079 | Transform Fear & Rise into Leadership with Meredith Rom



I realize many of you who may just be finding the Rising Women Leaders podcast may not know my story of how I came to start this podcast and do this work, so today I get to share with you! This episode is from when I was interviewed by Meg Berryman, host of the Beyond Being Well podcast. Meg holds beautiful space for me to share my deepest truths ~ what I believe in, what I feel I’m here for, and how I help women rise in the world of feminine leadership.

In this episode we discussed:

  • The kind of world I envision and how my work supports that larger vision

  • My story: listening to my intuition + cultivating courage to move from NYC to CA then travel to India alone at 22

  • What leadership means to me

  • How to take courageous steps to transform fear

  • Rewiring core beliefs + healing with EFT (Tapping) 

  • Facets of self-love & self-care and how they will support your business

  • The journey of writing + publishing my first book, Just Be: A Search for Self-Love in India 

  • 3 tips to take the pressure off when it comes to birthing your big dream

  • 12 qualities of the Queen and how we can use this archetype to uplevel our life and business

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Meg Berryman is a coach, yoga teacher + social change catalyst who awakens sacred, social leaders. A teacher of feminine mysteries, Meg empowers women to journey from wellness, to wholeness and beyond - encouraging each women to develop a powerful vision of the world she wants to live in, so she can align her energy and actions and find purpose in the every day. She is a mama of two girls and lives with her husband on her property outside Melbourne, Australia. You can follow her work at @megjberryman on instagram.