035 | Feeling Our Feelings with Erin Telford



Two weeks ago my community in Sonoma County was shaken awake in the middle of the night by unexpected wildfires raging through the city and countryside.

In the days afterwards, there was an immense amount of grief, fear and shock in the field. For days I was sitting on the edge of my seat wondering if I would need to evacuate.  (Luckily I didn't need to, we have had to just be careful about the air quality, which has significantly improved this week).

I watched as this powerfulevent invited people to  deeply listento the land and the call of their own heart. I saw people around me stepping into their truth, alignment and gifts like never before. I saw people  coming together in love and support of one another. I felt the love and support of this community in a new way. 

Over the past two weeks I have been reflecting on the   powerful metaphor of life, death and rebirth. I have been asking  myself:

What do I wish to burn away right now? and

What in my life would I hold on to? 

It has been incredibly clarifying on what is truly important to me. (And surprisingly there was a lot I saw I could let go of) 

with this powerful time of destruction & rebirth, there are a lot of emotions to be felt.

In the midst of all the events happening in our world, again and againwhat I keep coming back to for healing is feeling our feelings. Letting the grief, the anger, the fear come to the surface to be loved. 

And that's what today's episode on the Rising Women Leaders podcast is all about.

It wasa joy to sit down with another sensitive soul and kindred spirit Erin Telford to speak about healing our hearts, honoring our emotions and listening to our "soul whispers."  I hope you enjoy it. 

"Healing is not about calming down. It’s not about blunting your feelings. It’s about moving the lifetime of pain energy out of the body. "

In this episode we discussed:

  • What ignited Erin's healing journey
  • The experience of her first breathwork ceremony 
  • Listening to her soul whispers and her decision to leave NYC
  • An inside peek of the book she is ready to birth!
  • Healing the heart ~ Erin's experiences with heartbreak and her thoughts on healing the heart when letting go of someone you love
  • What Erin attributes to her success as a spiritual business woman

"When you know your value is not negotiable by outside situations, you're pretty solid."

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Erin Telford is a certified Breathwork teacher, acupuncturist, Reiki Master, and herbalist.  Her mission is to guide people to look within, open their hearts and heal their relationship with themselves.  She holds safe, sacred space for change through therapeutic conversation and lifestyle counseling.  She is fiercely committed to doing her own personal work because she knows that she can only take her clients as deep and as far as she is willing to go.  Her one on one sessions and workshops empower her clients to connect to their intuition so that they can find the answers they are looking for.  She has been featured in Shape Magazine, Nylon, NY Magazine, Well + Good, The Numinous and in Refinery 29 as one of “6 Women Who Are Redefining Wellness in New York City.”