Meredith Rom is a yoga teacher, author of Just Be, women’s leadership coach and host of the Rising Women Leaders podcast. She helps women uncover and heal whatever is preventing them from claiming and embodying their unique brilliance. Her mission is to see women shining at their brightest and using their voice to be a beacon of light for others to awaken in this world.

After graduating from NYU she followed her intuition to Northern California where she now teaches yoga and mentors women to rise in courage, self-love and feminine leadership.  

Learn more at www.meredithrom.com and on instagram @risingwomenleaders.

Interview Topics

My Story: Listening to My Intuition + Cultivating Courage
to Move Across the Country at 22

Tips to Reclaim Your Voice

How We Can Transform Fear + Rise in Leadership

Rewiring Core Beliefs + Healing with EFT (Tapping) 

What We Can Learn from the Archetypes of the Queen + The Dark Goddess

The Rise of the Feminine and the Legacy of Mary Magdalene

Love + Relationship Communication Tips

The Journey of Writing + Publishing My First Book, Just Be: A Search for Self-Love in India 


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