I'm going on tour!


Two years ago I went on my boyfriend's music tour along the west coast.  I watched as he set up concerts all the way up to Washington.  I kept thinking on that tour, "Wouldn't it be great if I had the opportunity to teach yoga?" At the time, the thought of going on a teaching tour both terrified and excited me.  Voices came in my mind like, "You're too young, you're not ready," and "Will people really want to hear what you have to share?"

Then I remembered one of my essential teachings:

"When I am both afraid and excited, I know life is presenting me with an opportunity to grow."


I'm very excited to share with you today, I am going on my first teaching tour!

I'll be traveling and sharing yoga and music workshops with Michael Zeligs in California, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

This project has been in the works for months now...  We have our workshops booked and are ready to go.  Check out the tour page here.

We'll be sharing two workshops:  Vision Yoga ~ a yoga class with live music to tune into your body's wisdom and manifest your highest visions for yourself and for the world and Free Your Voice ~ Sacred Kirtan Songweaving ~ a singing workshop to break through fears that so many of us carry around our voices.

If you have a dream, a vision, that you are ready to say yes to, I invite you to join us in one of our workshops.

Here's the Schedule:

If you live in one of these cities, I'd love to see you!  You can now click on the links above to reserve your space.

And, if you have friends in the cities we'll be visiting, please share this post so we can inspire even more of you to live your visions and share your voices.

With love, Meredith