My prayer for you this summer

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After a couple long days on the computer and phone this week, I was experiencing lower back pain and getting frustrated with technology glitches (that are bound to happen in Mercury retrograde).  I was putting a lot of pressure on myself, so when things weren't working, I fully surrendered. I dropped everything and went to Amma's ashram in San Ramon.  If you're unfamiliar with my work or stories about Amma, she is known as "hugging saint" - a guru from India who travels around the world giving people hugs.

Upon arrival, I immediately felt a shift within myself.  I felt the calming energy, I ate the food made with love, and I was met with smiling faces saying "Om namah shivaya."  (I bow to the divinity that resides within us all)

I meditated, sang, and stayed up until the early morning hours to receive a hug from the divine mother, the hugging saint, Amma.

While there, I received a massage that eased my lower back pain, I held my intention to join women from around the world in 40 days of sacred practice and devotion, I prayed for renewal, and to surrender to how spirit would have things go.  I fully let it go.

The next day, I went to our dear friend Tirza's yoga class.  She had invited Michael to sing for her class, and for the first time, I got to receive Michael's beautiful songs while participating (rather than being the teacher).

On our tour, there were many moments when students cried (his music really touches your heart). I was always moved, but held the space for what wanted to arise in others.

As a participant, moving through the poses, I had the thought, "I have been so hard on myself!" 

"For what?" I wondered.

I realized, any stress I feel in my life has been completely self-created. 

Tears streamed down my face as a new mantra entered my mind, "My life is already so beautiful. There's no need for more pressure. Let it be easy." 

Let it be easy! So simple. So true.

So today, I will continue to tune into my heart, and prioritize my practices and connection to spirit.

I know from experience, it takes courage to slow down, and prioritize our devotion and self-care practices.  It takes courage to face our fears, and follow our dreams in service to our calling, and a higher good...

This is what I want for you:

Permission to love yourself first and to follow your dreams and your heart, no matter what. 

To face your fears and take action, but to do it all with ease, grace, spaciousness and most importantly, faith. 

Since that day at Amma's, a rush of women have joined me in the VISION sisterhood to manifest their desires this summer, and there are now only a few spaces left.

If you feel called to make space for this new way of living this summer, I would love to have you as part of this sisterhood.   I invite you to join us here. 

Love, Meredith


Why we should share our prayers


At some point we stopped being able to express our needs to the world in order to portray a facade of perfection.  

Why are we hiding what is most true and needed in our life?

I've realized what is most authentic to us in any given moment, is also the most vulnerable to share.  Maybe we are experiencing a heartbreak, looking for a job, a home, or experiencing loss or grief.  These are usually the hardest things to share with the world around us, because it shows vulnerability - that we are not capable of figuring it all out on our own.

But what if vulnerability is what granted us what we wanted in the world?

What if by sharing our truest prayers to our community they would manifest that much faster?  

The universe needs us to express our needs in order to fulfill them.

When a baby is hungry and is not fed, the baby cries louder.  But when we are having trouble - at home, in our career, or in our relationships, we hide it to the world around us because we want to put up a facade that everything is going well.

At what point did it no longer become safe to share our needs?

My friend went on a vision quest last month without food or water for three days.  He told a group of people to pray with him, to eat and drink for him, and send him their support in their thoughts for those three days.  And what he found, was that he wasn't hungry, and it wasn't as hard as he thought to be without water.  He felt the presence of those people with him on his quest, and he says their prayers helped him through.

When we share our prayers, they are spread out into a larger consciousness to raise their vibration.  When people are praying with you and for you and your needs - it's like the baby crying louder to eat - it is more likely to be picked up in the universal consciousness.

This week at my Yoga Sangha group we each brought an object to place on an altar with a prayer to send out.  We all shared something true to us in this time in our life, and in doing so raised the consciousness on our prayers.

When it comes to prayers, and what is most true and vulnerable to us in our life, sometimes all we need is a friend to connect us to the right path, a next step, or simply hold us in their prayers as well, so the universe can hear loud and clear what it is we need.