In Life & Work I Value:

I know how challenging it can be to navigate the path of spirituality and starting your own business.

I work with my clients to find the sweet spot of feminine & masculine balance: setting clear timelines and creating structure to meet your goals, while also working on the level of the subconscious to heal and uplevel all areas of your life.

It’s time to make the lasting impact your soul came here to make.

Do you find yourself…

  • Held back by fear or self-doubt when it comes to manifesting your dreams or growing your business?

  • Lacking clarity on what your mission is or how to share about it?

Are you ready to…

  • Lead programs, retreats, and workshops and have the structure and support to make it all happen?

  • Own your worth, step into financial abundance and do work you truly love?

  • Invest in the support of an encouraging guide, someone who has done it all before?


Together, we will clear away the blocks and find a delicate balance for you to take grounded action towards your dreams

Dream Bigger .  Find Your Voice .  Share Your Gifts.

~  Sarah Kate , Herbal Educator at   The Great Kosmic Kitchen   ,  Sebastopol, CA

~ Sarah Kate, Herbal Educator at The Great Kosmic Kitchen, Sebastopol, CA

I loved having coaching calls with Meredith because I felt like she made everything feel so simple. She takes the stress and worry out of “what to do next,” and outlines simple steps to make it happen. I remember getting off every call feeling full of new energy and motivated to work towards the next step. I have the  confidence to move forward and step into my dreams.

 I appreciated Meredith's unique experience with being an  entrepreneur while staying true to self care and nourishment on many levels. The way she leads her life is rather inspiring.

Though it was tight for me to sign up for the coaching program I'm so glad I did because through Meredith's support I've made back that investment three-fold! 

...Refine Your Life's Highest Contribution and Service...

Over 7 Months We Will Dive Into:

Creating space for your highest self to emerge and be SEEN
Healing Trauma and Old Wounds
Ancestral Healing
Addressing the Blocks that are Preventing you from SHINING at your True Brilliance
Finding and Sharing your VOICE
Following the Chakra system, each month we will look at a new area of your life including:

Root: Foundation

Clear the clutter from your home and make space for your dreams
Learn ancient practices for self-love and body wellness

Sacral: Femininity

Tap into creativity, sensuality and feminine essence
Learn practices to connect to and heal the womb

Solar Plexus: Worthiness

Shift your relationship to money and own your self-worth
Learn the art of feminine abundance and manifestation
Increase inner magnetism for prosperity
Do a deep dive financial health check up to gain clarity of your income and expenses

Heart Chakra: Love

Find joy in your relationships, learn practices for deeper communication
Honor your vulnerability, invite romance into your life
Deepen connection in sisterhood

Throat Chakra: Voice

Speak your truth & honor your voice with authenticity
Write & share your story, learn practices for singing & speaking
Refine your service & contribution, become the leader you know you are

Third Eye Chakra: Inner Knowing

Refine the vision for your life, tap into intuition
Honor spiritual essence through meditation
Write your dreams, step into devotion

Crown Chakra: Connection to the Divine

Deepen connection to a higher power and step into your highest self

What do you wish to birth in the world?

During the 7 months I'll also be offering guidance on a specific project, workshop, talk, website, offering that you are wishing to BIRTH.

Program options: 

Diamond Level Includes: 

  • Two private (60 min) sessions per month

  • Monthly Wisdom Teaching Recording (mp3)

  • Access to the Rising Women Leaders Resource Library

  • Email Support

Gold Level Includes: 

  • One private (75 min) session per month

  • Monthly Wisdom Teaching Recording (mp3)

  • Access to the Rising Women Leaders Resource Library

  • Email Support

Designed for Women on a Mission

Create a Relationship with Your Highest Self
Discover Your Why, Your Mission and the Message You Wish to Gift to the World
Write and Own Your Story of Transformation
Refine Your Branding and Website in Alignment with Your Heart's Truth

Design and Refine Your Highest Offering into  an Online Course, In-Person Retreat or Program
Cultivate Self-Love by Honoring a Feminine Way of Being & Living
Connect Deeply To Your Life's Vision and Move Beyond Your Fears
Move Through Financial Blocks and Limiting Beliefs that Have Been Holding You Back From Claiming Your Sovereignty
Sell Your Divinely Guided Offerings with Authenticity and Connection to the Heart
Align and Open to Receive Financial Abundance  Through Sharing Your Life's Work
Design a Workshop that Can Be Offered In-Person or Online
Own Your Innate Power As a Feminine Leader

the Rising WOmen Leaders resource library includes:

  • Goal Setting and Action plans

  • Body Wellness & Self-care

  • Finances & Relationship to Money

  • Business Development

  • Branding and Online Marketing

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Harnessing Focus

  • Cultivating Courage

  • Finding Your Voice

  • Living Your Visions

  • Rising into Leadership

  • Morning Rituals

  • Ayurvedic Routines

  • Self-Care Practices

  • Delicious New Recipes

  • How to Write Your Transformation Story

  • How to Create Your Ideal Schedule

  • Tips and Tools for Massive Productivity

  • How to Find Your WHY and your Ideal Audience

  • The Karmic Flow of Money & Abundance

  • Tools to Access Intuition

  • Practices to Release Jealousy & Comparison and Stay Focused on Your Message

  • Online Business Skills to Promote Your Offerings, Reach Your Ideal Clientele and Build a Thriving Course or One-on-One Practice

Recap of What You Receive:

Private Coaching over 7 months

A Monthly Wisdom Teaching Recording Guided Through the Chakras

Rising Women Leaders Resource Library

Email Support

Surprise Gifts

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