055 | The Akashic Records & Ascension Matters with Tiffani Lloyd



Have you ever received a vision of yourself in a past life?

Or just had a knowing that someone you met or experienced in this life is just all too familiar?

Our latest guest Tiffani Lloyd explores exactly these kinds of questions in her work with the akashic records. I first met Tiffani at a women's retreat in Oakland and we instantly connected... I was so curious to learn about her work as an intuitive and spiritual healer and wondered how she supports her clients to reconnect with their past lives.

Today's episode is full with wisdom for your spirit and soul growth. If you believe that your soul is here for a purpose (to learn, grow and ascend) this conversation is for you!

"Magic is not this big thing that is out in the sky, it is right here. It is through our every day actions that we create the change we need for ourselves in our lives."

In this episode we discussed:

  • How Tiffani discovered her spiritual path and psychic abilities
  • What are the akashic records - and how do we access them?
  • Tiffani's insights on ascension, soul growth and "Earth school" ~ why we are constantly growing and expanding and reaching new levels of ascension 
  • Empowerment through intimate self-connection

Stay in Touch with Tiffani:

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Tiffani is a Las Vegas native and lifelong truth seeker. Surrounded by the ancient stones of the desert, she embraced her natural spiritual/psychic intuitions at an early age. She has with time opened herself more to her truth, and accepted her calling as a healer and guide. She honed her natural skills through training and practice and is a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Past Life Regression Counselor, Akashic Records reader and instructor, Reiki certified healer, BARS Access certified. She is known widely in the metaphysical world as the Soulful Intuitive and is the owner of TLC Consulting, a spiritual consulting business. Her background in nonprofit and business management led her education and career path to a Master's in Business and to seek a PhD in Metaphysics and Psychology. Tiffani's clients range from stay at home moms to multi million dollar business owners and each value her no nonsense approach and uncanny ability access her clients at the soul level to get to their truth. With Tiffani's guidance, healing, and therapeutic approach, she fulfills her calling to help as many become their greatest self and exist in their fullest potential. Tiffani's true talent is to unlock the knowledge, power, light and darkness within all of us. Tiffani recognizes our lives are in a constant evolutionary cycle of growth and expansion and helps others to navigate the trials and tribulations of existing here in "school yard Earth.

With the knowing that " You have all you need within you."