083 | Creativity, Art & Learning to Trust with Devon Walz


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I recently heard Elizabeth Gilbert speak on the topic of creativity … and since then I’ve been thinking A LOT about how creativity supports us in feeling healthier and more alive. The universe is constantly creating (think about the plants, stars, asteroids, really the whole universe is constantly shifting, changing, growing, evolving and being creative) so when WE are being creative, it’s like we are aligning with the natural laws of the universe. It’s turning out to be an incredible antidote to depression, grief, illness and anxiety, among other ailments.

It was so fun to dive into this topic with artist Devon Walz talk about the rich topic of creativity on this week’s episode…

In this episode we discussed:

  • How Devon stays focused, motivated and continually inspired in the creative process

  • Her story of moving through depression, undergoing a lot of healing and learning how to do art and business in a way that works for her as a result

  • The role of trust and intuition in the creative process + life in general!

  • Staying committed to personal truth while building a business in our masculine, fast-paced society

  • The role that emotional work + self-care continues to play in art and business

  • The main blocks holding back creatives and visionaries from doing their work

  • Why we need artists + visionaries to be doing their work in the world and the role they're playing for all of us

  • How art aids in shifting the consciousness

  • How Devon faces her fears in the realm of creativity + entrepreneurship

Stay in Touch with Devon:

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Devon Walz is a professional artist, muralist,  mentor and dreamer.

She believes that creativity and beauty are powerful medicine for us all and sees her own art as the most essential way to know herself. Through her colorful and etheric-feeling abstract paintings, she explore the ways that emotion, energy and form collide. 

Devon mentors developing creatives along their path and helps them to realize their most honest expression. Her approach is one that combines practical strategy, emotional healing and deep love. 

In addition to mentorship and online courses, she hosts 1-on-1 painting weekends (for artists and non-artists alike) to make a mess, break out of perfectionism and discover their soul’s language in her Southern California art studio.

Her work has been licensed by companies big and small, and is held by collectors around the globe.