Astrological Happenings this Week


Have you ever wondered about so many weird things happening in your daily life? There are of course scientific bases on these events but sometimes there are things that are so hard to explain and sometimes out of boredom or sheer curiosity, we rely on astrological explanations online. While knowing your horoscope predictions and astrology readings can be fun, they also serve as guides for our everyday experiences. 

Astrological readings can sometimes help us motivate and do things more enthusiastically. They also remind us on future dangers and cautions needed to be done in order to live harmoniously with the things around us most especially the people we communicate with on a daily basis. We have families and friends and romantic relationships and truth is, they are important to us and so we can only hope for the best image of ourselves. Relying on astrological readings is not bad because these are meant to remind us in our everyday connection with the world. Here, we list down some astrological happenings this week that might be relevant to our understanding of daily experiences for the week.

The New Moon occurred on May 25, 2017. This event reminds us to do personal endeavors and assessments of our previous tasks and assignments. It is also a good opportunity for listening and taking a break from all stressful things that we have undergone. Gemini energy helps us to focus on positivity and everything positive be it in our relationships or plans. This is a good opportunity to change personal perspectives on different areas of life, start new projects, open up questions about things and seek good company. These are all important in one's wellbeing for it affects in building healthy and lasting relationship. 

The First Quarter Moon occurs on the day of June 1 2017 at about 8:42 am EDT. This day is Thursday and it happens when the Sun in Gemini forms a square with the Moon of Virgo. This event signifies a random undertaking to be done and that we should be aware of the actions we do towards people around us especially that we influence other people and other people influences us too. Beginning a project in a New Moon may experience loss and failure however one can focus on other endeavors that are equally important like meditation, planning and exploration. These are important actions needed in order to expect fruitful results from our various projects.

The Sun is in Gemini from May 20 until June 21 of the year. Our intellectual life are heightened by this changing circumstance and this is good because, it fosters our knowledge of the people, the places and the world around us, in general. We find happiness and fulfillment by guiding other people and teaching them our ways towards a life of prosperity. We tend to become more aware about the circumstances and experiences of other people so that we may also listen and not only hear, admire and not only talk about and most importantly, to care and be concerned of other's plight and not only of ours. 


The Mercury is in Taurus from May 16 to June 6 and this event highlights our humility and common understanding. It covers our thought from present things that might doubt us so that we may communicate more and sense things and emotions better. We also think attentively about our past experiences and contemplate on our past problems and issues in order to advance our interests on the future to come. This event also signifies our inclination on several things that may help us feel comfortable like discovering new hobbies, eating good food and having wonderful time with our self. It is also a good opportunity to forgive and forget and to leave all bad experiences behind in order to forward our thought on the present.

The Venus is in Aries from April 28 to June 6 which means love is important. This doesn't only designate the romantic kind of love but also love to our friends and most especially, love to our family. Let these people feel that they are loved and you will be amazed on the love they give back to you. Be bold and secure with your attitude especially in meeting new people. Aries energy is focused on exploring things and being adventurous. They tend to seek the greater things in life by risking but this does not mean they don't think carefully. We are huddled with problems but we are still able to find the glorious things in life because we explore not only with our sense but also with our emotions. The impact of this event also caters to our ability to be patient about results and more importantly, to become truthful to our expectations. It is however relative that we depend so much on our desires and our ways on getting to it but having fixed goals, both for short terms and in the long-run, are important recipes for success. 

A trine also happens between Venus and Saturn on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. This is an emblem for anchoring towards a cause whether a movement to help other people or to seek romantic relationships. This approaches a time to reap the benefits of hard work but also to be attuned to the greater fulfilment of honesty, love and maturity. This is also a good time to hone ourselves to become more reliable companions to others and become good listeners. It is also a good time to dedicate our energy to self-betterment whether focusing on our health aspects, career and physical image but most especially to our inner wishes so that we may desire truthfully to what our happiness reflects. Besides it is a moment to also reflect on the benefits of our hard work, being responsible and honing maturity in order to become persons ready to take on the next challenges of life however hard or light they may be. We are always assured of our strength knowing that we take good care and handle our liaisons and relationships very well

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