084 | The Bliss Method with Lee Noto

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I left this conversation with Lee Noto so energized!

Her story of burning out after hustling her way to the top is all too common… I feel her story and message are deeply needed at a time where so many of us still struggle with pushing beyond our limits.

May this conversation remind you to slow down and integrate the power of the feminine into your life…

In this episode we covered:

  • Lee’s story of how facial paralysis and cystic breakouts led her to her healing journey

  • The Bliss Method - What it is, how to use it and how to habituate bliss as a way of being

  • Simple and powerful practices to allow bliss into our day

  • The power of play

  • The fear Lee has faced this year and an inside-look into her life as a business owner

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Lee Noto is an Intimacy Coach & Bliss Expert. She works with ambitious, high-powered women at the top of their game go from burnout to bliss so that they can regain their sense of self without compromising their success.

At the height of her success, fueled by hustle, she found herself in a state of complete and utter burnout, confronted by cystic breakouts, full-body hives, and facial paralysis. This wakeup call led her to mastermind her own journey to bliss using a set of practices that are now the cornerstone of her signature transformational system called The Bliss Method. 

She now coaches clients one-on-one and leads workshops and talks around the world. Lee incorporates aspects of Eastern and Western modalities, such as: neuroscience, psychology, Tantric philosophy, various meditative practices, Reiki, and more. She has studied with numerous teachers on subjects including conscious & sacred sexuality, meditation, breath work, and transformational change work. Her unique approach allows her to create a safe space for clients to step into their power and create a bliss-filled life. 

Learn more about the work Lee does by visiting leenoto.com