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There was a time when I dreamed of being famous, taking the stage as a speaker, inspiring millions, facing all my fears, starting a revolution...

But lately, that's not my dream.

I've been exploring the question, "What brings me true joy?"

The last few years I've been exploring facets of my own leadership, teaching, and being seen.

It's been transformative, eye-opening and has certainly brought deep soul-growth to my life.

But these days I'm finding pleasure in the most simple moments.

Walks with my cat in the vineyard. Making sushi with my love on a Sunday night. Going to the ocean on a whim to watch the sunset. Remembering the beauty of a flower. Going deep with clients one-on-one.

Slowing way down. 

I'm realizing I'm totally ok with being ordinary. And that actually feels like a huge success.

So today I leave you with a question: Where do you find your true joy? and How could you bring more of THAT into your life today?

I hope you enjoy our new podcast with Rosalie. In the latest episode we explore the meaning behind tantra and how we can use it to experience more joy and pleasure in every moment, whatever life brings our way.

Sending love,



023 | Wellness for What Makes Us Women with Denell Nawrocki


When I first met Denell Nawrocki, I learned she held a vision of educating and empowering women on alternative methods of birth control, and about gynecological and women's health.

Only months later I saw a string of workshops pop up around our town that Denell put together on Cervical wellness.

I attended her workshop to hear her healing journey - how she cleared her system of HPV and cervical dysplasia, completely naturally. In the workshop she also offered tools for other women who may have received an abnormal pap test at their last women's health exam.

Millions of women in the US alone receive results of an abnormal pap test at least once in their life, yet they are given little information about what they can shift in their lives to alter future test results.

This episode is full with wisdom if you or anyone you know has received an abnormal pap test before, or if you want to learn about preventative health for women's wellness.

I think you'll also be inspired by Denell's story if you feel the call to share your own healing journey and be of service to others as Denell speaks about releasing her fears and vulnerability around using her voice to share her message.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • How our deepest callings are often what scare us most 
  • Denell's personal story of healing naturally from HPV and cervical dysplasia
  • What you can do to take your health into your own hands if you ever receive an abnormal pap test 
  • A 5-step protocol for optimal cervical wellness and health
  • Herbs and self-care routines that are beneficial for women's health
  • How to move from healing yourself to sharing your story and addressing the fears and doubts that come up along the way

Denell Nawrocki is a facilitator, shadow guide, and coach specializing in Women's health and nature connection, an ethnohistorian, and devout follower of Earth's magic and guidance. 

Earning her Masters's degree in Integrative Health Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, Denell is passionate about guiding, and empowering women to nurture and honor their unique body experiences. She looks to historical records to learn how Women supported themselves and one-another in the past, and applies these methods to modern times.  

Her organization Generative Health is about becoming informed, aware, and empowered in the magic of being a Woman. Her current work focuses on holding space for women in their gynecological experiences and hosts Cervical Wellness classes and workshops. You can find her and Generative Health on facebook and instagram, on the upcoming Painless Period Summit, or on her website www.generativehealth.org.

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021 | Shakti, Sensuality & Feminine Wisdom with Ashly Rose Wolf of Femme Rising


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Hello beautiful sisters,

I have a new podcast episode for you today with goddess Ashly Rose Wolf of Femme Rising.  I have been admiring Ashly's luscious images and designs on her instagram feed for some time now so was *over the moon* excited to sit down with her and ask my questions about shakti, cycle syncing, sensuality and feminine wisdom.  

"You're worth it.  You're so worth it.  We need you to do this work. We need you to show up. We need you to heal. We need you to be yourself. We need you to be authentic and expressive. We need you to share your magic. We need you to heal and save the planet. You're worth it.  You can do it.  We believe in you. And if you need help, we're here, please reach out." ~ Ashly Rose Wolf

Here's what you'll find in today's episode:

  • How to release shame around sexuality and let  go of the "numbing out" that is so prevalent in our culture

  • Tips to tap into your natural, sensual, feminine nature

  • How to access the magic that lives in your hips!  

  • Why sensuality + cycle syncing + shakti are key ingredients for self-love and living an empowered, confident, feminine life

  • Tips on what to eat and how to plan your lifestyle around your body's natural rhythms throughout the month

  • Tuning into the cycles of the moon and how to use that energy to feel empowered around your own natural cycles as a woman

I hope you enjoy today's episode!  If you're traveling you can listen to it on the iTunes podcast app on any iPhone for easy listening.  

Wishing you all lots of rest, self-care, self-love & time to tap into your sensual nature this long holiday weekend... <3 

With love, 


Ashly Rose Wolf is a Women’s Health and Sensuality Coach who helps women reprogram their relationship with their bodies so they can live healthy, sexy, beautiful lives.

Using cycle syncing, sensuality practices, holistic nutrition and an ancient yogic science, Ashly helps women activate their sensual and cyclical wisdom to unlock their full feminine potential.

When she’s not leading the sensual revolution with Femme Rising, you can find her doing sensual yoga, playing outside with her little adventure dog Zuri Girl, soaking up Vitamin Sea and always, always, always stopping to smell the roses!

You can find her on instagram @femme.rising and on her website here.

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