008 | Reclaiming Divine Feminine Sexuality with Jessica Sandra



In this month of love and especially self-love, I decided to sit down with spiritual mentor, soul alchemist and dear friend, Jessica Sandra of Sacred Soul Cove.

I felt called to bring light to the topic of "Reclaiming Divine Feminine Sexuality" after listening to a video interview   with two female yoga mentors of mine.    One of them  shared about her story of sexual abuse in her life and how she was able to transform the experience into a source of empowerment.    The week after, I then had a friend open up to me about her experience of sexual abuse she had in her first year of college.    It became clear that this was a topic I wanted to address and share with my community.

I am so happy to introduce you today to Jessica Sandra ~ a woman doing amazing work in the world by sharing her story and supporting women to transform past experiences of abuse and trauma into empowerment and self-love.   

In this episode we discuss:

  • Jessica's personal story of transforming past sexual trauma into  reclaiming her soul essence
  • How Jessica   released stories and limiting beliefs of the past to reclaim connection to her divine feminine sexuality and sensuality
  • Rituals to discover and enhance your own life force energy
  • How Jessica moved through the fear of being seen to share her story and reach more women through her work
  • The energetic sacred container she is creating in her new offering,     Sacred Soul Cove

I hope you enjoy the episode.  I'd love to hear your comments below.

With love, Meredith


Jessica Sandra is a spiritual mentor, soul alchemist, and liberator of the wild woman within.   She helps women reconnect to their divine feminine essence, come to fully embody and express that essence, and cultivate a life that is deeply in line with their soul. Her work involves the transmutation of past sexual trauma and pain into divine feminine connection and power. Her vision is for women everywhere to live in full expression of their truth, embodied and full of their own life force energy.