Love is stronger than fear


Everyday, every moment, you are presented with a choice.  You can choose to stay stuck in fear, or you can choose love, over and over again.

This year I’ve started making choices to create my own path.  When I used to think about leading a workshop or seeing clients one on one, I would sit in tremendous fear.  Now, I see a choice.  I can choose to dig a hole for myself and sit in my fear, or I can catch myself and choose to believe I am loved and supported in exactly what I want to do.

We are presented with so many choices even in just one day.  When we see ourselves beginning to dig that hole of fear, we can choose love instead.  Our job is to choose love over fear, again and again, every step of the way.

Ask yourself if your motives are in line with the higher good of all beings, and take action.

Choose to see the good in yourself, and take action from that place.

If what you are after is in the highest good for yourself, and other beings, it becomes your duty to serve that good.

Try this affirmation:

It is safe for me to be powerful and take charge of my life in positive ways. 

Integrate this into your yoga practice.  When you practice with dedication and focus, you become closer to integration and connection.  Light enters where there was once darkness.