This One Shift Literally Changed Everything


Is there anything in your life right now that you know in your gut is just no longer working? Something that if you could, you would just Let. It. Go.?

About four years ago there was a time where I taught yoga in 4 different cities over a span of a week. I would be in the car so often, sometimes only to teach a class of one or two students (only earning $5 per student for the hour).

Around the same time I began seeing my first clients as a coach and I would make myself available whenever they were ~ sometimes seeing a client at 9 in the morning, and then again almost 11 hours later that same day.

It was just not sustainable. 

I would feel out of any kind of rhythm and flow. Hustling to try to make it all work. Losing sight of my own self-care practices that were so dear to me.

But I was scared to make a shift. 

Every time I thought about what I could do differently, what I could let go of, what I could change, I would sink into a place of deep fear.

The thoughts went something like this:
But what if no one will want to work with me?
What if I let people down?

I loved the work so much I was willing to do anything to keep doing it. 

But I was exhausted.

Luckily around this time a miracle happened... and a dear friend gifted me a space to go to a retreat that in my heart I just knew I needed to go to...

And in that retreat I experienced the beauty of being uplifted by other women

I experienced what it was like to have other women believe in me and my dreams, even more than I believed in them myself.

It was over that weekend that I got crystal clear about my priorities, my own feminine flow, my natural inner rhythms and asked myself, "If anything was possible, how would I design my life?"

It was one of the first times I really gifted myself the SPACE to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

I asked myself:

What do I yearn to give? and how do I wish to live?

That was when I began operating from a place of love rather than fear.

Love for myself, because I knew no one was going to make these shifts but me, and love for others, because I knew if I was taking supreme care of myself I would have so much more to give.

That very week I mapped out and designed my ideal schedule. I gained new clarity on my dreams and visions and I discovered my inner natural rhythms.

I let myself tune into a deeper place of embodiment ~ how I would *LOVE* to really spend my time, my days and how much more I would be capable of when operating from this foundation of self-love.

So.. when it comes to how your days and weeks are looking:

What motivations are you operating from?

How are you making your choices?

What would it look like to shift from a place of fear to love?

Fast forward a few years and...

Life looks a little something like this:

~ Three days a week I am meeting with clients (two or three per day) doing deeply healing work

~ Once a month I teach Yin yoga with live sound healing to a full room of students I deeply care about

~ I set aside 1-3 days for rest and downtime when I know I will be on my moon cycle ~ so I can let go and be connected to nature and come into closer connection with my divine nature

~ I teach EFT with my partner and lead women's circles in person so I have a balance of online/in-person connections 

~ I am interviewing a handful of women for my podcast each month where I am continually inspired and learning new things

~ I have set aside self-care time each morning, and I allow every morning to look a little different

When we take the time to gain clarity about our intentions, we are giving ourselves (and everyone around us) a huge gift.

When we live in alignment with those intentions we create greater ease. And we have so much more to give.

This Friday I am going to be sharing my lifestyle design tools with you in a new free LIVE webinar.

We are going to be putting structures in place for you to create space for your dreams and your ideal schedule while bringing light your natural flow, rhythm and feminine cycles.

And we are going to do it in community. in a sweet, FUN, uplifting space for you to DREAM a little bigger and be supported in those visions. 

Bring your wall calendar, your colored markers, your journal, whatever lights you up and helps you get into your creative zone. 

We'll be meeting at 12 pm PST this Friday, May 4th

Sign Up Here.

I look forward to seeing you there!