031 | Cultivating Spirit Flow with Mari Sierra


I love when I see a woman merge her love of design with spirituality in her business. Today I'd like to introduce you to one of these women, Mari Sierra. 

I first met Mari at Erica Jago's yoga retreat in Yosemite. Mari led us through a Five Rhythms dance practice as well as a workshop to connect to our five senses. At the time, she was newly married and spent much of her time working with start up companies in San Francisco. 

Flash forward a couple years, and Mari has now led several of her own retreats around the world, moved back where she grew up in Mexico, left a partnership that was no longer serving her or her husband and has studied for several months at a dance intensive in Berlin. 

What changed? How did she make a leap to follow her heart, even when she knew it may take her to unknown and unexpected places?

In this episode Mari shares:

  • Her story of leaving her marriage and business to follow her heart and become a nomad
  • Her experience of dance and how she uses it to cultivate a deeper state of spirit flow
  • The intention behind La Mar, her yoga retreat created with Erica Jago
  • Second and third chakra studies - How to tap into your sensuality, creativity and will power
  • Archetypes and the future female - how we can use female archetypes to learn more about ourselves
  • How she overcomes her fears
  • Rituals and practices to connect to self, sensuality, and the earth
  • The upcoming LA MAR yoga retreat in Sayulita, Mexico!

Links in this episode:

Mari Sierra is a curious explorer of the mind-body connection and our collective evolution. She designs learning experiences for groups around the world, to explore the depths of the creative mind through yoga, meditation, dance, ritual, mysticism and self-expression. Her passion is to inspire people to inquire within, to open sensitivity to the subtle energy body, with nature elements and the principle of interconnectedness. Originally from Mexico city, she experimented with a myriad of dance schools, shamanic and yogic practices, then moved to San Francisco to work in design and social innovation, where she facilitates creative sessions with technology companies, coaches, and visionary leaders to find the song of their hearts and realign their work with higher intentions.