"Do I love this?" (Why I'm giving away half the clothes in my closet)


I woke up this morning, with a strong urge to give away half of the clothes in my closet.

Yesterday, my friend came back from a transformative festival and declared, "From now on, I am only going to wear clothing that is made of organic, natural fibers in the colors of white, red or gold." 

She had come home wearing a beautiful white cotton dress that made her look like a priestess.  She told me, "I spent $108 on this dress, and it may be all I need."

I have watched over the past month as this friend moved, gave away half of her belongings and simplified her life.  

Being around her has been so refreshing, and also inspired me to look at the areas of my life (and closet) that have felt stagnant.

I recently finished reading Greg McKeown's NY Times best-selling book, Essentialism. 

In it, he challenges the reader to go into their closet and instead of asking, "Is there a chance I will wear this someday in the future?" to ask, "Do I love this?" If the answer is no, then you know it is a candidate for elimination.  

I realized I have been craving this kind of clarity in my life.  I was yearning to declare, "This is what I want," fully own it, and decide the rest is nonessential.

This summer I have been saying no to opportunities.  I've said no to interviews, subbing yoga classes, new teaching opportunities, and even new clients.  I realize I needed to do this to clear the space in my mind and my schedule to just be.  

Through that space I'm seeing more clearly what I want to say yes to.  
I now feel a fresh inspiration for my podcast interviews, for crafting and refining my book (the stories of India I so long to share,) and for creating space this Fall to work with women one-on-one.  

I realized at least for now, everything else could fall away.

When we eliminate, we create space for our highest possible contribution to shine through. 

So today, as I am going through my closet, I invite you to ask, "What is cluttering up my life?"

Maybe it is material clutter, or maybe it is one-too-many projects you have said yes to...

I'm curious what you can eliminate or say no to, in order to make greater space for your yes...

I'd love to hear what it is in the comments below.

With love,