034 | Cultivate Inner Radiance with Cait Scudder

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Have you ever met one of those people you instantly feel so calm and centered in their presence? That's how I felt talking to Cait. She is a vibrant soul who followed her heart leaving "the grind" behind in New England to embody inner radiance in Bali, Indonesia. 

You'll feel yourself transported to Bali as you listen to this episode - you'll even hear the roosters crowing outside with the sun rise!

"There's a difference between angular commitment and a just as powerful force of fierce devotion. I see fierce devotion as the fuel for courage." 

In this episode we discussed:

  • Trusting in the divine flow 
  • The courage it takes to own and embody our gifts, to live our light out loud 
  • How to handle the muck (not being afraid of it, learning to befriend and expand self-love massively during these times) 
  • Taking the leapand  being okay with not-knowing 
  • Radiance and what it means to live aligned, in truth and on fire 

Learn about Cait's Radiance Rising Retreat Coming up in Bali inMarch 2018 

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Cait Scudder, MAT, RYT-500, is a lit-up transformation catalyst that empowers women to uncover, embrace and embody the most dazzling version of themselves. She is a radiant living coach, writer, speaker, and yoga & meditation teacher living in Bali, and is also founder of the Radiant Living School. Cait holds programs, workshops, and retreats around the globe for soul-centered women on a mission to shine. Connect with her at caitscudder.com and learn more about her Radiant Living School program here.