Joy in aloneness

self love-harbin hot springs-osho

I just came back from two magical nights at Harbin Hotsprings.  And, I spent a good 36 hours of those two days - by myself.

As a person who spends a lot of time speaking and relating as part of my life as a yoga instructor, I was noticing the introverted side of myself longing to be in silence.  It felt so nice to spend that time alone with my thoughts, my books, my writing and my own mind.  It was also fitting since my yoga class themes for the week have been the difference between loneliness and aloneness.

Osho says, "Loneliness is the absence of the other, while aloneness is the presence of one's self."   If we can shift our perspective on loneliness to "aloneness" it is no longer seen as negative.  It can actually be something we enjoy.

We live in a time where most people are afraid to be alone.  As soon as we are with only ourselves, we go to the computer or our cell phone to feel connected again.  Because of this, we have lost sight of the benefits of our own aloneness.

I see yoga as a tool for people to regain access to their aloneness.  Being alone with the body and breath is no longer seen as negative, but crucial in order to take care of ourselves, be with our pain and emotions and recharge our energy levels.  Time alone - without computers and cell phones is when great insights arrive and when guidance is received from intuition.

Through yoga we access our aloneness through movement and breath.  Even though we are in a room full of other people - we are all there together, to be alone, to be totally present with ourselves.

What would it be like to accept yourself fully?  To delight in your own aloneness and presence?

In a culture where we put so much emphasis on the other - it's time we turned our seeking to ourselves.  All the love and acceptance we seek in the outside world can be found within.  This love can be accessed within yourelf, for yourself in aloneness.