihigaal Bee Iiná Movement, a 1,000-mile prayer walk through Diné Tah (the Navajo homeland) that is exposing the exploitation of Diné land and people by uranium, coal, oil and gas industries. She is the lead organizer of the Black Hill Unity Concert which gathers native and nonnative musicians to pray for the return of guardianship of the Black Hills to the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota nations. She is the also the founder of Regeneration Festival, an annual celebration of children that occurs in 13 countries around the world every September.

In 2012, she graduated with honors from Stanford University with a degree in Environmental Anthropology. During her time there she wrote the award winning papers: Nature and the Supernatural: The Role of Culture and Spirituality in Sustaining Primate Populations in Manu National Park, Peru and Chonos Pom: Ethnic Endemism Among the Winnemem Wintu and the Cultural Impacts of Enlarging Shasta Reservoir. She is a musician, public speaker and internationally recognized performance poet. Lyla June ultimately attributes any achievements to Creator who gave her the tools and resources she uses to serve humanity.

She currently lives in Diné Tah, the Navajo ancestral homeland which spans what is now called New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. She spends her free time learning her engendered mother tongue, planting corn, beans and squash and spending time with elders who retain traditional spiritual and ecological knowledge.


019 | The Power of Self-Love with Meredith Rom



On Friday I made an instagram post for the women in my community who I knew were feeling the energies of what is happening at Standing Rock.

As sensitive beings, we can so easily pick up on the emotions in the air around what is happening to our Mother Earth as well as the anger and emotions from the tribes protecting their water.  

I wrote this message as a reminder that we are all doing our part to heal the collective...as I believe how we treat ourselves is a valid place to start in healing our world.   (Scroll to the bottom of this message to read the full post).

And today I have a new podcast for you, on the power of self-love. 

To me, self-love is about knowing how to show up for ourselves when challenges and difficulties arise.  When we create that foundation of self-love, that's when we can live beyond our fears and fully share our gifts with the world, knowing that no matter what happens, we will be okay. 

In many ways, it's much easier to do acts of self-care like yoga practice, meditation, and healthy eating when everything is going smoothly...

But if you can call upon these acts in times of challenge?  That is where the real work comes in.

What I share in the podcast, is a talk I wrote under the guidance of KC Baker this summer as part of her speechwriting course.  (If you are planning to join me for my Celebration event, Yin Yoga, Tea & Book Reading, you may like to wait to hear it in person there.)

I share the story of one of my greatest challenges, where the world felt like it was falling apart, and instead of becoming a victim to my circumstances, I chose love, awareness and forgiveness.  I also write about this experience in detail in my book, Synchronicity.

That single choice made in a moment of complete distress, went on to dramatically alter the course of my life. 

Learning how to hold myself with unconditional love allowed me to find a deep forgiveness and truly love others without conditions. 

Choosing to love and forgive is not always easy, I know.  But I believe it is a true path to miracles.  I hope my story will inspire you in your own path of self-love and forgiveness.

There are only 4 days left to pre-order your early copy of Synchronicity and donate to the Kickstarter campaign (special thanks for how StartMotionMEDIA produced my video.  We are so close to reaching the goal!  Check out all the latest stats and make a contribution right here.

With love, 

P.S. In the podcast I reference one of my past podcasts, "Fall in Love with Yourself" that includes all my favorite self-care tips.  You can find that right here.

Thank you  @theessenceoracle  For this beautiful image, via  @daniellebertoia

Thank you @theessenceoracle For this beautiful image, via @daniellebertoia

Sister, I want you to know you are doing your part. 

By healing your own psyche, you are altering the collective consciousness. 
By loving yourself, you are healing the collective consciousness. 
I believe how we as a whole, are treating the world is a direct reflection of how we as a whole, are treating ourselves. 
Tearing up the Earth, using up our resources solely for financial gains, polluting the airs, polluting the waters...How many people do you see in the world today treating their own bodies this way? 
As we heal ourselves, we naturally heal the collective. 
Sister, every time you shift a thought of self-hate to self-love, you are doing your part.
Every time you show up to your yoga mat, you are doing your part. 
Every time you nourish your body, every time you meditate, every time you pray, even every time you do something that brings you joy, you are doing your part. 
I believe when we AS A WHOLE, collectively love, nurture and cherish ourselves, it will be directly reflected in how we love, nurture and cherish our Mother Earth. 

Let's rise together. 
In our prayers. 
In our devotion.
And in our ability to take small steps toward healing ourselves, healing all beings and healing the great mother who holds us all. 

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016 | Mysteries of Mary Magdalene with Faye Wylder


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This past week I have been immersing myself in the life and teachings of Mary Magdalene.  My friend recently brought out a pile of books she was giving away where I picked up The Magdalene Manuscript  and began to learn more about the mystery and magic of her life.

As life's synchronicities would have it, Mary Magdalene happened to be the topic of my next podcast interview with Faye Wylder.  Faye has been such a positive force in my life, and brings so much light, love and encouragement to other women.

I'm beginning to really see the power of calling upon ascended masters like Mary Magdalene to reconnect with source energy.    If you have been intrigued to learn more about Mary Magdalene and want to learn more about how you can work with the unconditional love she has to offer, I highly recommend you listen to today's show.

In this episode you'll learn about:

  • Mary Magdalene's message and magic
  • The meaning of sovereignty
  • Faye's experience of pregnancy and motherhood
  • Faye's definition of affluence
  • How Faye recognizes when fear arises and how she continues to spread her light 
  • More details about Faye's Magdalene Mentorship program

With love, 

Faye Wylder is a Lightcaster, Spiritual Mentor, Mama, and Dancer. She is very, very Human. 

Faye mentors EnterpRising Feminine Leaders, to activate their sovereignty, and amplify their light, naturally increasing their spiritual and material affluence. She works closely with the over lighting mentorship of Mary Magdalene, streaming her mystery, message, and Unconditional Love into modern entrepreneurship and living. 

In her group program and private mentorship container, Faye weaves embodied divinity with practical, aligned tools, empowering women to upgrade their nervous systems (because making stuff can be scary!) and really, truly, vibrantly, courageously shine the Light they came to shine, creating and anchoring new paradigms of Love for humanity through their thriving enterprise. 

Join the #Lightcaster love fest on Instagram via @fayewylder and learn more about Faye's offerings at fayewylder.com


How to Lead "The Feminine Way"

Image by Elisha Yarrington

Image by Elisha Yarrington

I see an awakening in women, especially in sweet, kind, soft, and nurturing women who are ready to stand up, express themselves, and share their voice. However, I know from personal experience that a lot can get in the way when stepping up to lead. 

I struggled with being a shy and sensitive person and wondered, "How I can I really stand out in a world with so many loud voices?"  I didn't quite know how to authentically express myself and take action.

Then I imagined the kind of world we would live in if there were loving, kind, and sensitive women in leadership roles. I imagined the kind of role models we would have for our children and the kind of healing that would take place on the global consciousness.

I knew I needed to make a shift.

When I imagined myself stepping up to lead in the way I really wanted to—teaching international retreats, empowering other women to find their voice, speaking in front of large crowds, and leading group programs—at first, I was terrified.

But then I realized this fear was telling me something about my future and my purpose: my fear was guiding me to the exact next step I needed to take in my life.

I believe our fears bring us closer to our purpose. 

I began taking action despite my fears and saw that tapping into my soft and sensitive side did not hold me back at all; instead, I found my feminine nature to be an asset in order to lead. 

As feminine beings, we do not need to change who we are to fit into the world around us. I have found we just need to be supported in facing our fears and listening to our intuition in order to make a bigger impact.

Here are the qualities I have found to be the most useful in tapping into my inner,  feminine leader:

Honor Intuition

Having access to my intuition has been one of my greatest assets to running my own business and stepping up as a leaderin my profession. When I take the time to go on a run or a dance class or sit down on my meditation seat first thing in the morning, I feel like I am continually gifted with amazing ideas. When I tap into my body's wisdom—my intuition—I know how and when to make decisions, and I can trust those decisions won't lead me astray.

Know When to Act and When to Be Patient

What I have found to be essential in facing my fears and taking action towards my dreams is the balance between the feminine and masculine within myself. Often, leaders step into their more "masculine" side when taking center stage and forget to honor the feminine qualities of intuition, patience, and self-love. 

It was important for me to take action, but it was also important to step back and acknowledge what I had done. I learned to find a balance by making time and space to vision and manifest while taking grounded action towards my dreams. When I created the space for my creative, feminine nature, I suddenly found myself more ready to take big stepsin my career.

Develop a Consistent Self-Care Routine

After I faced a fear, I discovered it was so important to rest into self-love and self-care. That was when I accepted and nurtured myself for exactly where I was. I gave myself permission not to have to change too fast. This has been key in avoiding potential "burnout." 

Now when I take a big step, I remember to honor myself by taking a bath, spending a weekend with my girlfriends, or knowing when to do nothing at all. It is this time off that recharges me and gets me ready for my next big step.

Find Support Through Sisterhood

For years, I have been going on runs down the road outside my house amidst rolling hills and vineyards. There is an uphill incline for the last stretch and still, every time, I am out of breath and unsure if I can make it.

One day, I had a friend over and invited her to join me on my weekly run. On that final stretch, I felt my breath get heavier and I felt like I needed to stop. As I slowed down, my friend passed me to cross the finish. In that moment, everything inside me wanted to give up. I lost hope and lost my stamina. I started walking.

Then something magical happened.

Before she crossed the finish line, she stopped, turned around and started cheering for me. “Woohoo! You can do it!” she yelled. I looked up and smiled to see her cheering me on. Suddenly, I had the energy to keep going. She continued to clap and cheer me on as I crossed the finish line. With a little encouragement, I stopped thinking about my exhaustion, my aches, and my pain. My energy was completely restored.

I realized it was so much easier to cross the finish line when there was a sister there cheering me on. When I actively brought more women into my life, and was willing to share my challenges and struggles, I found the support through other women kept me moving forward. It was in those vulnerable spaces with other women that I gained more strength and courage to step out as a leader.

Have you been avoiding any of your innate feminine qualities?  If so, I invite you to try listening to your intuition, being patient, resting into self-care, and joining with other women to see just what kind of magic will happen in your life.


My Deepest Desire

courage-divine-rising leaders-selflove

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, "Am I really making a difference?" As artists and yogis it can be hard to see the impact we are creating when we don't always see tangible results from our efforts.

I began to question my efforts just last week when I was visiting my family in snowy Minnesota. I was visiting the town where my dad grew up, a place I have been going to every summer and Christmas since I was a young girl, near the Boundary Waters Canoe area in Ely, MN.

One day I went to visit my aunt at her cabin, and learned about the project she has spent the last year devoting herself to, Save the Boundary Waters. 

She formed the organization after learning about the planned mining in the watershed near the protected lands of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  Because of the flow of the waters, sulfide exposed from the mining has the potential to pollute the beautiful lakes, wilderness and protected lands of the Boundary Waters.

My grandfather started the largest canoe country outfitting business in the 1950's that would bring people into these beautiful, silent lands of the BWCA where motor boats were not allowed.  He played a big role in helping the Boundary Waters become protected land in the Wilderness Act of 1964.

Becky's desire to protect the lands inspired me.  From a passionate desire to save the land that is so close to her, she created an organization from nothing that now has access to a million dollars worth of grants, over 50,000 signatures on a petition to save the waters, several employees in the organization, and she has even started conversations with Barrack Obama's team at the White House to take action to protect the watershed from mining.  (If you'd like to sign the petition, you can do so here. )

Her story touched me because it showed me:

When there is something you are passionate about that is for the greater good of humanity, the universe will conspire with you to create a movement.

I left that day thinking about my business, and my mission, and really wanting to ask myself, "Why?  Why do I do what I do?  How am I making a difference?"

I sat down to think about my purpose, my mission and what I hope to accomplish in this life.  Through my inquiry, I wrote this piece:


My deepest desire is to awaken human consciousness from their sleeping state.

My deepest desire is for all beings to heal their emotional wounds and live with freedom and abundance.  I imagine a world where every human being loves themselves - their spirit and their body - exactly as they are.   When they do, the self-destruction stops and they understand acceptance and impermanence.
When people love and accept themselves, they release the need to take their anger out on others and their environment.

I believe how people treat their surroundings is a reflection of how they treat themselves.

I desire all beings to be free of fear so they realize they are creating their own reality.  I desire every being to believe in themselves and their highest potential, always.  I desire all beings to act in favor of their highest good and the highest good of the universe, always.
My desire is for every human to experience profound peace and total forgiveness.
I am teaching women to be divine feminine leaders and teachers to be the beacon of light that will raise the collective consciousness of the world.

When we raise the collective consciousness, there is no need for war, for greed, for violence, or for destroying the earth we walk on.  When every being is at peace with themselves, they are at peace with the world.

Desires disappear and the only desire left is to save the other suffering souls from destroying themselves and the planet.
We need to do our part.
Every time a woman takes a courageous act of self-love, she becomes an inspiration.  Her action ripples out to every person around her.
Every act of self-love ripples out into the universe.
Every act of courage ripples out into the universe.

We all need to live as our highest selves to make this earth a beautiful place to live.

There are still many people living in their story, their past, and their wounds.  I am here to show them how to weave a life of beauty, magic, and synchronicity.
When we start loving ourselves, facing our fears and living our purpose, we raise the collective consciousness.
We can all be enlightened beings, but no one can be left behind.
We all need to do our part.

Through my writing, I saw how important the work I am doing really is.  And even though it is not directly saving the land from pollution, it is making the world a better place to live.

So if you are out there, and have ever questioned your gifts and asked, "Am I really making a difference?"  Know that you are.  Through your presence, through how you treat yourself, through your actions, you are making a difference.  You are touching every person around you and in doing so, creating a ripple effect that will change the world.

It is time for women to step up into their role as leaders, to live by example, face their fears and fully love and believe in themselves.

It is time for the divine feminine to rise.

Will you join me in the movement?

Love, Meredith


About the author:

Meredith Rom is a spiritual activist who’s work has been empowering women since 2010. She helps women tap into self love and a life full of magic through her writing, coaching, and yoga retreats.