033 | The Magic of Cacao with Sena Shakti Shellenberger


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On August 29th I’ll be joining together with friends Sena Shellenberger and Denell Nawrocki to lead a women’s circle and cacao ceremony in honor of the release of my book, Just Be: A Search for Self-Love in India. 

A few weeks ago I had the honor of sitting down with Sena to talk about her journey of leaving her job in Silicon Valley, traveling for 8 months to rediscover her freedom and relocating to Sonoma County where she shares the magic of cacao in ceremonies and online courses.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How sena found cacao and the cosmic experience of her first ceremony in Mexico
  • Listening to our Intuition - how Sena gathered up the courage to leave her job at Google to follow her heart on an 8-month journey in Peru and Costa Rica before starting her own business where she now shares the magic of cacao with others
  • How important our dreams are and how they can guide us
  • What it really means to surrender to our divinely guided messages
  • Sensuality practices to tap into the feminine
  • Sena’s online course: Open Your Heart with Cacao

Sena and I have an event coming up on Tuesday August 29th details are right here.

Other links mentioned in this episode:

And be sure to follow Sena on instagram here and buy ceremonial cacao here. (Use coupon code tesorasacredcacao for 10% off!)


Sena is a carrier of cacao medicine, ceremonialist and people empowerer. She builds deeper pathways to self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love through ceremony, sound, yoga, meditation, plant medicine and coaching. She’s here to support our shift into heart-centered living.

After working 5 years in Silicon Valley, she spent eight months finding inner freedom in the jungles of Peru + Costa Rica. She is passionate about creating safe, nurturing spaces to share her wisdom and support our collective healing. Recently following her heart to Sonoma County, CA Sena leads women’s circles, cacao ceremonies, international retreats. She recently launched an online cacao course.